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How to Score 90+ in Class 10th Board Exam: Tips & Tricks


How to Score 90 Percent in Class 10 Board Exam: Class 10th plays a significant role in every individual’s life. Every student must focus on improving their performance in their board examinations. Students must go through the syllabus and cover all the topics thoroughly. It is necessary to focus on the previous year’s question papers and understand the correct approach to answer the questions correctly. Scoring 90+ in the class 10th board examination will contribute to an improved career and help students feel confident about themselves.

Scoring 90+ in class 10th board exams is not just about hard work but also smart work. Read the article to know the preparation tips to score 90+ in class 10th board exam. You will also find answers to questions that pop into students’ heads like “SSC means which class”, “how to score good marks in class 10”, “how to score good marks in board exam”, etc. via Embibe.

How to Score 90 Percent in Class 10 Board Exam – Preparation Tips

With exams around the corner, stress sneaks into every home, having a kid appearing for the big exam for the first time. Brushing up the chapters already studied umpteen times, noting down essential formulas, etc., begins a month before the exam. Smart preparation is the key to excelling in the exam.  Students must begin the preparation for the board exam from the beginning of the session to avoid last-minute hassles. Check below the subject-wise preparation tips to score 90+ in class 10th board exam-

Class 10th Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  • Be Thorough with the Syllabus: To prepare for any subject, it is crucial to understand the syllabus. Begin with checking the number of units, the distribution of marks, and the weightage of each topic.
  • Learn and Write the Formulas: Formulas are the most important factor for the students who want to prepare well for Mathematics. So, the students are advised to note all the formulas on a separate register and learn these formulas daily.
  • Understand the Process to Solve Questions: The students need to solve the questions themselves. Try to attempt the questions on your own. If a student cannot solve the problem, he or she must check the process to get the answer.
  • Do Not Memorize the Answers: The hard and fast rule while preparing for Maths is that the students should not live by heart the answers. They should only try to solve it. Memorizing answers will decrease the understanding of the concept.

Class 10th Preparation Tips for Science

Class 10th science requires you to study three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Check the subject-wise preparation tips for all the three subjects covered under Science. 


  • There are two parts to physics-theory and numerical.  Aspirants must understand and learn the theoretical part.
  • Practice the formula-based questions as much as possible. These are asked very frequently.
  • Lens and Mirror topic is significant to score well.
  • Derive the equations and practice them often.


  • Practice balancing chemical equations as it is often asked in the board exam.
  • The periodic table is important for the students to learn.
  • By heart the common names, their chemical formulas, chemical names, preparation, and uses.
  • Choose the significant reactions, along with conversions, and practice them.


  • Diagrams are crucial in Biology: practice diagrams and their labelling.
  • Learn all the important definitions and processes.
  • Some of the significant topics include reflex action, reproductive organs of human male and female and various parts of a flower, the human brain, and respiratory system.

Class 10th Preparation Tips for English

  • Read the chapters in detail and learn the question answers well.
  • Grammar requires practice. This section is scoring only when one attempts as many questions as possible.
  • Strive to increase the speed as English includes only theoretical aspects. Understand the chapters and prepare notes.
  • Try to write the answers in a presentable manner. The events should be covered in sequence in the answers. Each long answer should be divided into an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Refer to Class 10 previous year question papers to get the pattern followed by the examiner so far. Set a time to practise with them as this will increase the speed of writing the answers. 

Class 10th Preparation Tips for Hindi

  • Read the chapters thoroughly and learn the question/answers given by the teacher.
  • For grammar, practise as many questions as possible. This will highlight the error and help the students to improve. Refer to Multiple Choice Questions for self-assessment.
  • Solve the previous year’s question papers to understand the changing trends followed by the respective boards. The students will realise that a few questions are repeated, indicating the importance of a particular topic.

General Preparation Tips to Score 90+ in Class 10th Board Exam

The students must prepare daily for the board exam to avoid last-minute stress. There are certain preparation tips that are common for all the subjects. Students must use these tips to score well in the board exam. Check below the general preparation tips to score well in the class 10th board exam-

  • Select the right time to begin the preparation: Though every student has a different learning ability so we can’t decide when each student should start preparing for the exams. However, a common approach to exam preparation needs to be followed. Prepare for each internal exam as a board exam to avoid last-minute chaos.
  • Make a Time-Table: Without proper planning, it will be challenging to reach the target. Therefore, to ensure adequate preparation for the upcoming board exams, every student must prepare an appropriate study timetable and stick to it.
  • Practice Previous Year Question Papers: Students are always recommended to solve more previous years’ question papers, specifically after revising the whole syllabus. Practising question papers helps the students to track their preparation level and know the lacking or vital areas.
  • Solve sample papers: The board releases sample papers for all subjects for classes 10 and 12 a few months before the commencement of the exams. Teachers suggest that practising with the sample papers is perfect for exam preparation. They suggest the students check the marking schemes released by the board to know the evaluation process.

Preparation Books to score 90+ in Class 10th Board Exam

Students appearing for board exams often look for the best books for preparation. There are several references and NCERT books for class 10th. Check below the list of popular NCERT and reference books for class 10th board exam-


Subject CBSE Book for Class 10th 
CBSE Class 10 English Literature Reader BookFirst Flight
CBSE Class 10th Maths BookMathematics
Hindi Book for Class 10thKratika – Hindi Supplementary
CBSE Class 10 Science BookScience
CBSE History Book Class 10India & Contemporary World II
Class 10 CBSE Geography BookContemporary India
Class 10th Economics BookUnderstanding Economic Development
Democratic Politics Class 10 CBSE BookDemocratic Politics II

Reference Books

SubjectReference Books for Class X
CBSE Class 10 Maths BookR.D. SharmaR.S. Aggarwal
CBSE Class 10 English BookEnglish Communicative – Oswaal School Books
CBSE Class 10 Science Book – PhysicsLakhmir Singh and Manjit KaurPrinciples of Physics S. Chand Book – N.k ChowdhryFundamentals of Physics – Pradeep Publication

FAQs on Scoring 90 Percent in Class 10 Board Exam

Q.1: What is a good percentage in class 10?

Ans: A 90 % and above score is considered a good percentage in class 10th.

Q.2: Does CBSE give marks for attempting questions?

Ans: Yes, a minimum of half a mark is given for attempting the questions.

Q.3: How can I score full marks in English?

Ans: Practice grammar and writing portions as much as possible. Read all the chapters thoroughly to score full marks in English.

Q.4: How can I prepare for the science board exam for class 10th?

Ans: Students must be thorough with the theory section. Practice numerical and diagrams to score well on the science board exam.

Q.5: How can I score more than 95% in Class 10?

Ans: Prepare smartly with NCERT and popular reference books to score more than 95% in class 10. 

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