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Mizoram Board Class 11 Study Material: Books, Practice Questions & Papers


Don’t you wish you were one of the toppers in your class? But do you understand what it takes to be a topper in Mizoram board Class 11? The right study materials. All toppers don’t do different things, they just do things differently. Therefore, if you wish to be one of the toppers, you need to kickstart your preparation with the right materials. But, where do you find the best study materials for a regional board like Mizoram board? Let us guide you through.

Embibe is AI-powered, bringing the best learning experience for you all across the country. No matter which board you are from, if you are determined and passionate about scoring good marks in your exams, Embibe has everything you need. The Class 11 study materials for Mizoram board at Embibe consist of 50+ eBooks, 250+ practice questions, custom mock tests, 70+ Explainer and 3D videos, each of which aims at making preparation easier for you. Furthermore, you also get sample papers and previous years’ papers for, meant to make preparation simpler for you. All you need to do is create an account and you’re good to go. 

Better Preparation for 11th Mizoram Board with Study Materials

When your exam dates are coming close and you do not have enough time, you must start referring to the study materials. These study materials can be great sources of information, especially when you’re revising. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to complete a vast syllabus in a small time. 

The study materials contain all the important points and information that will help you prepare for the exams in a better way. You can find the study materials for on Embibe. Therefore, you can consider following these study materials that would help you with exam preparation. You can find the study materials in the sections below. Go through them to enhance your study preparation. 

Mizoram Board Class 11 Books

The right textbooks are extremely important to kickstart your preparation for Mizoram board Class 11. However, just going through the textbooks can seem to get quite monotonous. It is time that you break the monotony and switch to Embibe. Embibe provides you online textbooks solutions for Class 11 Mizoram board with all the contents explained through video lectures. These video lectures will make it easier for you to grasp the concepts better. 

You don’t always need to have internet connectivity to go through these videos. Once you have created your account, you can just download these videos and access them offline. These videos are unlike your textbook providing bulky information. The concepts are explained concisely and clearly with to-the-point accurate information. Hence, you won’t have to go back and forth to learning. You can just watch the videos and prepare notes for exam preparation. 

Get the Mizoram Board Class 11 books from the table below:

Sl No.MBSE Class 11 Textbook
1MBSE Class 11 Physics Textbook
2MBSE Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
3MBSE Class 11 Biology Textbook
4MBSE Class 11 Maths Textbook

Mizoram Board Class 11 Practice Questions

What good is your learning if you’re not practicing it? Memorising the concepts isn’t enough when you plan to top the exams. If you wish to leave behind your peers, you must start practicing questions from each chapter. However, if you stick only to your board prescribed textbooks, you will get to practice only limited questions. Almost every student does this. Hence, it wouldn’t help you to leave your peers behind.

If want to score higher marks in the exams and top in your class, you must thoroughly practice the questions from every chapter. Embibe has a repository of questions for all topics in each chapter. Therefore, once you are done learning one topic, you can immediately switch to practicing questions. Learning and practicing simultaneously will help you gain better understanding of the chapter. 

Start your practice for Mizoram board Class 11 from the table below:

Sl No.Practice Questions
1Physics Practice Chapters
2Chemistry Practice Chapters
3Biology Practice Chapters
4Maths Practice Chapters

Mizoram Board Class 11 Mock Tests

Once you have practiced all questions and revised the chapters thoroughly, you need to understand your level of preparation. Revision isn’t enough, for you will never know your strengths and weaknesses unless you put your learning into practice. Taking Mizoram board Class 11 mock tests for from Embibe can scale your preparation. The mock tests are a type of revision test that have the same structure as that of final exams. These mock tests are designed as per the board requirements of Embibe. Since these replicate the final exams, they can help you prepare for the exams in a better way.

The mock tests are available for on Embibe. You can sign up to the platform and take the mock tests. When you take mock tests on Embibe, you will get a complete analysis of your performance in terms of wasted attempts, time taken and areas of improvement. This will allow you to expand your knowledge and provide you clarity regarding your exam preparation. As a result, you can work towards scoring more marks in the exams. 

Take the Class 11 Mizoram board mock tests from below:

Sl No.MBSE Class 11 Mock Tests
1Physics Mock Test
2Chemistry Mock Test
3Biology Mock Test
4Maths Mock Test

FAQs on Mizoram Board Class 11 Study Materials

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding the 11th Mizoram board study materials are given below:

Q: Where can I get 11th Mizoram board study material?

Ans: The 11th Mizoram board study material are available for on Embibe. You can log in to the platform and start with the mock tests. The study materials are provided in the article above.

Q: What study materials can I find on Embibe for 11th Mizoram board?

Ans: You can find the study materials for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths for Mizoram board Class 11 for on Embibe.

Q: What are the benefits of 11th Mizoram board study materials?

Ans: Referring to the Class 11 Mizoram board study materials can help you cover the syllabus in a short time. Since the study materials cover only the important points, it will become easier for you to score higher marks in the exams.

Q: Are NCERT books helpful for 11th Mizoram board preparation?

Ans: Yes, the NCERT books can be helpful for 11th Mizoram board preparation.

Q: How can the Mizoram board Class 11 study material help me?

Ans: The Mizoram board Class 11 study material will help you score over 90% marks. The study materials aim at helping clarify all your concepts. Furthermore, when you are able to complete the syllabus in a short time, you will be able to learn time-management. As a result, it can help you prepare for the exams thoroughly.

We hope this article for 11th Mizoram board has been helpful for you and that you have found everything you were looking for. If you have any more queries or need more information, you can subscribe to Embibe.

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