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  • Written By Sumana_C
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JEE Advanced Electric Current Important Questions

JEE Advanced Electric Current Important Questions: A branch of Physics deals with the dynamics of charges. It is called current electricity. Students looking for JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions to boost their preparation must check out the PDFs below. All the important questions of IIT JEE advanced on Electric Current with solved and correct answers are available to guide students to follow this subject precisely. Practising Current electricity JEE Advanced questions is crucial for students and vital in boosting their preparation. 

Students usually look for chapter-wise free PDF download options. It’ll help them understand the core areas and provide them with a base to score great marks in the exam. That is why Embibe experts have provided comprehensive guidance on electric current important questions that will work as a ready reckoner to aspiring candidates. These solutions provided here are so simple that anyone can understand them without any hassle. If they follow these questions, they will undoubtedly score well in the exam. Read on to check out the PDFs and learn more about the exam.

Current Electricity JEE Advanced Questions & Exam Overview

This specific branch of Physics that deals with the dynamics of charge is known as current electricity. The charges can be positive ions, negative ions, holes, or electrons. If a net flow of charge is found through any section of a wire, it means that a current exists in that wire. Students must know that the current’s conventional direction is the direction in which positive charges flow. The charges flow from the higher potential point to the lower potential point.

Before getting into more details of JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions, students must check out the exam overview to understand the overall structure of the exam. Check out the details below. 

Exam NameJoint Entrance Exam Advanced
Short Exam NameJEE Advanced
Authorised BodyIndian Institute of Technology Bombay
LanguagesEnglish, Hindi
Exam LevelNational Level Exam
Frequency of ConductOnce a year
Application ModeOnline
Exam ModeOnline
Mode of CounsellingJEE Advanced Paper 1 & 2 online
Number of Seats11279 Seats
Participating Colleges 27

Current Electricity IIT-JEE Important Dates

Check out the important dates of JEE Advanced 2022 exam below.

Official Website
JEE Advanced Online Registration Starting DateAugust 07, 2022 (Wednesday, 10:00 AM IST)
JEE Advanced Online Registration Closing DateAugust 11, 2022 (Tuesday, 5:00 PM IST)
Fee Payment of Registered Candidates – Last DateAugust 12, 2022 (Wednesday, 5:00 PM IST)
JEE Advanced – 2022 Exam DateAugust 28, 2022
Provisional Answer Keys – Online DisplaySeptember 3, 2022
Final Answer Keys – Online DeclarationSeptember 11, 2022
JEE Advanced 2022 – ResultSeptember 11, 2022
Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) 2022 – Online RegistrationSeptember 11 – September 12, 2022
Joint Seat Allocation (JoSAA) 2022 Process – Starting DateSeptember 12, 2022

Current Electricity IIT JEE

Embibe has a separate team of experienced researchers. They have formulated important questions of Current Electricity IIT JEE after careful and thoughtful consideration. In this chapter, students will learn about electric current, the drift of electrons, Ohm’s law, Electric currents in conductors, and the origin of resistivity. Students must know the most important concepts available in this unit as those are crucial from the exam’s point of view. The most crucial concepts in this unit are power, Electrical energy, the combination of resistors, and temperature dependence of resistivity.

Embibe experts have provided great examples of Kirchhoff’s law, Meter bridge, and Wheatstone bridge in these PDFs. Students will also find different supportive diagrams that will help them get a tactful idea of the entire concept. 

How do Students Get Help from Current Electricity JEE Advanced Questions?

Students must improve their foundation level to understand all the concepts to score well in this competitive exam called JEE Advanced. That is why they look for JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions and electrostatics Class 12 question and answer PDF exactly does the same. Students can make a stronger foundation by practising these important questions daily. Along with that, they will learn different methods to solve a problem, and if they practice them daily, they can easily memorize those methods and apply them in the exam hall. 

Embibe Experts have drafted these solutions in such an easy language that anyone can understand them. Along with that, they are available in a step-by-step manner. Therefore, students can Check out JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions and understand all the concepts quickly. Students need to keep in mind that this particular chapter has a weight of 6 to 7% in the JEE Main exam. Additionally, it holds great importance for JEE Advanced exam as well. Therefore, experts suggest you not skip any of these questions and check out the solutions thoroughly.

Crucial Information About JEE Advanced Electric Current Important Questions

Students already know that electricity can be utilised for the operation of different electrical devices like washing machines, refrigerators, bulbs, and more. On the other hand, electric energy can be modified depending on the varied energy forms. For example, we can make electric energies more useful by using them as light, heat, or mechanical energy. Do you know how the production of electricity is done? It is done via the movement of the electrons through a wire. The branch of physics that deals with this are known as current electricity. Students need to understand that current is one of the most fundamental and crucial elements within both electrical and electronic technology.

Students must pay attention to this topic as it is one of the hottest topics for the IIT-JEE exam. Every student tries to work on their best areas to stand apart from the crowd. But it would help if you did something better than others to stand ahead of the competition. So if you want to get high marks in the exam, you must do something exceptional. How? Well, follow JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions suggested by Embibe experts. 

Create your own routine and thoroughly study all the materials, especially provided by Embibe. Time management is equally crucial. Only regular practice can help you to gain this ability of confidence. Keep solving, and don’t lose hope. Sometimes if you feel exhausted, you should practice yoga and meditation daily to keep your mind calm during the exam.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Electric Current Important Questions

Check out all the frequently asked questions on JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions.

Q.1 Is practising JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions crucial for the exam?

Ans: Yes, practising JEE Advanced Electric Current important questions are extremely crucial for the exam as this is one of the most important chapters available in the IIT-JEE syllabus. Students will find two to three questions always from this particular chapter in this exam.

Q.2 Is Doppler Effect an important chapter for JEE Advanced Exam?

Ans: Doppler Effect is not as important as Electric Current for the JEE Advanced. Still, students must pay attention to this topic.

Q.3 The electric current section comprises how many marks in the JEE Advanced exam?

Ans: JEE Advanced exam comprises a total mark of 366. Paper one and Paper two carry a total mark of 183. Only objective-type questions are asked in this exam. It consists of defendant MCQs or multiple choice questions along with numerical type questions. Students will be asked questions in English and Hindi only. They can choose their preferred language accordingly. A few crucial questions will be asked in this section Electric Current.

Q.4 Which chapter can be skipped in the Electric Current section?

Ans: Students must not skip any of the topics available in the electric current section. Suppose they really want to skip any of the topics for JEE Advanced Exam. In that case, they can skip topics like Physics, Law of Motion, list of concepts, Circular Motion, Center of Mass and Collisions, Principles of Communications, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, Heating, and Chemical Effects of Current.

Q.5 From where I can get the best Electric Current study materials?

Ans: IIT JEE Exam comprises JEE Main and JEE Advanced. This is one of the most crucial entrance engineering exams, and the competition is fierce. After qualifying, students will be eligible to get admission to the top engineering colleges and institutes. Electric Current is one of the most crucial chapters, and candidates can find the best study materials at Embibe as experts with years of experience prepare all the study materials.

Hope you liked the content on JEE Advanced Electric Current Important Questions. For more such valuable content, keep browsing Embibe!

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