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Mizoram Board Class 10 Study Material 2023


Does preparing for the Class 10 Board exam feel like a never-ending maze and make you feel lost? Does it feel like running in circles, you study the next topic and forget the first? You may need a little handholding or a nudge in the right direction. That is why Embibe exists! To show you the way to success.

In 2022, 17417 students took the Class 10 Mizoram Board exam, of which 70.64% passed. Do you wish to pass the exam with ease and be confident in your preparation? Then we advise you to refer to the 10th Mizoram Board study material on Embibe for exhaustive preparation. You can start by learning a chapter from scratch from our 30+ 3D videos, solve 1500+ practice questions and take unlimited mock tests. Refer to this page for Class 10 Mizoram Board study material.

Access 10th Mizoram Board Study Material on Embibe

The 10th Mizoram Board study material on Embibe is all-inclusive, with books, practice questions, and mock tests. You can score maximum marks in the board exam if you refer to these resources. 

You need to understand the concepts so that you can provide comprehensive answers. The best way to study for your board exam is to start by learning the chapters, solving practice questions and attempting mock tests. Refer to the article ahead to access books, practice questions and mock tests for the 10th Mizoram Board exam.

Mizoram Board Class 10 Study Material: Books

Ebooks on Embibe have video lessons on each topic of a chapter. There are also questions that are answered in a stepwise manner to help you learn how to answer a question properly. These reference books will keep you focused so that you understand the concepts well and score excellent marks in the exam. Click on the links below to access the Mizoram Board Class 10 books:

Mizoram Board Class 10 Study Material: Practice Questions

Once you learn a topic, you should try answering practice questions. It will help you decide whether you have properly understood the concepts or not. Refer to the table below for subject-wise Mizoram Board Class 10 practice questions:

SubjectPractice 10th Mizoram Board Questions
Mathematics10th Mizoram Board Practice Questions
Science10th Mizoram Board Practice Questions

Mizoram Board Class 10 Study Material: Mock Tests

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get a simulation of the actual exam beforehand? It will help you learn time management. On Embibe, you can take mock tests for any topic, chapter or subject, as per your need. Our ‘Create Your Own Test’ feature allows you to customise the test. You can choose the exam topics, difficulty level, number of questions, time duration, etc. Click on the links below for Mizoram Board Class 10 mock tests:

SubjectAttempt 10th Mizoram Board Mock Tests
Mathematics10th Mizoram Board Mock Test
Science10th Mizoram Board Mock Test

FAQs on 10th Mizoram Board Study Material

Below are some  frequently asked questions on Class 10 Mizoram study material:

Q: Can I download the 10th Mizoram Board videos on Embibe?

Ans: Yes. You can download and watch the Mizoram Board 10th class videos in offline mode on Embibe. 

Q: What are the benefits of referring to the Embibe app for the Class 10 Mizoram Board for exam?

Ans: Embibe provides a variety of features to help you understand the concepts effectively. You can check your preparedness by solving the app’s sample questions and mock tests.

Q: What study material does Embibe provide for the 10th Mizoram Board?

Ans: You get 30+ 3D video books with solutions, 1000+ practice questions, unlimited mock tests, etc, to prepare for your Mizoram Board Class 10 exam.

Q: Which is the toughest chapter in Mizoram Board Class 10 Science?

Ans: Most students find the chapter ‘Chemical Reactions and Equations’ to be the most difficult in 10th Mizoram Board Science.

Q: Why should I take mock tests for Mizoram Board Class 10?

Ans: Attempting mock tests for Mizoram Board 10th will help you know how well you have understood the concepts. It shows you if you are able to answer the questions thoroughly and complete the paper on time.

We hope this article on the 10th Mizoram Board study material is helpful. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest Mizoram Board Class 10 exam information.

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