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  • Written By Anjali Choudhury
  • Last Modified 30-06-2022
  • Written By Anjali Choudhury
  • Last Modified 30-06-2022

CBSE Class 12 FAQs: Check Most Frequently Asked Questions

CBSE Class 12 FAQs: Every year, the board exams for Class 12 are administered by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). These exams are open to 12th-graders enrolled in programmes connected with the CBSE. For 114 different subjects, around 13 lakh students take the Class 12th examination. The Class 12th exams are like a stepping stone for kids towards their bright future.

As Embibe is the leading study platform for CBSE Class 12 board exam preparation, many students reach out to us with their concerns and queries regarding the CBSE 12th Class 2022 exam. To help students clear their doubts, we have compiled a list of CBSE frequently asked questions for Class 12th. The CBSE most frequently asked questions and their appropriate answers will help students prepare well for the upcoming exams. Continue reading to learn more about the FAQs on board examinations by CBSE.

CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022-23: Overview

Before we jump into further details about Class 12 CBSE board exams FAQs, let us have an overview of the exam:

ParticularsImportant Details
Full Exam NameCentral Board of Secondary Education Class 12th Examination
Short Exam NameCBSE Class 12th
Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education
Frequency of ConductOnce a year
Exam LevelIntermediate
LanguagesArabic, Bengali and 11 More
Mode of ApplicationOffline / Online
Mode of ExamOffline
Exam Duration1 Hour 30 Minutes

CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern Highlights 2022-23

Below we have tabulated the CBSE Class 12 exam pattern highlights for the students preparing for the exam:

Name of ExamCBSE Higher Secondary Examination
Type of QuestionMCQs and Application Based Questions
Total Number of Subject5 or 6 (As elected)
Maximum Marks100 (80 marks in written exam and 20 marks for internal assessments and projects
Total Time3 hours
Marking Scheme33% sectional and 33% aggregate
Medium of ExamEnglish/Hindi

CBSE Class 12 Marking Scheme 2022-23

Below we have tabulated the latest CBSE Class 12 marking scheme for the students to help them score excellent marks:

Type of QuestionsWeightage
Competency Based Questions would be minimum 30% [Multiple Choice Questions, Case Studies, Source based Integrated Questions etc.]. 30% (Minimum)
Objective Type Questions 20% 
Short Answer/Long Answer Questions50% [as per existing pattern]

CBSE FAQs 2022 on Class 12 Board Exams

Some of the frequently asked questions on CBSE Class 12 board exams are mentioned below:

Q.1: Do the exam evaluators give marks based on a good presentation on the answer sheet?
Ans: No, there is not a provision for different presentation marks. However, students should concentrate on writing well-structured, neat, and highlighted answers. Students can also use the CBSE toppers answer sheet to learn how to write an answer.

Q.2: Is it crucial to write down all I learn as I study for the CBSE Class 12 board exam?
Ans: Even though it is not necessary to write everything down, making notes of the most important information will help your comprehension of the chapter and boost your confidence.

Q.3: Does a student’s inability to sit for the Class 12 board exam follow a failure on the pre-board exam?
Ans: If a student is otherwise qualified, they cannot be barred from taking the final board exam even if they fail the pre-boards. Pre-Boards are intended to let students evaluate their level of readiness for the upcoming board examination.

Q.4: Does the final CBSE board result for 2022 consider the scores received in the pre-board exams?
Ans: No, the pre-board examination scores are not added to or taken into account when calculating the board exam results.

Q.5: Can we use a gel pen and a whitener in the CBSE Class 12 board exam?
Ans: The CBSE board exam for 2022 forbids the use of a whitener. Students can use gel pens with black or royal blue ink.

Q.6: Would there be consequences if the word count was exceeded and there were spelling mistakes, especially in the language papers?
Ans: As a result of going over the word limit, no marks will be deducted. However, in the language papers, incorrect spelling and other mistakes will result in a loss of marks.

Q.7: Will questions directly refer to the CBSE Class 12 board sample papers?
Ans: You can better comprehend the format, structure, and question kinds using CBSE 12th sample papers. Any topic in the syllabus may be included in exam questions.

Q.8: Due to my slow writing speed, I could not finish my paper. Is there anything that can be done?
Ans: To increase your speed, write the answer down and practice regularly. If you have limited time, organise your thoughts before writing any exam answers, and try to break them down into bullet points. Never leave up an entire question.

Q.9: Is retaking the practical exam required for students who failed the theory exam?
Ans: The previous practical marks will be carried over, but students must appear in theory exams.

Q.10: Will I be able to use the restroom while taking exams?
Ans: Yes, as long as you have an invigilator with you.

Q.11: What are the requirements for passing the 12th grade?
Ans: A student must receive a minimum of 33% marks in each of the five subjects to pass.

Q.12: Is passing the Class 12 theory and practical exams separately required?
Ans: Passing the theory and practical exams separately are required.

Q.13: Does CBSE publish new Class 12 mark sheets after the re-evaluation and mark verification?
Ans: Yes, the CBSE distributes new mark sheets if there is any change in the grade. By turning in the old ones, students can pick up their mark sheets from their schools.

We hope this article on CBSE Class 12 FAQs has been helpful. Stay tuned to Embibe for such informative articles. Happy learning!

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