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  • Last Modified 30-06-2022
  • Written By Riddhi_G
  • Last Modified 30-06-2022

CBSE Class 12 Notes: Download PDF Books

CBSE Class 12 Notes: Preparing CBSE Class 12 notes is important for students for self-study and learn concepts and do revision before the board exam. Students should create subject-wise notes and note down all the important topics, concepts, rules and regulations, formulas, etc. these short notes will later help them in doing quick revision before the exam. 

Referring to own the notes will enable students to design a comprehensive study plan and practice effectively. Having updated notes to refer for the CBSE 12th board exam help students develop a strong foundation in the basics. Having proper study notes is essential for studies and to score well in the exa. Read on to know more about CBSE Class 12 notes.

CBSE Class 12 Notes: Overview

Before moving on to the CBSE Class 12 notes section, check the overview of CBSE Class 12 exam from the table below:

BoardCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Name of ExamCentral Board of Secondary Education Class 12 Board Examination
Commonly Known asCBSE Class 12
Level of ExamNational-level
Frequency of ExamAnnual
Mode of ExamOffline
Mode of RegistrationOffline through the school for regular students. Online only for private students
CBSE Class 12 Academic SubjectsBiology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Political Science, Social Studies, etc.
CBSE Class 12 Language SubjectsEnglish, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, Sanskrit, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, etc.

CBSE Class 12 Subject-wise Books PDF Download

The CBSE books are the curated by subject-matter experts for Class 12 by the NCERT board. These books contain all the updated and necessary information on the topics covered, to stay ahead with the current times and also prepare for the board exams. They also strengthen the exam preparations by creating a strong foundation to refer to other study materials. Students can download the CBSE notes for Class 12 for all subjects from the table below:

Subject NameDownload Link
Physics Part 1Download Here
Physics Part 2Download Here
Chemistry Part 1Download Here
Chemistry Part 2Download Here
Maths Part 1Download Here
Maths Part 2Download Here
BiologyDownload Here
English Core FlamingoDownload Here
English Core VistasDownload Here
English Elective KaleidoscopeDownload Here
Hindi Core ArohDownload Here
Hindi Core VitanDownload Here
Hindi Elective AntraDownload Here
Hindi Elective AntralDownload Here
Economics – Introductory MicroeconomicsDownload Here
Economics – Introductory MacroeconomicsDownload Here
History – Themes in Indian History 1Download Here
History – Themes in Indian History 2Download Here
History – Themes in Indian History 3Download Here
Political Science – Contemporary World PoliticsDownload Here
Political Science – Politics in India Since IndependenceDownload Here
Geography – Fundamentals of Human GeographyDownload Here
Geography – Practical Work in Geography Part IIDownload Here
Geography – India: People And EconomyDownload Here
Accountancy – Part 1Download Here
Accountancy – Part 2Download Here
Business Studies – Part 1Download Here
Business Studies – Part 2Download Here
PsychologyDownload Here
Sociology – Indian SocietyDownload Here
Sociology – Social Change and Development in IndiaDownload Here
Sanskrit BhaswatiDownload Here
Sanskrit ShaswatiDownload Here
Home Science – Human Ecology and Family Sciences Part 1Download Here
Home Science – Human Ecology and Family Sciences Part 2Download Here
Heritage Craft – Craft Tradition of IndiaDownload Here
Computer ScienceDownload Here
Informatics PracticesDownload Here
New Age Graphic DesignDownload Here
Fine Arts – An Introduction to Indian ArtDownload Here

How to Prepare CBSE Class 12 Physics Notes?

Students can prepare CBSE Class 12 Physics notes by first paying attention in the classroom and learning the concepts properly. 

  • In case they face any confusion, it is important to get them clarified. 
  • Students should make chapter-wise notes that contain all important points like definition, author names, formulas, algebraic calculations, diagrams, and correct naming of the diagrams, S.I. units etc.
  • Regular revision is important to enable students to remember such vast information at least till they appear for the board exam.

How to Prepare CBSE Class 12 English Notes?

For a strong command in English, correct usage of grammar is the most important.

  • Students should understand the rules explained in each topic and implement them by creating own sentences.
  • Students should practice essay writing by practising them with previous years’ essay topics.
  • Note down synonyms, antonyms, famous proses and poems to make you long answers more impactful.

How to Prepare CBSE Class 12 Biology Notes?

Many students find Biology subject easy to understand the answer. In order to prepare good notes for CBSE Class 12 Biology, students should – 

  • Practice diagrams for all important concepts/anatomical/botanical/zoological concepts.
  • Correct nomenclature and right spellings should be practised.
  • Notes down all important concepts and list the vital points that describe such concept and revise these points regularly.

FAQs on CBSE Class 12 Notes

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on CBSE Class 12 notes:

Q.1: Is it easy to prepare CBSE Class 12 Physics notes?
Ans: Once students gain conceptual understanding in all the topics, they can easily prepare the CBSE Class 12 Physics notes covering all the important points with regards to the board exam.

Q.2: What are some preparation tips on CBSE notes for Class 12?
Ans: Here are some study tips for CBSE Class 12 notes:

  • Gain conceptual knowledge in all the topics. 
  • Once students have studied from the CBSE books, they can further study from reference books and take mock tests to learn the topics better.
  • Prepare separate notes for each chapter.

Q.3: Where can I download the CBSE Class 12 subject-wise books?
Ans: Students can download the CBSE Class 12 subject-wise books from this page or from the CBSE board’s official website.

Q.4: How can I prepare CBSE Class 12 Chemistry notes?
Ans: Students can prepare good CBSE Class 12 Chemistry notes by noting all the important points covered in each chapter and highlighting the most vital ones.

Q.5: From which books can I make CBSE Class 12 notes? 
Ans: Students should first gain basic knowledge of all topics from the NCERT textbooks and solve the intext questions from the NCERT solutions. They can later refer to advanced books for additional information. One they have studied all these books, they can create notes from the above study material.

We hope this article on CBSE Class 12 Notes was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for all the latest information on CBSE Class 12 exam, result, syllabus, and other important updates.

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