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JEE Advanced Air 1 Satvat Jagwani: An Interview With the Topper


JEE Advanced Air 1 Topper Satvat Jagwani Ready for CSE at IIT Bombay: In June 2015, when the results for the JEE Advanced exam 2015 were announced, Satvat Jagwani from Satna in Madhya Pradesh topped the JEE Advanced exam — the candidate who secured the topmost All India Rank (AIR) appeared for this exam from the IIT Kanpur zone. By obtaining a score of 469 out of 504 marks, he earned a JEE Advanced AIR 1.

From his favourite game to success tips, he shared his insights on various areas with us. Candidates often want to hear from the rank holders. They often want to know if JEE Advanced 2015 Topper Janak Agarwal shares his success mantra or ‘Has Satvat Jagwani left IIT to join MIT?.’ Embibe had an interview with the AIR 1 rank holder of the 2015 JEE Advanced exams. Here is an excerpt of the interview below.

Latest Update:
– Check out JEE Advanced result on September 11, 2022.
– NTA conducted JEE Advanced 2022 on August 28, 2022. Earlier, it was scheduled for July 3, 2022.

An Interview with JEE Advanced Topper – Satvat Jagwani (AIR 1)

Here is the interview with JEE Advanced topper Satvat Jagwani, who got an AIR 1:

Q. Congratulations on securing AIR 1 in the JEE Advanced Examinations 2015.
Thank you so much. 

Q. “JEE Advanced 2015 Results: Toppers and Ranks Declared! Satvat Jagwani from Satna tops the JEE Advanced Examination. How did it feel?”
Ans: It feels great to have topped the JEE Advanced Examinations. I am delighted. I think the continuous and consistent effort over the last two years has paid off where I got to today.

Q. How confident were you that you would clear the JEE Advanced 2015 examinations?
Ans: If I put it out honestly, I knew that I would clear the JEE Advanced examinations. After writing the exams, I also thought about the possibility that I would top the exams. I put in a lot of effort and hard work to perform well in the examinations. My hard work has paid off.

Q. How did you celebrate your success?
It feels out of the world to have topped the JEE advanced examinations. I am incredibly grateful to my parents and teachers. This achievement would not have been possible if it were not for their support.

Q. How was the difficulty level of the JEE Advanced examination according to you?
I did not find the question paper challenging. I was well prepared for the exam. So I was able to solve most of the questions quickly. I did not have to face many difficulties in solving the paper.

Q. How much did you score in JEE Main exams?
Ans: In JEE Main, I scored a 330 out of 360. 

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Q. Which paper among JEE Mains and JEE Advanced appeared tougher to you?
Neither of the exams appeared very tough to me. But if I have to specifically state, the JEE main exams played a significant part in my performance in the JEE Advanced examinations. The questions in the JEE Main exam were more complicated and lengthier than in the JEE Advanced paper. This intrigued me to work harder for the JEE Advanced examination.

Q. What were your marks in Class 12 Board exams?
I scored 86.6% in the 12th Board exams.

Q. Did you take any examinations other than JEE Main and JEE Advanced?
Ans: Yes, besides JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams, I had appeared for SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentices). SCRA is meant for railway engineering. This is not my field of interest, but I took the exam to gain experience. I qualified for the second round of the exam.

JEE Advanced Air 1 Topper Satvat Jagwani: On His Preparation for the Exam

Q. While preparing for the JEE Advanced examination, which subject did you find the easiest, and which subject did you find the toughest?
Physics and Mathematics are two crucial subjects for the JEE Advanced examination. Since I enjoy studying both subjects, I did not find any particular subject too easy or challenging. So that way, it was easy for me to prepare for the exams.

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Q. Since how long have you been taking the preparation for JEE Advanced exams?
Before clearing the JEE Advanced examinations, I took coaching from a coaching centre in Kota. It took me two years to successfully prepare for India’s premium engineering entrance examination. 

Q. How much did you score in the JEE Advanced examinations?
I obtained 469 marks out of 504 marks in the JEE Advanced exams. Subjectwise, I scored 165 out of 168 in Physics, 142 out of 168 in Chemistry, and I obtained 162 marks out of 168 in Mathematics.

Q. What was your study plan?
I did not follow any study routine strictly to prepare for my exams. I generally like to read. As I have mentioned, I like to read story books in my free time. For the exams, I used to study for 5 to 6 hours every day. Since Physics and Mathematics are among my favourite subjects, it did not feel like I was studying the subjects to prepare for an examination. However, there are two things that I would religiously follow. 

I worked on the areas I was weak at and took a lot of mock tests. This helped me understand where I was making my mistakes and strengthened my preparation. It boosted my confidence to approach the examination from the time I found I was doing well in most of the mock tests. Second, I cleared my doubts in all the subjects from my teachers. I got a lot of help from my teachers. I was able to revise my lessons and do my homework on time. Studying my lessons every day did the trick.

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Q. What advice or study tips would you like to give the candidates appearing for the forthcoming JEE Advanced exams?
Ans: To the candidates appearing for the upcoming exams, I suggest you concentrate on studying the topics you are being taught in the classes. Do not pile up doubts. Go through the topics and whenever you encounter a portion in which you have a doubt, get the doubts immediately cleared and keep progressing. Self-study is undoubtedly important. However, attending the coaching centres also proves to be very helpful for preparing for such exams.

I also think enjoying what you are doing is extremely important. So, make sure that you enjoy your lessons and finally. Revise your lessons, identify your areas of strength and keep practising. So, make sure that you enjoy your lessons and finally. Revise your lessons, identify your areas of strength and keep practising.

Do not neglect what you find easy. Make that your area of focus and work hard. Hard work will take you a long way. I would also stress consistency and continuity. I feel that consistency and continuity is the key to securing a good rank in the examination.

JEE Advanced Air 1 Topper Satvat Jagwani: On Future Plans

Q. Which stream do you want to pursue?
Ans: I want to specialize in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) as a part of my undergraduate program.

Q. In which branch of IIT do you want to get admitted?
I want to be admitted to IIT Bombay.

Q. What are your future plans?
Ans: I have not really given it much thought yet, but I would certainly be interested in doing research work in Physics and Mathematics.

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JEE Advanced Air 1 Topper Satvat Jagwani: On Family and Free Time

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?
I like reading story books, playing chess, and solving puzzles. I enjoy playing Sudoku. Chess and Sudoku are stimulators to the brain other than helping you relax.

Q. Tell us something about your family background?
Ans: We are a family of four. Both my parents are doctors. I have a younger brother. He is studying in class 9.

Q. Embibe wishes you all the best in your future endeavours!
Thank you so much.

JEE Advanced 2015 Results: Toppers and Ranks Declared! 

Following Satvat Jagwani, other candidates who made it to the JEE Advanced AIR 1 list are as follows:

  • Janak Agarwal from the IIT- Delhi zone got the AIR 2. JEE Advanced 2015 Topper Janak Agarwal shares his success mantra for aspirants. We will soon update the candidates on his success tips.
  • Mukesh Pareekh from Indore obtained the All India Rank 3. Kamana Nagendra Reddy from the IIT- Madras zone got the All India Rank 4. Bharat Khandelwal from the IIT- Bombay zone got the 5th AIR.  Himanshu Gupta from IIT-Roorkee got Air 7 and made it to the JEE Advanced AIR 1 list.

Has Satvat Jagwani Left IIT for Joining MIT?

Satvat Jagwani was admitted to IIT Bombay to earn a B.Tech degree from the institution. However, he dropped out of the IIT in 2017. Later he joined MIT in the BSC Computer Science (CS) programme.

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The article has detailed Satvat Jagwani’s JEE advanced exam preparation journey, and we hope that candidates find this information inspiring and useful for their exam preparation.

We hope this article on the interview with the 2015 JEE Advanced Topper Satvat Jagwani provided you with valuable details. Stay tuned to Embibe for more updates on JEE Advanced 2023 exam tips and the latest academic articles!

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