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  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 18-04-2023
  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 18-04-2023

About SRMJEEE 2023 Exam

About Exam

SRMJEEE exam offers admission to various engineering courses at SRM University, Chennai. The SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) conducts the exam. The exam guarantees the admission of candidates to the following institutes, SRM IST Chennai (Kattankulathur, Vadapalani, Ramapuram, Tiruchirappalli and Delhi – NCR Campus – Ghaziabad (UP).

Candidates must know that SRMJEEE accepts the JEE Main, IPU CET, NEET, SRMHCAT, and SAT scores. So, if the candidates are looking for a way to prepare for the SRMJEEE exam 2023, they must take help from the study materials which are freely available at Embibe. Embibe also offers personalised feedback suggestions to the candidates for further areas of improvement. Want to know how? Keep reading to know more.

SRMJEEE 2023 Exam Brochure


SRMJEEE official exam brochure for Engineering and Pharmacy streams is not yet released by the exam authorities. As soon as it is released, this section will be updated with the same.

SRMJEEE Latest Updates

Exam Pattern

Following are some of the latest updates on the SRMJEEE 2023 exam:

  • April 17, 2023: The SRMIST has initiated the SRMJEEE slot booking process 2023 on its official website. Candidates can reserve their exam slots between April 17, 2023 (11 a.m.) and April 18, 2023 (11 p.m.).
  • April 17, 2023: The SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) has issued the SRMJEEE admit card 2023 Phase-1 exams. Candidates who have reserved their slots can now access and download their admit cards from the official website.
  • November 23, 2022: SRMJEEE 2023 registration started on November 23, 2022. (Direct Link to Apply)

SRMJEEE 2023 Exam Important Dates

Exam Syllabus

SRMJEEE authorities released the SRMJEEE 2023 important dates on their official website. The below-given table highlights the important dates for the SRMJEEE exam:

Events Dates
Release of SRMJEEE 2023 Application Form November 23, 2022
Last Date of Submitting SRMJEEE Application Form 2023 Phase 1: April 15, 2023
Phase 2: June 5, 2023
Phase 3: July 17, 2023
Commencement of Slot Booking Process Phase 1 – April 17, 2023 (11 a.m.) and April 18, 2023 (11 p.m.)
Phase 2 – June 2023
Phase 3 – July 2023
Release of SRMJEEE Admit Card Phase 1 – April 17, 2023 (Released)
Phase 2 – June 2023
Phase 3 – July 2023
SRMJEEE 2023 Exam Date Phase 1: April 21, 22 and 23, 2023
Phase 2: June 10 and 11, 2023
Phase 3: July 22 and 23, 2023

SRMJEEE 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Study Plan to Maximise Score

The eligibility criteria serves to be the basic requirements in order to appear for the SRMJEEE exam. SRMJEEE eligibility criteria include the age-related and educational qualifications that a student must possess for getting into their course of choice.

The eligibility criteria for the SRMJEEE exam will be listed on their official website. SRM University also offers direct admissions. Check SRMJEEE eligibility criteria to get more information on the eligibility requirements. 

SRMJEEE Application Form 2023

Previous Year Analysis

Filling up the SRMJEEE application form is the first step for all the candidates who are willing to appear for the exam. The SRMJEEE application form can be filled out either online or offline. The application filling form process will provide candidates with detailed information about the form filling and fees. 

Documents Required to Fill Out the SRMJEEE 2023 Application Form

Candidates should prepare the following documents before filling out the SRMJEEE application form 2023.

  • Scanned image of colour passport size photograph and scanned image of Signature.
  • 12th Class Marksheet/Certificate, if available.
  • 10th Class Marksheet/Certificate.
  • Debit or Credit Card / Net Banking.

How to fill the SRMJEEE Exam Application Form 2023?

Candidates can fill out the SRMJEEE 2023 online application form by following the detailed procedure below.

      • 1st Step: Online SRMJEEE Registration: Candidates must complete SRMJEEE registration online by entering details, including the candidate’s Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Create Password, City & State, and Captcha code. After the successful submission of the above details, an email will be sent to the candidates’ registered email.
      • 2nd Step: Email Verification: In the next step, they will have to verify the email received from the authorities after a successful registration.
      • 3rd Step: Fill out Online SRMJEEE Application Form 2023:
          1. Now, candidates will have to log in to the candidate portal and fill in all the required application form details, as mentioned below.
          2. They must choose their “Nationality” and click the “Next” button.
          3. Fill in Preferences and Personal Details like Course, Stream, Campus Preferences, Test City Preferences, Name of the Candidate, Gender, Religion, Community, Date of Birth, Mother Tongue, Nationality, Alternate Email ID, Medium of Instruction, Blood Group and Are you Differently Abled (No/Yes).
          4. After this, candidates must click on the ‘Next button to fill in parent and address details. Parent’s and Address Details: Candidates also have to fill in the details, including Father’s Name, Email ID and Mobile number, Occupation, Mother’s Name, email ID and Mobile number, Occupation, Address, City, District, State, Pincode, and Country.
          5. Then, candidates will have to click on the “Next” button.
          6. Academic Details: They will have to fill in the following required academic details.
          7. Education Qualification Status- Appearing/Appeared.
          8. Candidate’s Name as in 10th Certificate
          9. Current Education Qualification Status
          10. Institute Name of 10th and 12th, Board, Marking Scheme, CGPA or Percentage, Registration Number, and Passing Year.
          11. Enter Exam Preference- Phase 1/Phase 2/Phase 3/Any two phases/All three phases
          12. Upload photograph and signature as per the specifications set by the authorities.
          13. Then, candidates need to click on the “Make payment” button.
  • 4th Step: Application Fee Payment: Click on the “Make payment” button. The web page will be redirected to the payment page, where candidates must pay the application fee of Rs 1200 online. However, If the candidate wishes to take the SRMJEEE exam more than once, then the applicant must pay Rs. 600 for each phase (1200+600+600).
          1. Online Fee Payment with Demand Draft (DD): For the application fee payment through Demand Draft (DD), candidates must finish all the online mode steps. They will have to pay the application fee of Rs 1200 through a DD and enter the details in the form, including their Bank Name, DD Number, and DD Date.
          2. After this, candidates will be able to complete the application’s next steps, i.e. uploading documents and submitting the form. Candidates will have to send the Demand Draft (DD) along with the downloaded SRMJEEE application form to the following address on or before the last date of application- The Director, The Directorate of Admissions, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), Kattankulathur, Chengalpattu District, Tamil Nadu – 603 203.
  • 5th Step: Application Form Submission: In the final step, candidates must check the declaration box and finally submit their SRMJEEE 2023 application form.

SRMJEEE 2023 Application Form Procedure (Offline)

Candidates can also fill out the SRMJEEE application form 2023 in offline mode. For now, the application form for SRMJEEE 2023 has only been released online. Candidates will have to visit the designated post offices to purchase the SRMJEEE application form in person on payment of Rs 1200. After purchasing the SRMJEEE 2023 form, candidates must fill it out and send it to the university at the address mentioned above before the last date of application.

Check the SRMJEEE application form to know all the important details about the fee submission information and more.

SRMJEEE Exam Pattern 2023

Understanding SRMJEEE grading patterns might help candidates enhance their overall preparation. The marking approach makes determining how many points each question is worth much easier. Understanding the format of the SRMJEEE 2023 makes it much easier to prepare for it. The table below shows the marking scheme for the SRMJEEE 2023:

Section Total Number of Questions Marks for Each Question Total Marks
Part 1: Physics 35 1 35
Part 2: Chemistry 35 1 35
Part 3: Mathematics
40 1 40
Part 5: English 5 1 5
Part 6: Aptitude 10 1 10
Total 125

Check here to know all the latest updates about the SRMJEEE exam pattern 2023.


SRMJEEE Exam Syllabus 2023

SRMJEEE 2023 exam syllabus contains the following subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Aptitude, Biology and English. The details of the subject-wise syllabus are given below:

SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus for Physics

The following table will acquaint candidates with the SRMJEEE Physics syllabus 2023:

Unit 1Units and Measurements

Physics Syllabus for SRMJEEE 2023
Unit 2 Mechanics (Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Rotational Motion)
Unit 3 Gravitation, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
Unit 4 Oscillations and Wave Motion
Unit 5 Heat and Thermodynamics
Unit 6 Ray and Wave Optics
Unit 7 Electricity and Magnetism (Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of Current, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current)
Unit 8 Atomic Physics
Unit 9 Dual Nature of Matter and Nuclear Physics
Unit 10 Electronics and Communication

SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus for Chemistry

The following table will acquaint candidates with the SRMJEEE Chemistry syllabus 2023:

Chemistry Syllabus for SRMJEEE 2023

Unit 1

Atomic Structure

Unit 2

States of Matter

Unit 3

Chemical Families – Periodic Properties

Unit 4

Chemical Bonding, Molecular Structure and s- block Elements and p-block Elements

Unit 5

Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics

Unit 6


Unit 7

Chemical Equilibrium

Unit 8


Unit 9

Surface Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis and Nuclear Chemistry

Unit 10

Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds

Unit 11

Some Basics Principles of Organic Chemistry

Unit 12


Unit 13

Organic Compounds containing Oxygen

Unit 14

Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Unit 15


Unit 16


SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus for Mathematics

The following table will acquaint candidates with the SRMJEEE Mathematics syllabus 2023:

Mathematics Syllabus for SRMJEEE 2023

Unit 1

Sets, Relation and Functions

Unit 2

Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

Unit 3

Matrices, Determinants and their Applications

Unit 4


Permutations and Combinations

Mathematical Induction and its Applications

Unit 5


Binomial Theorem and its Applications

Sequences and Series

Unit 6

Differential Calculus and its Applications

Unit 7

Integral Calculus and Differential Equations of First Order

Unit 8

Analytical Geometry

Unit 9

Vector Algebra

Unit 10

Statistics and Probability

SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus for Biology

The following table will acquaint candidates with the SRMJEEE Biology syllabus 2023:

Botany Syllabus for SRMJEEE 2023

Unit 1

Taxonomy of Angiosperm

Unit 2

Plant Anatomy

Unit 3

Cell Biology and Genetics

Unit 4


Unit 5

Plant Physiology



Plant growth and Development

Unit 6

Biology in Human Welfare

Zoology Syllabus for SRMJEEE 2023

Unit 1

Human Physiology

Unit 2


Unit 3


Unit 4

Modern Genetics and Animal Biotechnology

Unit 5

Environmental Science

Unit 6

Applied Biology

Unit 7

Theories of Evolution

SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus for Aptitude

Only 10 questions are asked from this section. The following table highlights the chapters from which questions will come:

Chapter Number

Chapter Name



Number System

Properties of numbers

Divisibility rules

Unit digit

Euclid’s algorithm




Arithmetic mean

Weighted mean

Geometric mean



Percentage change-increase or decrease


Profit and Loss

Computing percentage of profit or loss and profit/loss value


Quadratic Equation

Nature of roots

Relationship between roots and coefficients

Solutions of quadratic equations



Similar triangles

Lines and angles

Circles and Quadrilaterals




Grading and Ranking

Coding and Decoding


Direction Sense test

Finding direction, distance or both


Linear Equation

Solving simultaneous equations

Test of consistency

Problems on ages



Values of trigonometric ratios


Heights and distances

SRMJEEE 2023 Syllabus for English

This section contains comprehension questions presented as brief paragraphs, poem lines, or a dialogue. The candidate must read the provided text and respond to the questions. Each question offers four options from which the candidates must select the most appropriate response.

Check more details on the SRMJEEE syllabus 2023 here.

Important Books for SRMJEEE 2023

Topper List Success Stories

To begin with, in the exam preparation for SRMJEEE 2023 exam, choosing the best books is a very important step. Embibe provides candidates with the best preparation books so that they can prepare accordingly for their exams. This section will highlight the same. 

Check SRMJEEE Preparation Books 2023 to know all the names of important books that are required for SRMJEEE exam preparation. 

SRMJEEE 2023 Previous Year Papers

Exam counselling

Practicing the previous year’s papers for the SRMJEEE exam 2023 will serve helpful to the candidates since they would get an idea about the question paper pattern and the time-taking strategy will also get enhanced. The following table highlights the previous year papers for SRMJEEE exam 2023:

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2022

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2020

SRMJEE Previous Year Question Paper 2019

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2018

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2017

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2016

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2015

SRMJEEE Previous Year Question Paper 2014

Get complete details on SRMJEEE previous year question papers here.

SRMJEEE 2023 Sample Papers

Exam talks

Sample papers are the important study materials which are required for all the candidates who are preparing for their SRMJEEE 2023 exam. Candidates must memorise all relevant formulas, reactions, equations, and other important details. Candidates must also complete all types of SRMJEEE practice questions to be well-versed in applying their knowledge. Embibe provides you with the SRMJEEE sample papers for free. Start practising the SRMJEEE 2023 sample papers from the table given below:

SRMJEEE Sample Papers Link to the Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 1 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 2 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 3 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 4 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 5 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 6 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 7 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 8 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 9 Take Test
SRMJEEE Sample Paper 10 Take Test

NOTE: Candidates can also use the Embibe SRMJEEE Mock Test to master the SRMJEEE exam pattern and analyse topics in which they are weaker.

Preparation Tips for SRMJEEE 2023

About Exam

To achieve a high score on the SRMJEEE 2023 exam, candidates must have a well-thought-out preparation strategy. However, because the SRMJEEE syllabus 2023 and NCERT class 12 exams are almost the same, they can improve their grades by studying, practising, and rewriting.

The SRMJEEE revision strategy should cover the complete syllabus while keeping the weightage of the various chapters in mind. It is possible if candidates plan their revision method well. Candidates must include the following items in their SRMJEEE revision plan:

      • Revision of important chapters for the SRMJEEE 2023 exam
      • Revision of weak chapters
      • Revision of the whole syllabus

Candidates must read more about SRMJEEE preparation tips 2023 here. 

SRMJEEE 2023 Admit Card

About Exam

SRMJEEE admit card is the admission ticket that candidates require to gain entry into the examination venue. The admit card will be available on the official website. For downloading the SRMJEEE admit card, candidates need to with their application number and password. 

Check more details on SRMJEEE 2023 admit card here.

SRMJEEE Exam 2023 Answer Key

Eligibility Criteria

SRMIST exam authorities will release the SRMJEEE answer key 2023 after the exam is conducted. The answer key will help candidates to get an average score of their SRMJEEE score. 

How to Download SRMJEE 2023 Answer Key

Aspirants can follow the series of steps mentioned below to follow to download the SRMJEEE 2023 answer key:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on the link to the SRMJEEE exam portal.
  • Here, click on the link to SRMJEEE 2023 answer key.
  • Download the SRMJEEE answer key from the website.
  • Candidates can use the same for calculating their probable scores in the exam.

More details on SRMJEEE 2023 answer key can be found here.

SRMJEEE 2023 Exam Result

Admit Card

After the answer key is released, the results will be available on the official website. The result for SRMJEEE 2023 will be tentatively released on the official website by July or August 2023. 

How to Download SRMJEEE Scorecard?

Students can follow the below steps to view the SRMJEEE results 2023.

  • 1st Step: Visit the SRMJEEE official website.
  • 2nd Step: Candidates should click on the link to check the “SRM Exam Results”.
  • 3rd Step: They should enter their email addresses and passwords and click on “Submit”
  • 4th Step: Candidates can see the result of SRMJEEE 2023 displayed on the screen.
  • 5th Step: They should download the SRM result 2023 and take a printout.

For more information on SRMJEEE result, check here.

SRMJEEE Exam 2023 Cut-off

Exam Answer key

Students must note that SRM University cutoff 2023 will be decided on the basis of several factors as explained below:

  • Difficulty level of SRMJEEE 2023.
  • Number of seats available at SRM University.
  • Number of candidates who applied for SRMJEEE.
  • Previous year SRM University cut-off trends.

SRMIST will release the SRMJEEE 2023 cut-off online on the official website – SRMJEEE official website. SRMJEEE cut-off 2023 shall contain the range of marks within which candidates can opt for B.Tech admissions in the SRMJEEE admission portal.

SRMJEEE 2022-23 Marks obtained vs Rank (Expected):

Marks Obtained in SRMJEEE 2022

Estimated Rank Range

Above 250

Below 2000











Less than 130

Above 17000


SRMJEEE 2023 Expected Cut-off for Chennai Campus:

Students can check the expected cut-off of SRMJEEE exam in the below table.

Name of the Course

Closing Rank (Expected)

Aerospace Engineering

51500 – 52500

Automobile Engineering

54000 – 55000

Biomedical Engineering

53, 500 – 54,500

Biotechnology Engineering

47700 – 48000

Chemical Engineering

69000 – 70000

Civil Engineering

69000 – 70000

Computer Science Engineering

9500 – 10500

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

39000 – 40000

Electronics and Communication Engineering

26700 – 27200

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

60000 – 61000

Genetic Engineering

61500- 62500

Check the article on SRMJEEE cut-off for more updates.

SRMJEEE Exam Counselling 2023

Cut off

The institute conducts counselling for aspirants for SRMJEEE qualified for admission. Students will participate in SRMJEEE counselling according to a schedule after the results are announced. Students must be physically present at the institute on the scheduled date and time for SRMJEEE 2023 counselling. Students will be allotted seats depending on their admission examination results, selected branch and campus, and seat availability. Here are some documents that may be required for verification:

        • SRMJEEE Scorecard
        • SRMJEEE Admit Card
        • 10th and 12th Marksheets and Certificates
        • Transfer Certificate
        • Migration Certificate
        • Receipt of Payment Through e-Challan
        • Category Certificate
        • Provisional Allotment Letter
        • Passport Size Photographs

Candidates who have qualified for SRMJEEE will be called for counselling to support their ranks and choices. Only those aspirants whose names appear on the SRMJEEE exam rank list will be able to participate in the counselling procedure. The complete schedule is available in the article below. Candidates may find all the information related to SRMJEEE counselling in this article and also on the SRMIST official website.

Applicants must pay a seat allotment fee before the deadline (yet to be announced). All students must understand that participating in the SRMJEEE counselling process does not guarantee admittance. Aspirants must complete all stages of SRMJEEE, including document verification and seat acceptance. After the candidates have completed the counselling procedure, the SRM Institute will issue the SRMJEEE cut-off.

FAQs on SRMJEEE 2023

Exam Result

Following are some of the common questions on the SRMJEEE 2023 exam:

Q.1: When was the SRMJEEE Phase 1 conducted?

Ans: The SRMJEEE 2023 Phase 1 will be conducted on April 21, 22 and 23, 2023. 

Q.2: How can I apply to SRMJEEE?

Ans: To fill out the application form for SRMJEEE in online mode: 

        • Candidates must register for the SRMJEEE.
        • Verify their email addresses and complete their application forms
        • They should pay the application cost and upload their papers.
        • Candidates must obtain the SRMJEEE application form in person for offline applications.

Q.3: What is a good rank in SRMJEEE?

Ans: The good rank in SRMJEEE can only be defined based on the total number of candidates who appeared for the entrance exam. Usually, more than 50,000 candidates appear for the entrance exam every year. As per the trend analysis, the good rank in SRMJEEE can be between 5000-7000.

Q.4: Is SRM better than VIT?

Ans: SRM is ranked 36 among universities under the MHRD NIRF ranking, whereas Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) is ranked top 18. 

Q.5: Can I join SRM without SRMJEEE?

Ans: SRM University fees for admissions in B. Tech are higher if candidates have not cleared the cut-off score in SRMJEEE online exam.

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