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  • Written By Monica_Kumari
  • Last Modified 07-06-2022
  • Written By Monica_Kumari
  • Last Modified 07-06-2022

CDS Books 2022: Subject-wise Best Books for CDS Exam

Best Books for CDS 2022: As the UPSC CDS 2022 exam is coming, aspirants must be exhausting all options to prepare to their utmost best for the exam. It is not just preparation but the quality of your preparation that matters for this exam. In order to have sound preparation, candidates should have the best resource. Aspirants should have the best books to prepare for the CDS 2022 exam in order to crack it with high scores.

Having loads and loads of books does not help until you have the best ones. Note that you can crack the exam even with a single but the best reference. To make your preparation easier, Embibe brings you a collection of the best books for CDS.

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Best Books for CDS

Let us bring you the different stages of the CDS exam. CDS Exam has 2 selection stages:

  • a. Stage I: Written Examination
  • b. Stage II: SBB Interview

CDS Exam has only one Written Test. It comprises 3 sections namely Elementary Maths, English Language, and General Knowledge. These sections are for aspirants applying for admission in Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy. Candidates applying for admission in Officers’ Training Academy has only English Language and General Knowledge sections.

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Look below for the best books for CDS for each section:

Best Books for CDS Mathematics

This section is for aspirants applying for admission to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and Indian Naval Academy (INA). This section of the CDS exam tests your mathematical knowledge. The level of questions asked here is of matriculation level.

Mathematics for CDS by R.S.AggarwalThis book is the best package for all the mathematical topics. CDS aspirants can practice all kinds of questions from all the chapters from this singular book. It has solutions by short-cut methods as well. This assists the candidates in solving problems in less time. The book covers every important topic like Arithmetic, Mensuration, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and Statistics. 
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S.AggarwalThis book extensively covers and explains all the topics required for you to score well in the examination. The book covers topics from all the branches of Mathematics- Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. When it comes to scoring high in the exam, this book is highly dependable.

Best Books for CDS English

This section is for every aspirant wanting to get admission into Indian Military Academy, Air Force Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Officers’ Training Academy. English Language section examines your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. It also tests your skill at playing around with words.

Word Power Made Easy by Norman LewisThe book has everything that is required to improve a candidates’ vocabulary. Along with teaching different topics like idioms, synonyms, antonyms, prepositions, etc, this book also teaches its readers about the correct usage of similarly spelt words.
English Grammar and Composition by Wren & MartinThis high school English Grammar and Composition book provide aspirants guidance in sentence building, comprehension, composition, correct usage of words, autobiography, letter writing, essays etc. This is an effective self-guide book to refer to.
Objective General English by SP BakshiApart from the theory part, this book assists aspirants in practising too. The book has practice papers for each topic covered. It basically helps candidates in an overall preparation for the exam.
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Best Books for CDS General Knowledge

This section is for every aspirant wanting to get admission into Indian Military Academy, Air Force Academy, Indian Naval Academy and Officers’ Training Academy. GK section tests your general knowledge on the current events. Along with the books, you should also read newspapers like the Hindu, the Indian Express, etc. and journals for your reference on current affairs.

Manorama Yearbook by Malayala Manorama PublishersThis magazine updates aspirants on events surrounding Science and Medicine, Census reports, Election results, Economic indicators, Art, National days, List of Union Cabinet Ministers, GK, Awards, Books etc.
General Knowledge by Manohar PandeyThis study material has topics related to Indian History, Indian Economy, Indian Polity, Geography, General Science etc. This book also deals with current affairs and events.

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Important Topics for CDS Exam

We have mentioned a list of important topics for each section below:


Below are the important topics for Mathematics:

Natural numbersQuadratic equation
Square mysqladminsSimultaneous linear equation
PercentageTheory of polynomials
Prime and Composite numbersTrigonometry
Laws of indicesStatistics

English Language

Below are the important topics for English Language:

Spotting errorsSentence arrangement
Selecting wordsOrdering of sentences
ComprehensionOrdering of words in a sentence
Fill in the blanksComposition
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General Knowledge

Below are the important topics for General Knowledge:

Indian Polity: Constitution of IndiaPresident of IndiaJudiciaryIndian Geography: Ores & MineralsOil MillsLakes of IndiaRivers, Tributaries and their directionsCloudsLongitude and LatitudeIslands of IndiaStates Comparison by Population and Area
Indian HistoryMilitary knowledge
Current affairs: AwardsGovernment welfare schemesInternational trades of IndiaFDIApplied science: PhysicsChemistryBiology

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Make excellent use of the above-mentioned best books for CDS and you will crack the exam for sure. Along with referring to these books, practice Bank Mock Test Series as bank exams and CDS exam have certain similarities in terms of the syllabus. It will aid you in time management as well as understanding the question pattern.

FAQs on UPSC CDS Books

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about UPSC CDS Books and study materials:

Q. How can I choose CDS books 2021-22?
A. Candidates should choose the books that cover the entire CDS syllabus and are easy to understand.
Q. Is it important to attempt the mock test or will reading CDS books do?
A. CDS books help candidates to clear the concepts. After completing the chapters in the books, candidates must attempt mock tests.
Q. Which CDS books are best for English?
A. For English, candidates can refer to High School Grammar and Composition book by Wren and Martin, Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, Objective General English by SP Bakshi etc.
Q. How to prepare GK section of CDS exam?
A. Candidates can prepare for the GK section of the CDS exam by reading newspapers and magazines such as Manorama Year book. Candidates need to keep themselves up to date with current affairs.
Q. What are the important topics for General Knowledge?
A. The important topics for the GK section are Economics, Current Affairs, Physics, Geography, Politics, Awards, Sports, Chemistry, etc.

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If you have any issues in choosing the best books for CDS, drop down your comments below and we will get back to you.

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