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Mizoram Board Class 10 Books 2023


The Class 10 board exams are just around the corner. With the best books to prepare, you could be at the top of the merit list! But which are the best 10th Mizoram Board books? They are your school textbooks and the books on Embibe. Your school books are like the right brain – logical, cautious, technical. And then are our Embibe books – your right brain – creative, fun, lively, imaginative, and as fact-based as your textbooks. Isn’t that just the perfect blend?

Embibe explains your chapters by 3D videos. So, instead of dozing off with books in hand, you can watch our videos to learn each of your Mizoram Board Class 10 book-based topics anytime, anywhere. There are 20+ 3D books with video solutions, 1000+ practice questions, unlimited mock tests and so much more! Continue reading to access 10th Mizoram Board books now!

Subject-wise 10th Mizoram Board Books

If you google ‘Best Mizoram Board Class 10 Books’, you get 32,90,000 results in 0.45 seconds. How many websites are you going to open and how will you judge which are the best books for your 10th Mizoram Board exam? We’ll answer that. The best books for your 10th board exam preparation are your school books. And the next best thing is Embibe 3D videos. Your search ends here. Close all other tabs and open the Embibe app. 

Embibe covers your entire Class 10 syllabus through 3D videos. The topics are explained by our subject-matter experts. The topic-wise videos are prepared according to the NCERT curriculum. We also have Embibe Big Books for your subjects. They are colourful and engaging graphical representations of your chapter topics. Thus, there are better chances of you remembering the concepts for a long time. After all, that’s the goal, right? 

Read on to access Class 10 Mizoram Board books for Maths and Science:

Class 10 Mizoram Board Books on Mathematics

Conquer your fear of Mathematics. Learn each topic from Embibe’s 3D interactive videos and you will not need any outside books for Class 10 Mizoram Board Maths. Click on the links below:

Class 10 Mizoram Board Books on Science

The Class 10 Mizoram Board books on Science cover a variety of topics on biology, physics and chemistry. And to remember such varied phenomena is an arduous task. Embibe’s 3D videos will make it all a cakewalk. Select the book links and see for yourself.

How to Access 10th Mizoram Board Books on Embibe

To access the Class 10 Mizoram Board books on the Embibe app, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s website at Embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login using your email ID or mobile number. 
  • 3rd Step: You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered number or email.
  • 4th Step: Under ‘My Goal’, select ‘Mizoram Board’.
  • 5th Step: Under ‘My Exam Is’, select ‘10th Mizoram Board’, click Next.
  • 6th Step: Select English and click on ‘Done’.
  • 7th Step: Click on the ‘Learn’ tab.
  • 8th Step: Click on the subject of your choice to access books.

FAQs on 10th Mizoram Board Books

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on 10th Mizoram Board books:

Q: How do I access the Class 10 Mizoram Board books on Embibe?

Ans: The steps to access the 10th Mizoram Board books on Embibe have been elaborated on this page.

Q: What is an Embibe Big Book for Mizoram Board Class 10?

Ans: Embibe Big Book are reference material that explains all chapter topics through 3D videos. They are arranged in a sequential manner as your school books.

Q: How many chapters are there in Mizoram Board Class 8 Science?

Ans: There are 16 chapters in Mizoram Board Class 10 Science subject.

Q: Where will I find 10th Mizoram Board books?

Ans: You can get Class 10 Mizoram Board books for Maths and Science subjects on the Embibe app.

Q: Why is it important to study from Mizoram Board Class 10 books for the final exam?

Ans: The Mizoram Board Class 10 books are necessary to understand the concepts. If you have an in-depth knowledge of the topics, you will be able to provide comprehensive answers during the final exam and score maximum marks.

We hope this article on 10th Mizoram Board books was helpful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for latest information on Mizoram Board Class 10 exam 2023.

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