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SBI PO Mock Test 2023: Take Free Prelims & Mains Practice Test


SBI PO Mock Tests 2023: Candidates preparing for the SBI PO 2023 exam should start taking mock tests. The mock tests allow the candidates to analyse their performance and learn to manage their time efficiently on exam day. Mock tests help the candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it allows you to try different strategies and reduce pre-exam nervousness.

Take Free SBI PO Mock Test
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 1SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 4
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 2SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 5
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 3SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 6

Embibe provides the SBI PO free mock tests to help the aspirants in their SBI PO Preparation with advanced feedback analysis, which provides an in-depth analysis of their performance. Read this article to know complete details about the mock test, such as the benefits of taking online sample exams at Embibe and the steps to take them.

Latest Update!
— SBI is to conduct SBI PO Prelims 2023 exam on November 1, 4, and 6, 2023. Aspirants who registered for the test should take Embibe’s FREE mock test series on this page to boost their performance.

SBI PO Mock Test Series 2023

SBI PO mock tests will aid in determining a candidate’s exam readiness. By solving mock tests, candidates will be able to work on their weaknesses and prepare topics that need more attention. Embibe offers multiple SBI PO Prelims mock tests. Interested candidates should begin their preparations immediately by using the link mentioned below:

Free SBI PO Test Series
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 1SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 6
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 2SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 7
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 3SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 8
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 4SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 9
SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 5SBI PO Prelims Mock Test 10

The first stage for SBI PO 2023 recruitment is the Preliminary exam, which the aspirants must clear to get shortlisted for the SBI PO Mains exam. The prelims exam will have a total of 100 objective questions. SBI PO Prelims Mock Test will have 3 sections: Quantitative Aptitude, English, and Reasoning Ability.

SBI PO Mains Mock Test Series

The SBI PO Mains exam comprises both Objective & Descriptive type questions. The objective-type sections of the paper must be completed in 3 hours, and the descriptive paper in 30 minutes. The objective part consists of 4 sections: Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, Data Analysis & Interpretation & General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness, and English Language.

The descriptive paper in the SBI PO Mains online test will contain 2 questions. The conducting body will deduct 0.25 marks as a penalty for each wrong answer attempted by the candidate in the SBI PO Mains exam. Embibe has multiple mock test series. Click on the below link to access these mock tests for FREE:

Free SBI PO Test Series
Free SBI PO Mains Mock Test 1Free SBI PO Mains Mock Test 2
Free SBI PO Mains Mock Test 3Free SBI PO Mains Mock Test 4

How To Take SBI Probationary Officer Mock Tests?

We at Embibe provide free State Bank of India Probationary Officer Mock Tests. The steps to take mock tests for free after a FREE registration is given below:

  • 1st Step: Visit embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Log in using your email ID or Mobile number and get a One Time Password (OTP). If you do not have an account, create one using the ‘Sign Up’ Option.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 3rd Step: Enter the OTP and click ‘Proceed’.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 4th Step: A new page will open. Among the various options on the ‘My Goal‘ page, select the ‘Banking‘ option under the heading ‘Getting a Government job’.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 5th Step: Among all the Banking exams, Select ‘SBI PO Prelims’ or ‘SBI PO Mains’ depending on which stage you want to practise by taking mock tests. For example, we have selected ‘SBI PO Prelims’ in the image below. Then click on ‘Next.’ Now, select your preferred language and click ‘Done.’
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 6th Step: The SBI PO Prelims homepage will open. Out of the 4 options on the top, select ‘Test’. You can see the options to create your own test using our custom AI.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 7th Step: On scrolling down, you can see that if you want, you can take chapter-wise and section-wise mock tests. Further down, you can see the heading ‘Take Full Tests’. Select any one of the tests.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 8th Step: The test home page will open. Click on the button ‘Start Test’.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 9th Step: An instructions page will open. Click on the check box next to ‘I have read and understood the instructions‘ and click the ‘Start Now’ button on the bottom right.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 10th Step: The test will start. The time remaining will be shown on the right-hand top of the page. Once you are done answering the questions, click on the button ‘Submit Test‘.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe
  • 11th Step: A message will appear confirming whether you really want to submit the test. Click on ‘Submit Test’ to submit the test, and click on ‘Continue Test’ to continue solving the questions.
  • 12th Step: After submitting the test, candidates can check the test feedback by clicking on ‘Show Me Feedback’.
SBI PO Mock Test Embibe

How To Get Analysis of SBI PO Mock Tests on Embibe?

The steps to get a detailed analysis of the SBI PO Free Test Series taken on Embibe are given below:

  • 1st Step: Once you have submitted the answer, a message will appear that you have submitted the test successfully. Now click on the button ‘Show Me Feedback’.
  • 2nd Step: A page will open, and marks, percentage, cutoff, number of questions attempted & other details will be shown. Scroll down and look for ‘Advanced Feedback Analysis: Overall Performance’.
  • 3rd Step: Unlock Advanced Feedback Analysis using Embiums which you can earn by practising on Embibe. You can also purchase Embium.

Benefits of Taking SBI PO Mock Test Series 2023

Taking Embibe’s SBI PO Free test series has multiple advantages, as listed below:

  • Taking the mock tests will help you get used to the difficulty level of the exam.
  • You will get a clear idea of the SBI PO exam pattern, the questions asked, and the overall nature of the exam.
  • It will help you identify the relevant topics and your weak chapters.
  • You will identify the gaps in your overall test-taking skills, like time management and question selection.
  • It will help you develop a smart test-taking strategy so that you can finish the whole paper on time with maximum accuracy and minimum negative marking.

Features of Advanced Feedback Analysis of SBI PO 2023 at Embibe

Candidates need to analyse their performance after each test to understand their weaker areas and work upon them to increase their scores. Check the advantages of taking Advanced Feedback Analysis of Embibe below:

  • The Advanced Feedback Analysis will help candidates understand the time spent on each question and help them know the right time to solve a particular question.
  • The subject-wise & concept-wise analysis will help candidates to analyze the questions and chapters they got right and the areas where they are weak.
  • Exam-taking skills like speed, accuracy, time management, stamina and attempt planning are also evaluated.
  • Advanced Feedback Analysis will identify the knowledge and behavioural gaps of the candidate.

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Check the State Bank of India’s Official Website for career opportunities and the latest notification in SBI.

FAQs on SBI PO Mock Test 2023

Following are the frequently asked questions and their answers related to SBI PO Mock Test 2023:

Q: Why should a candidate choose Embibe’s SBI PO Mock Test?

Ans: SBI PO Mock Tests at Embibe are prepared by the best academic experts who will help candidates in SBI PO preparation. All the mock tests are free and will provide a hands-on experience of the exam. We also provide an in-depth exam analysis for which candidates need to unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis.

Q: Is there any negative marking for the SBI PO exam?

Ans: There is a negative marking in the SBI PO exam. For every incorrect answer, 1/4th of the marks allocated to the question will be deducted from the total marks.

Q: How to score high in the SBI PO exam?

Ans: Candidates need to cover the syllabus, practise answering the questions and take time to analyse their performance to improve. Taking mock tests, analysing the performance and working on the weaker areas will help you score higher.

Q: How is solving the SBI Probationary Officer Mock Test series helpful?

Ans: Solving a mock test will help candidates to have a hands-on experience with the exam. Taking the mock test will help them move in the right direction by understanding the requirement of the exam. Also, after each test, candidates can check the analysis to know which are their weaker points and improve upon them to score higher.

Q: Where can I take SBI PO mock test?

Ans: Candidates can take free SBI PO Mock Tests for Prelims & Mains exam on Embibe from the links provided above.

We have now provided you with all the details on SBI PO Mock Test 2023. Take the free SBI mock test series on Embibe to boost your confidence and keep track of how well-prepared you are for the exam.

We hope this article helps you. To stay updated, visit our website or download the Embibe app.

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