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  • Written by Rahul Khatake
  • Last Modified on 18-01-2023
  • Written by Rahul Khatake
  • Last Modified on 18-01-2023

Telangana Board Class 7 Exam 2023

About Exam

Even though class 7 is considered easy, Telangana Board Class 7 contributes toward helping students build a strong foundation that will benefit them for their upcoming board exams. The Board of Secondary Education actively participates in designing books and syllabi for the Telangana Class 7, to which all schools (both private and public) must adhere to.

Students can find the class 7 syllabus on the official website of the Telangana Board. Continue reading the article to get a complete guide on Telangana State Board Class 7, such as the subject-wise syllabus, preparation tips and more.

Telangana Board Class 7 Exam Summary 2023

Students who are studying in TS SCERT class 7 must prepare well for their annual exams. They must score at least 35% to get admission to class 8. Before getting into the details of exam syllabus and preparation tips, students must go through the below table to get an overview of the TS Class 7 exam:

Particulars Details
Name of the Exam Telangana Board Class 7
Frequency of the Exam Once a year
Conducting Body Telangana State Board of Secondary Education
Level of the Exam School-level

Telangana Board Official Website

To know latest updates related to Telangana State Board, students can refer to the link mentioned below:

Telangana Board Class 7 Syllabus 2023


Students appearing for the exam must be well aware of the syllabus to prepare an effective study plan. Check the section below to know the subject-wise syllabus for Telangana State Board class 7:

TS Board Class 7 Maths Syllabus

Maths is a subject that is closely interrelated with different other subjects. It is important for students to understand the concepts clearly as it will contribute to preparing for higher grades. Students can refer to the Telangana Board Class 7 Maths syllabus listed below: 

  • Integers
  • Fractions, Decimals and Rational Numbers
  • Simple Equations
  • Lines and Angles
  • Triangle and Its Properties
  • Ratio – Applications
  • Data Handling
  • Congruencey of Triangles
  • Construction of Triangles
  • Algebraic Expressions
  • Exponents
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes
  • Symmetry

TS Board Class 7 Science Syllabus

Students can find the Telangana Class 7 Syllabus for Science listed below: 

  • Food Components
  • Acids and Bases
  • Animal Fibre
  • Motion and Time
  • Heat-Measurement
  • Weather and Climate
  • Electricity
  • Air, Winds and Cyclones
  • Reflection of Light
  • Nutrition in Plants
  • Respiration in Organisms
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Seed Dispersal
  • Water
  • Soil: Our Life
  • Forest: Our Life
  • Changes Around Us

Telangana Board Class 7 Social Science Syllabus

Students can find the syllabus for Class 7 Telangana State Board listed as follows:

  • Theme – I: Diversity on the Earth
  • Reading Maps of Different kinds
  • Rain and Rivers
  • Tanks and Ground Water
  • Oceans and Fishing
  • Europe
  • France -A European Country
  • Africa
  • Nigeria – An African Country
  • Theme – II: Production Exchange and Livelihoods
  • Handicrafts and Handlooms
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Production in a Factory – A Paper Mill
  • Importance of Transport System
  • Theme -III: Political Systems and Governance
  • New Kings and Kingdoms
  • The Kakatiyas – Emergence of a Regional Kingdom
  • The Kings of Vijayanagara
  • Mughal Empire
  • Establishment of the British Empire in India
  • Making of Laws in the State Assembly
  • Implementation of Laws in the District
  • Theme – IV: Social Organisation and Inequities
  • Caste Discrimination and the Struggle for Equalities
  • Livelihood and Struggles of Urban Workers
  • Theme – V: Religion and Society
  • Folk – Religion
  • Devotional Paths to the Divine
  • Theme -VI: Culture and Communication
  • Rulers and Buildings

Telangana Board Class 7 English Syllabus

The English syllabus suggested by Telangana Board is listed as follows: 

Unit Content
Chapter 1 The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Town Child & The Country Child
The New Blue Dress
Chapter 2 Reading C.V.Raman, the Pride of India
Reading (Poem) It’s Change
Reading Susruta, an Ancient Plastic Surgeon
Chapter 3 Reading Puru, the Brave
Reading (Poem) Home They Brought Her Warrior Dead
Reading The Magic of Silk
Chapter 4 Reading Tenali Paints a Horse
Reading (Poem) Dear Mum
Reading The Emperor’s New Clothes
Chapter 5 Reading A Trip to Andaman
Reading (Poem) My Trip to the Moon
Reading Sindbad, the Sailor
Chapter 6 Reading A Hero
Reading (Poem) My Nasty Adventure
Reading Learn How to Climb Trees
Chapter 7 Reading The Wonderful World of Chess
Reading (Poem) Chess
Reading Koneru Humpy
Chapter 8 Reading Snakes in India
Reading (Poem) Trees
Reading A Letter from Mother Earth

Study Plan to Maximise Score in TS Board Class 7 Exam

Exam Pattern

A study plan can help students complete their syllabus on time with effective preparations that will help score high marks.

Telangana Board Class 7 Preparation Tips

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned subject-wise tips and add them to their TS CLass 7 study plan to improve preparations:

  • English: Students should concentrate on grammar and writing while preparing for Telangana State Board Class 7 as these are the sections. Practice the writing sections of previous papers, along with grammar questions such as editing and omitting paragraphs. The latter requires intensive practice and demands that the students be thorough.
  • Maths: Students should initially focus on concept building. Mathematics is an important subject to study and excel at. For this, students should pay more attention to their learning process. They must practise mathematical problems along with all the study material necessary for the learning process. 
  • Science: Science is one of the most important subjects, particularly if you want to pursue a career in Science. All students should have a clear understanding of the topics.
  • Social Science: Understanding the subject will not only help you remember the topics more clearly but will also increase your retention capacity.

Telangana Board Class 7 Study Plan

Exam Syllabus

Candidates can use the following points to create a well-structured customised study plan: 

  • Develop an Effective Timetable: Following a proper timetable can help cover the entire syllabus easily. Apart from preparing a timetable, students must make sure they follow it religiously. Once students complete the syllabus, they can create a separate timetable for revision.
  • Study As Per the Difficulty Level: Studying the topics as per their difficulty level will help students manage their time efficiently. Complete the easy chapters, and then jump on to the ones that are a bit challenging. By following this, students can better understand all the concepts.
  • Take Notes: Preparing handwritten notes before the examination can help students remember definitions, diagrams, concepts, and formulas for a long time. Taking notes also strengthens memory and comes in handy during last-minute revision. Preparing notes also saves time and effort compared to going back to the study material and reading the concepts repeatedly. 
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Students should attempt Embibe’s mock tests to get a fair idea of their preparation and to improve their time management skills. At Embibe students will get Advanced Feedback Analysis after each test. This will help them to know the weaker topics and practice well to improve their scores. They will also have a thorough understanding of the concepts and will gain confidence for the exams.

FAQs on Telangana Board Class 7 Exam 2023

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Q.1: Where can I access Telangana State Board Class 7 mock tests for free?
Ans: Students can access the Telangana State Board Class 7 mock tests for free at Embibe

Q.2: Where can I access important books to study for the Telangana State Board Class 7 exams?
Ans: Students can find the best book for the Telangana State Board Class 7 exams at Embibe.

Q.3: Where can I download the syllabus for Telangana State Board Class 7?
Ans: Students can download the syllabus from the official website, i.e.

Q.4: Which competitive exams are Telangana Board Class 7 students eligible for?
Ans: Telangana Board class 7 students are eligible to appear for various competitive exams. They include various Olympiads like NSTSE, NIMO, GeoGenius, NBTO, etc.

Q.5: What are some of the best preparation tips for Telangana Board class 7?
Ans: Some of the best preparation tips for students include covering the entire syllabus and practising the question papers for a thorough understanding of the concepts. 

List of Educational Institutions in Telangana

Previous Year Analysis

The following table provides the list of significant government schools in Telangana.

List of Schools Board Location
Zilla Parishad High School, Kukatpally, Telangana Government Kukatpally, Telangana
Government High School Raj Bhavan, Somajiguda, Telangana Government Somajiguda, Telangana
Government High School, Vijaya Nagar Colony, Telangana Government Vijaya Nagar Colony, Telangana
Government High School, Zamistanpur, Telangana Government Zamistanpur, Telangana
Government High School, Toli Chowki, Telangana Government Toli Chowki, Telangana
Government High School, Brahmanwadi, Telangana Government Brahmanwadi, Telangana
Government Girls Primary School, Secunderabad, Telangana Government Secunderabad, Telangana
Government Nehru Memorial High School, Malakpet Colony, Telangana Government Malakpet Colony, Telangana
Government High School, Somajiguda, Telangana Government Somajiguda, Telangana
Nanakramguda Government School, NanakramGuda, Hyderabad, Telangana Government NanakramGuda, Telangana
Government Boys Primary School Bolakpur Government Bholakpur, Telangana
Government School, Vemulawada, Telangana Government Vemulawada, Telangana

To know more about the schools in Telangana click on the below-mentioned link:

Future Exams After Telangana Board Class 7

Below we have provided the list of competitive exams for Telangana Board Class 7 students:

  • Olympiads: The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organises several Olympiads, including NCO, IMO, NSO, and ISO. They are held once a year and are extremely competitive.
  • NSTSE: The Unified Council conducts the National Level Science Talent Search Exam for Classes 1 to 12. NSTSE is considered one of the most popular scholarship exams held across India.
  • NIMO: NIMO stands for the National Interactive Maths Olympiad. The EduHeal Foundation conducts NIMO, which aims to make Maths more fun. It intends to do this by introducing interactive activities such as Olympiads, workshops and seminars.
  • NBTO: The National Biotechnology Olympiad raises awareness about biotechnology while also incorporating an element of competition. It also inspires the younger generation to improve their knowledge about concerns related to Biotechnology and test their aptitude for prospective careers in the field.
  • GeoGenius: GeoGenius, a non-profit organisation founded by leading academicians, aims to increase children’s understanding of geography. It also teaches them about the planet and develops a deep love and respect for the environment.

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