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  • Written By Varsha
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NCERT Books for Class 9 Maths: PDF

NCERT Books for Class 9 Students: Students can readily access the NCERT Books for Class 9 Maths and understand the concepts related to the topic better. NCERT Class 9 Maths Book and NCERT solutions for Class 9 Maths cover all the significant topics such as Euclid’s Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Polynomials, Number System, Triangles, Circles, Quadrilaterals, Surface Area and Volumes, Probability, Statistics, Constructions, etc.

Class 9th Mathematics is considered to be one of the most vital subjects, which mandates logical reasoning and analytical skills. The NCERT class 9 Maths book pdf will help students to achieve their desired scores. Thus, students must understand the concepts well from NCERT Class 9 Maths Book. In this article, we have provided chapter-wise PDF links so that students can study any chapter they need. Read this article to know more.

Latest Update:

👉 The CBSE Term 1 results are expected to be released in February 2022.
👉 The Term 2 examination will commence from April 26, 2022. The board will release the Term 2 exam date sheet in February 2022.

NCERT Books for Class 9 Mathematics Download PDF

The links to download the NCERT Class 9 Maths Book PDF in both Hindi and English mediums are tabulated below. Just click on these links and download the books in PDF format.

Book NameDownload Link
CBSE Class 9 Mathematics BookDownload Here
CBSE Class 9 Ganit BookDownload Here

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Class 9th Maths NCERT Solutions And Books (English)

The chapter-wise NCERT Class 9 Maths Book pdf in English medium along with Class 9th Maths NCERT Solutions of the respective chapters are given below:

Link To Download BookNCERT Solutions Link
Number SystemsChapter 1 NCERT Solutions
PolynomialsChapter 2 NCERT Solutions
Coordinate GeometryChapter 3 NCERT Solutions
Linear Equations in Two VariablesChapter 4 NCERT Solutions
Introduction to Euclid’s GeometryChapter 5 NCERT Solutions
Lines and AnglesChapter 6 NCERT Solutions
TrianglesChapter 7 NCERT Solutions
QuadrilateralsChapter 8 NCERT Solutions
Areas of Parallelograms and TrianglesChapter 9 NCERT Solutions
CirclesChapter 10 NCERT Solutions
ConstructionsChapter 11 NCERT Solutions
Heron’s FormulaChapter 12 NCERT Solutions
Surface Areas and VolumesChapter 13 NCERT Solutions
StatisticsChapter 14 NCERT Solutions
ProbabilityChapter 15 NCERT Solutions
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NCERT Class 9 Maths Textbook PDF (Hindi)

The chapter-wise 9th Class Maths Book Solutions and chapter in Hindi medium are given below:

Chapter Name Ganit Book Download Link
अध्याय 1- संख्या प्रणालीDownload Here
अध्याय 2-बहुपदोंDownload Here
अध्याय 3-निर्देशांक ज्यामितिDownload Here
अध्याय 4-दो चर में रैखिक समीकरणDownload Here
अध्याय 5- यूलिसिड की ज्यामिति का परिचयDownload Here
अध्याय 6- रेखाएँ और कोणDownload Here
अध्याय 7- त्रिभुजDownload Here
अध्याय 8- चतुर्भुजDownload Here
अध्याय 9- समांतर चतुर्भुज और त्रिकोण के क्षेत्रDownload Here
अध्याय 10- मंडलियांDownload Here
अध्याय 11-निर्माणDownload Here
अध्याय 12-हेरॉन का फॉर्मूलाDownload Here
अध्याय 13- भूतल क्षेत्र और वॉल्यूमDownload Here
अध्याय 14-आंकड़ेDownload Here
अध्याय 15-संभावनाDownload Here

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How to Download NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Maths?

Below we have provided simple steps to download NCERT Class 9 Maths Book PDF from the official website of NCERT. Students can now download all the class 9 Maths books from the official website without any hassles. Furthermore, students can also download the chapter-wise PDFs from this article.

Follow the steps listed below to download Books and 9th Class Maths Book solutions:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of NCERT –
  • 2nd Step: Click on the “Publications” tab.
  • 3rd Step: You will see various options – ePub, Flipbook, PDF (I-XII). Click on “PDF(I-XII)“.
  • 4th Step: Now, select your Class (Class IX), Subject (Mathematics), and Book Title [Mathematics, Ganit (Hindi), Reyazi (Urdu)] from the respective drop-down menus.
  • 5th Step: Click on the “Go” button.
  • 6th Step: Select the chapter that you want to study – click on the “Open” button against the chapter.
  • 7th Step: To download the entire book, click on the link “Download Complete Book“.
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Benefits of NCERT Books for Class 9 Maths

Students should refer to the NCERT Class 9 Maths Books to score good marks in the board exams. There are several advantages of referring to the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths. Some of the benefits of NCERT Class 9th books are as follows:

  1. The books and NCERT solutions for class 9 maths provide comprehensive knowledge in an easy-to-understand language.
  2. Students can study from the NCERT books for their exam preparation since the board exam question papers are prepared based on the NCERT syllabus.
  3. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 maths have several in-text questions, which helps students to practice all the problems and answer all the questions effectively.
  4. The textbooks and 9th Class Maths Book solutions are prepared by subject-matter experts who have a sound understanding of the particular subject.
  5. All the basic concepts are included in the NCERT Class 9 books, which help them build a foundation for higher grades.
  6. NCERT Class 9 books are very helpful while studying for government and competitive exams.

FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 9 Maths

Students can find the frequently asked questions for NCERT Books for Class 9 Maths below.

Q.1: How to score high marks in Maths examinations?
Ans: In order to score higher marks in the Maths examination, the students need to prepare effectively, practice as much as possible, and solve sample question papers and mock test series. Following this, the students will surely be able to secure good marks in their Maths examination.

Q.2: How can I learn Maths in Class 9?
Ans: Students of class 9 can make use of Embibe to learn Maths. Embibe provides you with unlimited Class 9 Maths Practice Questions and Class 9 Maths Mock Tests for free. With these, you can easily ace the Maths exam with a high score.

Q.3: Where to download the PDF file of the Class 9 Maths NCERT Book?
You can download the Class 9 Maths NCERT Book from this article, free of cost. This book helps to lay a stronger foundation of the concepts. NCERT Book for class 9 Maths helps students by providing detailed knowledge to them about the most important topics and concepts under the Class 9th Maths syllabus. The article contains the most well-researched and reliable information compiled by expert faculty at Embibe.

Q.4: Is class 9 Maths tough to prepare?
Ans: No, it is not difficult if you prepare your syllabus with dedication and on time. Also, a daily revision is a key to preparing effectively and scoring well in the examination.

Q.5: What are the benefits of studying from the NCERT books for Class 9?
Students can study from the NCERT books for Class 9 to gain a conceptual understanding of all the topics. NCERT books ensure that students have a better understanding of important concepts. It helps students to revise effectively before their exams.

Q.6. How many chapters are there in Maths Class 9?
There are 15 chapters in Maths Class 9 books.

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At Embibe, you can solve free Class 9 Practice Questions for Maths and Science. You can also attempt free Class 9 Maths Mock Tests. These will surely help you in your preparation for Class 9 exams.

Now you are provided with all the necessary information regarding NCERT Books for Class 9 Maths.

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