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  • Written By anjalya
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NCERT Solutions for Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles Exercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths

NCERT Solutions Exercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths: Class 9 is an essential phase in the life of a CBSE student as the class 9 Maths textbook introduces the students to some core concepts. These concepts lay a foundation for learning complex mathematical concepts for higher classes. The text covers some topics such as Polynomials, Lines and Angles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Perimeters, Triangles, Areas, and more. 

Parallelograms and Triangles is one of the most critical chapters in the CBSE class 9 textbook. Hence, solving the exercises from that chapter, including exercise 9.1 class 9 maths, is essential as this chapter teaches the students everything about parallelograms. Embibe, through the course of this article, gives the students the class 9 Maths 9.1exercises in the downloadable format for future reference. Read on. 

Exercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths: Overview

NCERT solutions for class 9 maths exercise 9.1 chapter 9 involves parallelogram concepts. The chapter also covers all the properties and calculations associated with this shape. Learning the concepts from this chapter is essential as this covers the basics of coordinate geometry, and there’ll be more advanced topics related to this concept in later classes. Before moving to the details, let us understand what these ex9.1 class 9 solutions entail:

ClassCBSE Class 9
Name of the BookNCERT Class 9 Maths
SolutionsExercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths NCERT Solutions
Available onEmbibe
Price Free

Parallelograms and Triangles: Chapter Details

Parallelogram and Triangles, chapter 9 of the class 9 CBSE Maths, is one of the chapters where the concepts the student learns lay the foundation for the more complex concepts that the students might learn later. Getting a grasp of the properties of parallelograms and triangles enables students to understand the difference between the shapes and calculate the area, volume, etc., of such shapes. In short, CBSE Class 9 NCERT Solutions for chapter 9 is the best reference material that gives the students an idea of shapes and prepares them to approach the advanced version of these concepts in future classes.

The essential topics covered in NCERT solutions chapter 9 include; an introduction of areas of parallelograms and triangles, parallelograms as well as triangles on the same base and between the same parallels, figures on the same base and between the same base same parallels, etc. Solving the exercises, including CBSE class 9, 9.1 exercises and the solutions. 

Class 9 Exercise 9.1 : Download Pdf

Students who wish to understand the Maths basics thoroughly must be well-versed with the class 9 chapter 9, Parallelograms and Triangles. For this, they can download the free pdf available here to prepare effectively for their future board exams and class 9 final exams. The solutions given on this page are curated by the highly experienced academic experts who 

were excelled in their respective fields of teaching. The pdf given here is the solutions for NCERT textbook exercise 9.1 class 9 maths chapter 9.

Solving the in-text exercises using these solutions help students understand the basics and thus perform well in the exams. Attempting the exercises also improves their logical and problem-solving skills. Besides, having a solid foundation of basics will help them try the questions from later classes with confidence.  

To help the students, we’ve given some pdf of class 9 NCERT Maths solutions that can be downloaded for free. 


Advantages of Solving NCERT Exercises And Solutions

Solving NCERT in-text exercises by referring to these solutions provided by the subject matter experts helps the students in more than one way. It is true that the NCERT solutions for class 9 maths 9.1 are available in this article. However, students should also solve all the exercises in the NCERT textbook. Here are some advantages of solving NCERT Maths exercises for those wondering why it is essential.

  1. Adhering to CBSE NCERT curriculum: The math concepts that the students learn in classes 10 and 12 are advanced concepts on the subjects the students learn in the previous classes. Besides, most of the exam questions are based only on NCERT textbooks. When students solve NCERT solutions such as Maths 9.1 chapter 9 exercises regularly, it will be easy for them to tackle these questions quickly, thus scoring excellent marks in the exam.
  2. In-depth knowledge of Concepts: For CBSE students preparing for the board exams, there are no credible sources than NCERT books. This is because the NCERT books explain even the most complex concepts in a most comprehensive manner. This helps the students gain in-depth knowledge regarding each concept. By solving the NCERT questions, students get a thorough understanding of the Maths concepts. In-text solutions will provide the students with the necessary clarity regarding each question, which is highly important for a subject like Maths. Hence, students must do rigorous practice to improve their expertise in Maths.
  3. Prepares For Competitive Exams: Students aiming to appear for the competitive exams can benefit from solving the in-text exercises from NCERT books. This is the best way of preparation for such students. The exercises and their solutions from NCERT books lay a strong foundation for topics in Maths. This way, they can also excel in competitive exams too.
  4. Easy Comprehension: The exercise 9.1 class 9 Maths solutions explains the solutions in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Hence, the students can easily comprehend the chapter as a whole if they practice the in-text questions. All these solutions are given in a step by step manner, and this will help them thoroughly understand a specific problem.
  5. Topic-wise clarity: Solving NCERT in-text questions helps a student achieve great scores in their final exams. No other books are required if they practice the exercises and solutions from the NCERT textbook. Even if students don’t get the time to practice the extra questions, solving NCERT questions can assist them in scoring good marks for the exam. All these exercises cover all the topics and give topic-wise clarity for the students.
  6. Authentic knowledge: Most students tend to search for other sources for learning thinking that will help them strengthen their basics than the NCERT textbooks do. While students can rely on online sources for practicing questions, NCERT textbook questions offer the best and most accurate information for the preparation. Hence, students must refer to the NCERT textbook questions and solutions first before moving to any other online resources without a doubt. 

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Chapter 9

Once students start solving exercise 9.1 class 9 Maths, they might have several doubts regarding the questions or solutions, especially with subjects like Maths. Hence, we have provided the answers to some commonly asked questions below: 

Q.1: Where can I get solved answers for NCERT Class 9 Maths Chapter 9 Exercise 9.1?

Ans: You can get the solutions for NCERT Class 9 Chapter 9 exercises 9.1 from this article or from the NCERT official website. This article has all the solutions for in-text exercise 9.1 curated by the expert faculty at Embibe. All these solutions are in downloadable format. 

Q.2: How can I score 90% marks in Maths Class 9 Exams?

Ans: You can achieve great scores by solving the NCERT Solutions for Exercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths curated by the expert faculties at Embibe. These solutions will give you complete solutions for all the exercises included in exercise 9.1 of chapter 9 of CBSE class 9. It can also be used as a reference guide during your revision. 

Q.3: From where can I download NCERT Solutions for Class 9 exercise 9.1 Maths Chapter 9?

Ans: Students can download the complete NCERT Solutions for Maths Chapter 9 by clicking on the links provided in this article. 

Q.4: How will this NCERT Exercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths solutions help me achieve my goals?

Ans: All the solutions given by Embibe are solutions for the in-text questions from the NCERT textbook. These solutions are explained step-by-step to help students understand the topics, formulas, and application-level in a simple manner. By practicing these exercises, students can be thorough with the topic, and this will help them approach Maths problems confidently.

Q.5: Is solving only the NCERT exercises for Maths enough to score well in exams? 

Ans: Yes. If a student thoroughly practices the NCERT solutions, just these materials are enough to achieve the desired results. 

We’ve given an overview of Parallelograms and Triangles solutions in this article. We hope this article on NCERT Exercise 9.1 Class 9 Maths Solutions helped you. If you have any doubts/queries, drop a comment down, and we will get back to you at the earliest. 

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