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6th Mizoram Board Important Topics


Are planning to crack the Class 6th Mizoram Board exam with good rank? Then you must prepare systematically. You must focus on learning and practising the important topics. Practice is the only way to remember the topics for a long time rather than memorising them. Along with this, regular revisions also are important. An effective way of preparation is the key to success in the examination.  

Embibe is the most powerful learning platform that will help you simplify the topics. An AI-powered app offers 1400+ books, videos, practice questions, explainers and mock tests. It helps you learn the chapters with the help of the 3D visualisation technique. Here, the learning becomes a fun activity so that you grasp the topics quickly. You will also get an opportunity to track your progress with the help of mock test series. There will be no learning gaps, and you are perfect. 

Mizoram Board Class 6 Important Topics 

At Embibe, you can watch all the videos to master the topics. You will find complex topics also easier when learning creatively. Now, let’s find the topics for the chapters for Maths and Science for Mizoram Board class 6. 

Chapter-Wise Topics for Mizoram Board Class 6 

Find the chapter-wise for Science and Maths for Mizoram Board class 6 to get good scores. 

Mizoram Board Class 6 Science Topics

1Food, Where Does It Come From?Food Variety
Food Material and Sources
2Components of FoodFood and Its Components
Biochemical Tests
3Fibre and FabricVariety in Fabrics
4Sorting Materials Into GroupsObjects Around Us
Properties of Materials
5Separation of SubstancesIntroduction to Separation of Substances
Methods of Separation

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Mizoram Board Class 6 Mathematics Topics

1Knowing Our NumbersComparing Large Numbers
Large Numbers in Practice
2Whole NumbersIntroduction to Whole Numbers
The Number Line
3Playing with NumbersFactors and Multiples
Prime And Composite Numbers
4Basic Geometrical IdeasIntroduction to Geometry
5Understanding Elementary ShapesMeasurement Line Segments
Types of Angle

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The most frequently asked question with answers about Mizoram board class 6.

Q: Where can I find the topics for Mizoram Board class 6?

Ans: You will find the chapter-wise topics for Mizoram Board class 6 on Embibe. You can click on the links provided in this article.

Q: How will Embibe help me learn the topics for Mizoram Board class 6?

Ans: Embibe provides explainer videos that are mapped to the chapters and topics to help you learn and understand quickly.

Q: Where can I find the best books to study for the Mizoram board class 6 exam?

Ans: Embibe provides 40+ books with video solutions and study materials for Mizoram board class 6. You can log in to the app to access the books for Mizoram board class 6 exam preparation.

Q: What is the exam duration of the Mizoram Board class 6?

Ans: The Mizoram board class 6 exam duration is 3 hours.

Q: How many subjects are there in Mizoram Board Class 6?

Ans: There are 6 subjects in Mizoram board class 6.

We hope this article on Mizoram Board class 6 topics is helpful. We wish you all the best for the class 6 exam.

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