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IIT Video Lectures| Informative Videos


The online world has exploded. It has made watching online television possible, and consuming news has never been easier. The world wide web, aka the internet, has changed the way we share knowledge – be it through live updates or videos. The tremendous amount of time it saves and the information it provides is unbelievable.

Video viewing is an educational experience you got to experience. Streaming live videos is a lot easier than you might think. Now that’s something! All around the world, prestigious institutes are releasing videos of college courses for. Back home, we have top IIT Professors who shoot videos you can access at your convenience.

Latest Updates:
— JEE Main Session 2 application form was reopened till March 16, 2023 (Up to 10:50 p.m.). 
— JEE Main admit card for Session 2 will be released soon.
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Best IIT video lectures for engineering aspirants

Sharing a doubt or clearing your query has never been easier, as watching these videos will give you a great deal of understanding of your subject. One of the best things about it is these courses are easy to find.

Here we provide you 5 online videos of IIT lectures which you can turn to when the need arises.

Series on Basic Thermodynamics by Prof.S.K. Som, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur
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