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  • Last Modified 22-04-2024

Final Revision for JEE Advanced 2024


Now that the exam time is near, prepare yourself to excel as, it’s showtime! Here are some points to ensure you have all important tools ready – your text books, coaching booklets and class notes, as these resources along with EMBIBE will help you to get your dream score in JEE Advanced.

Here is a study strategy we suggest for the final revision for JEE Advanced 2024.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress by checking your attempts – perfect, wasted and overtime – is one of the best ways to keep yourself positive. As you know that your efforts are in the right direction you can maintain your positive attitude.

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Through consistent practice, you can track your wasted attempts which suck the life out of all your hard work, and practice towards reducing the time spent on them. This progress helps you to be positive and happy with your practice.

Revise JEE Advanced Syllabus

While attending crash courses or coaching classes is recommended, you can attempt them by giving your 100% only if you have revised your syllabus entirely.


And for that reason, you need to know that your revision is focused revision. We are talking about revising the topics are important and most likely to come. Constant revision of concepts, formulae, definitions on a daily basis will enhance your preparations, and lets face it you need all the help you can get, so try important revision pack (accessible when signed in). Here you get questions picked out from our  practice and test data on EMBIBE specially curated from millions of attempts. These questions are also the ones that appear the most frequently in exams .

Improve your Time Management Skills

Time management is a crucial element to getting better score in your exams, the only way you can manage time is of course through practice, you can also get it through using EMBIBE practice platform which is designed in a way to help you track your time. Keep track of your performance by improving on your wasted attempts. Wasted attempts eat up your time and before you know it, you will be full of chaos, by the end of your practice time, make sure you time your attempts.

Time management

EMBIBE shows you exactly how much time you are spending on which particular question while providing you an opportunity to improve.  By using EMBIBE practice platform you will be able to not only manage time but also finish your paper well ahead of time. You can track your overtime attempts and improve your time management skills while We suggest you complete mock tests in less than 3 hours with 15-20 mins to spare. So track your time while you solve *ALL* JEE Advanced papers from 2007 onwards as full- length mock tests.

To make your revision process easier we have launched cool JEE Advanced packs which will definitely help you with your preparations. It’s called Important Chapters Revision Digest which is designed through data and analysis has 900 questions sourced from around 9000 questions most likely to come in your exams by our in-house experts who are professors with more than 15 yrs of experience.

All the best!

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