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  • Written By Anjali Choudhury
  • Last Modified 07-08-2022
  • Written By Anjali Choudhury
  • Last Modified 07-08-2022

RT Meaning in CBSE 12th Marksheet 2022

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the Class 12th results on July 22, 2022, on their official website. Students can check the mark sheet online on Pariksha Sangam using their login credentials. Along with the CBSE Class 12th result, the board released the mark sheet on Digilocker like in previous years. However, the mark sheet has some abbreviations printed against a subject like RT, RL, RW, etc.

Now, in detail, let us understand the meaning of RT in Class 12 mark sheet 2022. RT stands for “Repeat Theory” and is one of the most important parts of the latest mark sheet. Students get to understand and analyse their performance in the board exams. Students with RT against a subject must take the theory exam during the compartment exams. For instance, students who did not receive the requisite 33 per cent on the theoretical paper would receive an RT.

Meaning of RT in CBSE Class 12 Marksheet 2022

Students must understand the RT meaning in the CBSE 12th mark sheet to understand their overall performance in the Class 12th board exams. If a student has received an RT in any subject, then it means they have not scored the minimum marks, which is 33 per cent, in the theory section of the paper. To pass the exam, students must score minimum qualifying marks in both theory and practical exams.

As we have told earlier, if a student has RT against any subject in the Class 12th mark sheet, they must appear for the compartment exams as it is mandatory. However, if a student receives more than one RT, they have to repeat the class as they failed to score good marks in all five major subjects.

CBSE Class 12 Marksheet 2022 Abbreviation

Below we have provided the meaning of the abbreviations in the CBSE Class 12 marksheet 2022:

  • RT (Repeat Theory)- Students who get an RT on their mark must take the compartment exam to avoid repeating the session. However, if two or more subjects have RT against them, the students must repeat the class.
  • RL (Results Later)- Introduced in 2020, the board may use this abbreviation if the mark sheet contained an error or did not include the student’s information.
  • COMP (Compartment)- Students who failed to receive a passing mark in one subject are sent to take the compartment exam. To make up for the exam they failed, students who have scored less than the required 33 per cent in overall five subjects must take the compartment examination.
  • XXXX (Improvement)- Students who took six subjects, failed one, and scored at least 33 per cent in the other five are eligible for this. These students could appear as private candidates for the subject flagged for improvement in the board exam the following year. Students who pass the board examination are not required to take the improvement paper.
  • RW (Result Withheld)- Students should be aware that this does not necessarily mean they will not be promoted. This year, the schools tallied the results and submitted them to the board for approval before release.

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