SBI PO Mains Preparation 2021: Check PO Last Minute Tips Here
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  • Last Modified 02-08-2022
  • Written By Varun_Y
  • Last Modified 02-08-2022

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Check Pointers Here

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Aspirants preparing for the SBI PO Mains 2021 must check the last minute preparation tips to cover the course in less time. The SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips will help the candidates to be more focused on the syllabus with a proper study plan to follow on a daily basis. The State Bank of India has not released the SBI Probationary Officer Recruitment 2021 notification yet. The SBI PO Prelims and Mains exam dates will be announced along with the official notification on the official website As per the experts, it is high time to start the preparation and revision work for the SBI PO exams. SBI PO Mains is considered to be very difficult to crack in a single attempt. Scroll down to read more SBI PO Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021.

Every year, lakhs of students take part in the SBI PO Recruitment drive in order to achieve a stable and secure career in banking jobs. The conducting body usually announces three phases to recruit eligible staff for the post of Probationary Officer in SBI branches across the country and that are Prelims, Mains, and Personal Interview. After clearing the SBI PO Prelims, shortlisted candidates will have to appear in the Mains exam. There will be four section in the said exam – Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Banking/ General/ Economy Awareness, and English Language.

According to the experts, candidates must attempt the SBI PO Mains with full preparation and knowledge of each and every topic coming in the exam. This approach will the aspirants to score good marks in the Mains exam with assurance. The best way to analyse the performance is to take lots of mock tests and solve previous years’ question papers regularly. It has been observed that sometimes a few questions repeat in the upcoming examination. Along with that, apt time management always works as magic when it comes to making the SBI PO Mains preparation more effective and efficient. In this article, we have provided all the details on SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021 for all four sections. Read on to find more about the same subject!

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Overview

Before going through the detailed information on the SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips 2021, candidates must take a look at the exam overview.

Exam Name SBI PO
Conducting Body State Bank of India
Name of the PostProbationary Officer
Exam Level National 
Frequency of the Exam Once a year
Exam stages – Preliminary Exam
– Mains Exam and
– Group Exercise & Interview
Exam Mode Online
Exam Duration Preliminary Exam: 1 hour
Mains Exam: 3 hours
Language English and Hindi 

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Data Analysis & Interpretation

The Quant section in SBI PO Mains is called as Data Analysis and Interpretation. From the name itself, we can say that in this section you will be getting more Data interpretation questions. It is the toughest as observed by SBI PO previous year question papers.

As there are many Data interpretation questions come in this section, it is very important to follow some basic steps to understand the data given and to avoid the common errors.

Basic Steps:

  1. Always read the title of the chart first
  2. Check units of the given charts
  3. Read the question and determine which chart the question deals with if there are multiple charts and what information you need to find
  4. Determine which calculation you need to perform
  5. If the numbers in the answers are far apart then approximate your answer
  6. In a given set of questions, always try to attempt the easy one first. It will help you with time management. Skip the questions, if they are time-consuming
  7. If there is no data given to solve the question, then don’t assume anything.

 Most of the DI questions in SBI PO Main exam contain the following concepts and calculation. It is very important to practice questions on these.

  1. Calculating Percent
  2. Approximation
  3. Cross Multiplication
  4. Unitary Method
  5. Average
  6. Ratio

For some questions, we can get answers by observing the diagram carefully. No need to use pen and paper in solving that sort of questions. Avoid paperwork for simple calculations.

While attempting SBI PO mains exam DI questions it is advisable to maintain scratch paperwork to reuse previous calculations if needed again. While solving some questions, we require previously solved answers. For those questions, use previous answers and no need to calculate the same sums again and again. This can be done if you maintain your scratch paper.

Properties of the circle like Arc, Sector, Circumference will help you in solving Pie charts quickly.

SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips 2021: Videos 

Check the videos given below to know the SBI PO preparation tips

Name of the SubjectsVideo Link
English LanguageClick Here
General AwarenessClick Here
Quantitative AptitudeClick Here
ReasoningClick Here

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Basic formulae of Pie Chart 

SBI PO mains Formulae Image

Apart from these DI topics, there are some more important topics you need to practice which are listed below:

  1. Profit and Loss: An important part of the syllabus is the profit and loss chapter. You will surely get 1-2 questions in the examination from this chapter. These questions are not difficult ones but most of the time they are very lengthy and calculative. 
  2. Time and distance, time and work: You are going to be tested in these chapters surely. The questions are often tricky because of the vast nature of the syllabus in these areas. 
  3. Mixture and allegation: The questions are not difficult, but the calculations are lengthy. It makes you work a lot for that one or two marks each time. Sometimes, it is better to skip these questions if your concepts are not clear in this chapter. 
  4. Simple and compound interest: Again, a chapter that involves a lot of calculation but at the same time, you have a number of shortcut formulae to solve the questions. In order to solve quickly, you must have a good grip over the shortcut methods of calculation. 
  5. Data Sufficiency: These questions are very much time consuming since most of the time you must calculate both of the options to reach the conclusion. You need to understand which one to leave and which one to attempt these questions. 
  6. Quadratic Equation, Number Series, In-equality: These are the areas where you can score well in the quant section. You need to have good command over the various types of relationships between numbers in a number series or in the odd one out type questions etc. In quadratic equations as well, you should be very prompt. These are the areas where you can score well in SBI PO.

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Reasoning

Smart preparation is the key to answer reasoning questions within a given time. Reasoning Section tests your logical reasoning skills in the exam. Focusing more on important concepts of reasoning and practising them will be very helpful. 

Give a smart start to your propagation by focusing on the most important topics first.

  1. It is always better to first solve questions which can be answered quickly and then take up time-consuming ones.

For example, it is better to solve questions from topics like Alphanumeric series, Syllogisms, Number Ranking test etc., than solving Puzzle or Seating Arrangements questions because:

  • You will spend more time on reading the passage.
  • You may not get all the answers right if you don’t understand the passage or data given there and this will lead to negative marking.
  1. The difficulty level of most of the questions in reasoning section is high. Only knowing the concepts will not help. It is very important to practice more high-level questions. At least you have to solve 20 -30 questions (high level) from each topic to cover all variations.
  2. Keep updated yourself with the current issues on banking, new schemes launched by the government etc., This will help you to understand the passages and also help you to solve logical reasoning questions.

For Example:

Statement: Should India immediately stop digging coal from its mines? 


  1. Yes. The present stock of coal will not last long if we continue mining at the present rate
  2. No. We do not have an alternate energy source of sufficient quantity.
  3. No. This will put millions of people at a disadvantage and their lives will get adversely affected and also the industry.

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Code-Decoding Shortcuts

  1. To solve Coding decoding problems, write down all the alphabet from A to Z and number them. Also, write down Z to A and number them. Write A to Z and Z to A one below the other. It will help you to decode the pattern quickly. Also, EJOTY concept will help you to find out the position of the letter quickly.
  2. To solve the questions in the Alphabet series, it is important to remember the position of the alphabets. Concepts like EJOTY and VQLGB in the Alphabet series will help you to find the position of any letter easily. 

Concept of EJOTY:

Concept of EJOTY represents the position of the alphabets counting from the left at the interval of 5 letters.


Concept of VQLGB:

Concept of VQLGB represents the position of the alphabets counting from the right at the interval of 5 letters.

  1. The best approach to solve seating arrangement questions is the use of diagrams. For linear arrangements, draw a line then mark positions on it, for circular arrangement draw a circle and a rectangle for the rectangular arrangement problems. Diagrams give you a clear picture of seating positions and would save you a lot of time in solving these questions.
  2. The following table will help you to understand the weightage and difficulty level of the different topics of reasoning section.

 SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: Important Topics


Logical Reasoning

  • Statements and Arguments
  • Statements and Conclusions
  • Statements and assumptions
  • Cause and Effect
  • Inferences and Course of Action
        10-15 questionsHigh Level
Seating arrangements and Puzzle Test                10-15 questions                High Level
Machine Input and Output                 5 questions              High Level
Direction Sense Test              3-5 questions            Moderate-High Level
Data Sufficiency                5 questions           Moderate-High Level
Miscellaneous Questions
  • Syllogisms/Reverse Syllogisms
  • Alpha Numeric Series
  • Number, Ranking Test
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Analogies
  • Inequalities etc.,
              10-12 Questions           Moderate-High Level

 SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: English Language

The applicants must take the help of the following tips in order to crack the English section of SBI PO:

  1. Students often underestimate this section
  2. Improve in areas like one-word substitution, phrase replacement, idioms, and phrases, synonyms, and antonyms
  3. Read books like SP Bakshi, RS Aggarwal, Plinth to Paramount, etc
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice is the only way to go
  5. Use apps like and Oxford English Dictionary to learn new words
  6. Solve Mock Tests
  7. Practice Previous year question papers regularly
  8. Also, devote at least 3 hours to the English section

Focus on Grammar

The candidates should follow the steps below for SBI PO Preparation tips in order to understand aspects of English Grammar:

  1. When it comes to the SBI PO Exam, students find the grammar section easiest
  2. If the students have a clear concept on the use of basic elements such as prepositions and adjectives, they can easily get through this section with a heavy score
  3. The applicants should spend only a few seconds while answering
  4. Hence, the applicants can save time for the rest of the sections

Guessing answers in English can cost negative marking: The guessing game, no matter how strong it is, never works. So, applicants are advised to properly prepare for the exam and then go to attempt it. The applicants must read the following steps for the SBI PO Mains Preparation tips for English section.

When it comes to solving English section questions, the applicants either already know the meaning of a particular word or they do not.

There is simply no point in wasting time after a single word and thinking that they can derive its meaning with some stares at the options.

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: How To Attempt Comprehension Questions?

Read the following steps for SBI PO Mains Preparation tips in order to understand some aspects of Comprehension:

  1.  Though there is a scarcity of time, candidates should always prefer to read the comprehension slowly.
  2.   This allows them to understand the context of the comprehension better and they can easily score well on the paper
  3.    On the other hand, if they speed up reading comprehension, they will be required to read it over and over.

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: General/ Economy And Banking Awareness

While one must have knowledge of the vast number of topics in static and current affairs, more efforts must be directed towards current affairs and awareness of banking and financial system in India.

Prepare notes on current affairs, banking, financial and economic affairs covering news of minimum of last six months. As per the analysis of previous year exams, news which is 2 to 2.5 prior to the examination date is the most important ones.

Candidates can expect around 18-20 questions from current affairs in SBI PO Mains exam. A list of few indicative topics to be covered are given below:

  1. National and International Awards and Honors
  2. Books and Authors
  3. Government Schemes and Policies
  4. National Organizations and National Affairs
  5. Declarations, Summits, Conferences and Treaties
  6. International Organizations and International Affairs

We may expect 15-17 questions of Banking, Economic and Financial Awareness. Important concepts related to banking, economy, finance and management must be covered. 

Following are the important topics to be prepared under this part.

  1. Banking Terms and Abbreviations
  2. Banking Regulations, Practices, and Operations
  3. RBI and Its Functions
  4. National Income 
  5. Monetary and Fiscal Policy
  6. Financial Committees
  7. Financial Markets and Financial Sector Regulators
  8. Recent Updates on Banking and Financial Markets
  9. International Economic Affairs

We can expect 5-6 questions from this section. For the static part of General Awareness, it is important to be adept with: 

  1. Important Days with Themes 
  2. National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries
  3. Census Data and Budget
  4. Capitals and Currencies
  5. Books and Authors
  6. Indian and World Geography

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021: FAQs

Candidates must go through the frequently asked questions related to SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips in last minute given below. These questions and solutions will help the aspirants to clear out their doubts.

Q. When will be the SBI PO Mains 2021 conducted?
A. The SBI PO Mains 2021 exam date will be released soon on the official website. Candidates are advised to keep a close eye on so that they don’t miss anything important related to the said exam.
Q. How many sections will be in the SBI PO Mains 2021 exam?
A. There will be four sections in the SBI PO Mains 2021 exam – Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Banking/ General/ Economy Awareness, and English Language.
Q. How can I prepare for the SBI PO Mains in a month?
A. To prepare for the SBI PO Mains in a month, firstly, go through the syllabus thoroughly and then divided your time on each topic accordingly. Make a proper study plan and work on the tough topics as they are very much scoring. And last, always make time for revision.
Q. Is SBI PO Mains difficult to crack?
A. As per the previous year’s exam analysis, the SBI PO Mains exam is considered to a difficult one to crack in a single attempt. The State Bank of India releases only a few seats and the cut-off is usually very high for the aspirants.
Q. What is the selection process for the recruitment of SBI Probationary Officer?
A. To secure the position of Probationary Officer in various branches in the State Bank of India across the country, candidates will have to clear three stages – Prelims, Mains, and Personal Interview.

Stay tuned to for latest updates on SBI PO Mains Preparation Tips

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