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How To Prepare for CDS 2023 English?


CDS English Preparation Tips 2023: The CDS syllabus is divided into three subjects: English Language, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. English is a crucial subject for all academies, including the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA). You must be proficient in grammar, vocabulary and comprehension to score high in this subject.

To help you with this, we have provided the best CDS English preparation tips on this page. Jumbled words and sentences, sentence correction, reading comprehension, filling in the gaps, and discovering errors are some of the most important topics of this subject. Read this blog carefully to understand the processes that should be taken while studying the English section of the exam.

Latest Updates:
UPSC CDS 2 is scheduled for September 3, 2023. We suggest all appearing aspirants take free CDS II exam mock tests now to ensure their selection for the applied post. See subject-wise mock tests below.

How To Prepare for CDS English Language?

The first and most crucial stage in CDS exam preparation is understanding the format of topics and their weightage. This will assist you in establishing their priorities. Check out the general tips to prepare for the English section below:

  • Go through the CDS English syllabus to understand the topics to be studied under this subject.
  • Refer to the best books to understand English Grammar rules.
  • To learn the types of questions asked in the CDS exam, solve questions from previous year’s papers.
  • Turn reading into a habit. This will assist you in improving your vocabulary and learning new words.
  • Make a list of new terms and search for their definitions in the dictionary.
  • Read the editorials in newspapers and magazines.
  • Make brief notes regarding topics you study daily. This will aid in quick revision.
  • Attempt CDS mock tests regularly to understand the difficulty level and the topics requiring more attention.

CDS English Syllabus 2023

The English language subject of the CDS exam includes easy to moderate-level questions. This paper is split into three parts: vocabulary, passage reading, and grammar. Vocabulary-based problems like Synonyms, Antonyms, and Sentence Completion are more important. Check out the topics to prepare for English subject:

  • Spotting Errors
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Word Substitution
  • Ordering of Sentence
  • Comprehension
  • Ordering of Words in a Sentence
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Active/ Passive Voice

Topic-wise CDS English Preparation Tips 2023

The English subject of the UPSC CDS Recruitment exam consists of 120 questions worth 100 marks. The total time to attempt this section is 2 hours. This gives you less than one minute to answer each question. As a result, you must be well-versed with the best CDS 2023 Preparation Strategy for English topics. The topics-wise tips are given below:

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for English Grammar

  • Pick up a well-known grammar textbook (such as Wren & Martin) and review the rules for significant topics such as nouns, pronouns, prepositions, articles, tenses, etc.
  • Grammar questions are typically asked as “fill in the blanks” or “spot the errors.” A basic understanding of grammar is needed to address the question.
  • After reviewing the rules, solve the previous year’s papers.
  • It is critical to attempt mock test series for CDS English based on whatever you read so that you fully understand the topic and can answer the different types of questions offered. Practice will help you a lot.

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for Vocabulary (Idioms/ Phrases and Synonyms/ Antonyms)

This is an essential topic in the CDS English section. Understanding words’ meaning and contextual usage is critical for reading comprehension and filling in the blanks.

  • You can keep a doc for any new words you come across. Learn these words and their meanings, and try to comprehend the context in which they can be used.
  • Daily practice of vocabulary is required. It will assist you in memorising new words and phrases as fast as possible.
  • Write essays and long articles to utilise the learned words and phrases in more realistic situations.
  • Read English-language publications such as “The Hindu”, “The Hindustan”, and “The Times of India”, etc. It will teach you new words and phrases.

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for Reading Comprehension

While attempting a reading passage from CDS English, the following simple actions can be taken:

  • First, identify the passage’s main theme.
  • Then summarise the passage and comprehend the tones utilised in it.
  • Make an intelligent deduction from the passage to respond to the questions.
  • Improve your accuracy, reading and comprehension speed by solving the previous year’s papers and attempting mock tests. The faster you can comprehend, the more time you devote to other questions.
  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes per day practising passage comprehension so that you can finish it in 8 to 12 minutes in the actual exam.

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for Spotting Errors

This segment is entirely dependent on vocabulary and grammar. In the given sentence or phrase, you need to identify a part that would be inaccurate due to spelling, tense, verb forms, article or preposition errors, punctuation, etc. You must have a solid understanding of the grammatical rules to spot the mistakes.

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for Sentence Arrangements

It tests your ability to understand a group of sentences and rearrange them into the most comprehensible form as a single paragraph. The technique for answering questions related to this topic is as follows:

  • The first sentence can be chosen from those that begin with an explanation or definition.
  • Find the related words. Sentences that begin with the words “if” or “but” will not be the initial sentence.
  • Concluding sentences typically include “therefore,” “hence,” and similar expressions. That is a sign of a conclusion. Even when such terms are not used, conclusion sentences frequently include a rationale for the topic. This can also be a signal.

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for Fill in the Blanks

It’s similar to cloze tests. In “fill in the blanks,” you will have a few sentences with blanks. These blanks will be filled in using suitable grammar and vocabulary.

CDS Preparation Tips 2023 for Active/ Passive Voice

Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the CDS English Grammar principles for converting active to passive voice and vice versa.

  • Remember that the subject and object swap places during conversion.
  • The general rule for changing from active to passive voice is as follows:
    Object + be/is/are/am/was/were/been/being/etc. + past participle by verb + by + subject.
  • The second phrase changes depending on the verb of the sentence.

FAQs: CDS 2023 Preparation Strategy for English

Here are a few frequently asked questions related to the CDS 2023 Preparation Strategy for English:

Q: How can I score high in CDS English?

A: As mentioned in this article, you can score high by following the CDS English Preparation Tips.

Q: What is the weightage of comprehension in CDS English?

A: As per last year’s exam, a minimum of 10 questions were asked from CDS English Reading Comprehension.

Q: Is there a negative marking in CDS English?

A: Yes. There is a negative marking of 1/3 marks for every wrong answer in the CDS exam.

Q: Is attempting an English paper in the CDS 2023 Exam mandatory?

A: Yes. The English Language is mandatory for IMA, INA, AFA, and OTA (both technical and non-technical).

Q: How many questions are asked in the CDS English exam?

A: The CDS English consists of 120 questions for 100 marks.

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