Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10

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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 23-06-2022
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 23-06-2022

Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam

About Exam

The exams conducted in the state-run schools of Arunachal Pradesh are organised by the Directorate of Education. In Arunachal Pradesh, the Arunachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education is called ‘DSEAP‘ and ‘APDHTE‘. The DSEAP is in charge of deciding on the syllabus, issuing timetables and hall tickets, correcting papers, and eventually, announcing exam results, and issuing certificates. The DSEAP stands for Director of School Education, Arunachal Pradesh and APDHTE denotes the Directorate of Higher and Technical Education, Arunachal Pradesh State. 

The 10th & 12th Exams in Arunachal Pradesh are conducted throughout the state in all schools. The board authorities release all the information pertaining to the exam to be conducted prior to the exams. Students can get all exam materials from the official website, including the course curriculum and books required for the exam. Candidates from all the districts of Arunachal Pradesh appear for the examination. 

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Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Summary

The Education Authority of Arunachal Pradesh conduct class 10th Arunachal Pradesh Board examinations every year. The board conducts Main exams as well as supplementary exams. 

Till date, Arunachal Pradesh state has performed well in 10th board examination. The overall pass percentage was 62% and 54% in the years 2018 and 2017, respectively. Though it had surged by 6% in the year 2019, the percentage almost remained the same. 

The functions of the Education Department for secondary education of Arunachal Pradesh are listed below:

  • Handling all the policy matters regarding School Education in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Supporting the students by providing them Scholarships or Stipends and Loans for general education.
  • The appointment of teachers of all categories and the non-gazette staff under the school education.
  • Approval of the school textbooks.
  • Take care of promoting the adult literacy rate.

The 10th board examination in the state is generally conducted in the month of March or April. This year also, it had been conducted in March. The result of the board examination will be released in the month of June/July 2022. 

Arunachal Pradesh Board Official Website Link

Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

Selection Process

Every year, before the 10th board examinations, the state education board announces the dates on its website. Only those who secure a minimum of 33% marks in the Pre-Board will be allowed to appear in the CBSE and a minimum of 80% attendance is mandatory for appearing in the Class 10th board examination.

Pre-Board examination shall achieve the following objectives: 

  • Screen the students for the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) or the All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) through the conduct of the Pre-Board examination and make the students serious and regular in their studies.
  • Conduct of Pre-Board examinations in the CBSE pattern and provide necessary practice of facing examinations and enhance the confidence of the students before they actually appear in the examinations.
  • Significantly increase the pass percentage of the students in AISSE (Class X) and AISSCE (Class XII) CBSE examinations.
  • Make the teachers accountable for the completion of the subject courses well in time.
  • The result of Pre-Board examinations in different subjects provide the opportunity to improve further and teachers to take remedial classes before the CBSE Board examination.

Stages of Exam

There is only one stage for the class 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination. 10th Arunachal Pradesh Board offline exam will be conducted for each subject. Once the exams are over, results will be announced shortly and if anyone fails to pass through it will have an option of appearing for the compartmental examination.

Exam Pattern Details - Scoring Pattern (+/- Marking)

We have clearly listed the Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Pattern in the below table. It is important that students are familiar with the complete exam pattern of Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 during preparation.

Subjects Total 100 marks
80 Marks (Theory Board Examination) Passing marks - 33% out of 80 in each subject 20 Marks (Internal Assessment) Passing marks - 33% out of 20 in each subject
Periodic Test (10 Marks) Notebook Submission (5 Marks) Subject Enrichment Activity (5 Marks)
Language 1 Board exam would be of 80 marks for each subject which would cover 100% of Class X syllabus only.
Marks and Grades both will be awarded for individual subjects.
9 point grading system would be followed.
Periodic written Test restricted to three in each subject in an academic year.
Average of best two to be taken for final submission.
This includes:

Assignment Completion

Neatness and upkeep of notebook
Speaking and Listening Skills
Language 2 Speaking and Listening Skills
Science Practical Lab work
Mathematics Maths Lab Work
Social Science Map work and Project Work
6th Additional Subject In case a student opts for language as an additional subject, modalities defined for languages one and two shall be followed

Exam Pattern Details - Total Time

The subjects for examination in the class 10th Arunachal Pradesh Board Examination and the duration of each exam is given in the table below:

Subjects Duration of Examination
English 3 hours
Language 3 hours
Maths 3 hours
Science 3 hours
Social Science 3 hours

Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Syllabus and Blueprint

Exam Syllabus

After understanding the AP Board 10th exam pattern, the candidates should also be well aware of the syllabus. The syllabus for the exam contains the various units and topics covered in all the subjects that are required to be prepared well for the exams. 

Syllabus for English

The table below gives the detailed syllabus of English for the 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination:

First Flight Footprints without Feet
A letter to God The midnight visitor
Two stories about flying A question of trust
From the Diary of Anne Frank Footprints without feet
The hundred dresses-I The hack driver
The hundred dresses- II Bholi
Glimpses of India The making of a Scientist
Nelson Mandela- A long walk to freedom The book that saved the earth
Madam rides the bus The sermon at Benares
The proposal  
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Syllabus for Mathematics

The syllabus for 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination Mathematics is given in the table below. The unit and the chapter names are also included:

Unit Chapter Name
Number System Real Numbers
Algebra Polynomials
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Quadratic Equations
Arithmetic Progression
Coordinate Geometry Coordinate Geometry
Geometry Triangles
Trigonometry Introduction to Trigonometry
Some Application of Trigonometry
Mensuration Areas related to Circles
Surface areas and volumes
Statistics and Probability Probability

Syllabus for Science

The syllabus for Science is given in the table below. The chapter names are also listed in the table:

Chemical substance - Nature and behaviour World of living Natural Phenomena Effects of current Natural Resources
Chemical reactions
Acids, bases, and salts
Metals and nonmetals
Carbon compounds
Periodic classification of elements
Life processes’
Heredity and Evolution
Control and coordination of animals and plants
Reflection of light by curved surfaces Magnetic effects of electric current Sources of energy
Our environment
Management of natural resources

Syllabus for Social Science

The syllabus for Social Science for the 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination is given in the table below. The chapter names are also listed:

India and the Contemporary World Contemporary India Democratic Politics Understanding Economic Development
Events and processes
Livelihood, economies, and societies
Everyday life, culture, and politics
Resource and development
Water resources
Forest and wildlife
Manufacturing industries
Lines of the national economy
Democracy and diversity
Gender, religion, and caste
Outcomes and challenges of democracy
Political parties
Popular struggles and movement
Sectors of the Indian economy
Globalisation and the Indian economy
Consumer rights
Money and Credit

Exam Blueprint

For the 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination, a blueprint is available that shows the marks weightage of each chapter. Weightage means the marks allocated for each chapter.

The following tables show the blueprints for various subjects:

Mathematics Blueprint

Mathematics is divided into two sections into two terms. The blueprint for term I is given in the table below:

Unit Number Term I - Unit Name Marks
1. Number System 6
2. Algebra 10
3. Coordinate Geometry 6
4. Geometry 6
5. Trigonometry 5
6. Mensuration 4
7. Statistics and Probability 3
  Total 40
  Internal Assessment 10
  Total 50

The blueprint for term II is given in the table below:

Unit Number Term II - Unit Name Marks
1. Algebra (Cont.) 10
2. Geometry (Cont.) 9
3. Trigonometry (Cont.) 7
4. Mensuration (Cont.) 6
5. Statistics and Probability (Cont.) 8
  Total 40
  Internal Assessment 10
  Total 50

Science Blueprint

The blueprint for the science subject is given in the table below. The unit number, chapter name, and the marks allocated to each chapter is also displayed in the table below:

Unit No. Term I - Unit Name Marks
I Chemical Substances - Nature and Behaviour: Chapters 1, 2, and 3 16
II World of Living: Chapter 6 10
III Natural Phenomena: Chapters 10 and 11 14


Unit No. Term II - Unit Name Marks
I Chemical Substances - Nature and Behaviour: Chapters 4 and 5 10
II World of Living: Chapters 8 and 9 13
III Effects of Current: Chapters 12 and 13 12
IV Natural Resources: Chapter 15 05
  Total 80
  Internal assessment 20
  Grand Total 100

Social Science Blueprint

The table below shows the blueprint of Social Science examination in the 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination. The unit number, unit name, and the marks allotted to each unit are given in the table:

Unit No. Term I - Unit Name Marks Periods
I India and the Contemporary World - I 10 12
II Contemporary India - I 10 16
III Democratic Politics - I 10 14
IV Economics 10 20
  Total 40 62

The table below shows the blueprint of the Social Science examination in the 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination for term II. The unit number, unit name, and the marks allotted to each unit are also given in the table:

Unit No. Term II - Unit Name Marks Periods
I India and the Contemporary World - I 10 34
II Contemporary India - I 10 19
III Democratic Politics - I 10 14
IV Economics 10 22
  Total 40 89

English Blueprint

The table below shows the blueprint of English examination in the 10th Arunachal Pradesh board examination. The sections and the marks allotted to each unit are also given in the table below:

Sections Weightage in Marks
Reading 10
Writing and Grammar 10
Literature 20
Total 40
Internal Assessments 10
Grand Total 50

Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Study Plan

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Preparation Tips

Achieving good marks in any examination demands a detailed strategy and a study plan. The detailed information regarding preparation tips of Arunachal Pradesh Class 10th board exam 2022 is given below:

  1. The first point in this plan is to analyse and be aware of the strongest and weakest subject areas and prepare accordingly.
  2. Always maintain a positive attitude and commence your study plan as early as possible.
  3. For the chapters that require calculations, try to write and practice as much problems as possible. For instance, different mathematics chapters can have problems based on calculations. Therefore, it is better to practice and solve them by yourself on paper.
  4. Keep a well-disciplined timetable so that you can study every day in an orderly manner.
  5. Ask for help from teachers or elders for any doubt, or use the Embibe platform to solve any queries regarding subjects or topics.
  6. Approach all the subjects with interest so that it doesn’t get exhaustive for you.
  7. Try to study daily to finish all the topics before the examination, and avoid learning new concepts right before the exam to keep confusion at bay. 
  8. Firstly, divide every chapter accordingly. Secondly, start preparing for each topic carefully so that it helps you secure good marks in the examination.
  9. Students must make their own study schedule for the exams. A self-made timetable for all the subjects will help them prepare well and pay attention to all the subjects equally.
  10. While preparing for the exams, students must first thoroughly study from the textbooks. After a complete understanding of the textbooks, students must move to the reference books and other study material. 
  11. Students must write down the important points while studying each topic. This will help students remember all the important areas of the topic.
  12. Students must clear their doubts with the respective subject teachers in school. Last-minute doubt clearing will increase the confusion of the students regarding the topic.
  13. Along with studying the topics, the students need to solve sample question papers and take mock tests. This will help the students to understand their weak areas in each topic and pay special attention to it. Mock tests will make the students aware of the marking pattern of each subject and help him/her to perform well.
  14. Candidates should also remember to engage in activities that keep them stress-free and bond with family and friends regularly.
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Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Day Strategies

Given below are some exam strategies that students can follow on the exam day. 

  1. Students must be at the exam centre at least 15 minutes prior to the exam commencement time.
  2. Candidates are not permitted to bring any forbidden materials into the test room.
  3. To enter the exam venue, all students must present a valid photo ID. An Aadhar Card and a School ID card are acceptable forms of identification.
  4. Students must bring AP Board 10th Admit Card to the exam venue; otherwise, they will not be permitted to sit for the exams.
  5. Students with a back paper may sit for supplementary exams, which will be held by the Directorate of Education, Arunachal Pradesh Board 10th. Students must fill out a supplemental exam form and pay the required costs in order to do so. Supplementary exams are held after the results of the main exams and follow the same syllabus as the main exams.
  6. One month before the main examination, the schools will conduct practical exams in Science and Computer Technology for their students.

Important Dates

About Exam

Application Form Filling - Start & End Date

Every year the education board of state releases Arunachal Pradesh Board 10th Application form on their official website and the students can download it from there. The Registration Form/Application form contains important information like the name of the student, date of birth, name of parents, login name, address of the student, etc.

The Arunachal Board 10th Application Form is the first and most important step to register for the exams. Regular students can fill up the Application Form with the help of their school authorities, while Private students can fill up the form by logging in to the official website with the help of their user ID and password.

The Arunachal Pradesh Board gives students an opportunity to make corrections in the Arunachal Pradesh Board 10th Registration Form in case of error. Students must make the corrections in the Arunachal Pradesh Board Registration form before the final submission.

Along with the Arunachal Board 10th Registration form, students have to submit a registration fee. Candidates must upload a few things along with the Registration Form. These include scanned documents, photographs, and signatures of students.

Students who are appearing for the Arunachal Pradesh Board 10th Exam can download Arunachal Board 10th Application Form by logging in to the official website. Regular students can fill up the Registration Form with the help of their school authorities while Private students can fill up the form by visiting the website of Directorate of Education, Arunachal Pradesh.

Steps to Download Arunachal Pradesh Board 10th Registration Form

  • Go to the official website of the Directorate of Education, Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Visit the home page and click on the 'Notifications' link.
  • Click the Registration Form/Application Form option.
  • The Registration Form will appear on the screen.
  • Fill in the details of the Arunachal Board 10th Registration Form.
  • Enclose scanned copies of the documents mentioned in the Arunachal Board 10th Registration Form.
  • Pay the Registration Fee online through the mentioned model.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Your submission process for the Arunachal Pradesh 1oth Board Application/Registration form is complete.
  • Save the Registration form and take a printout of it for future reference.

Admit Card Date

  • Arunachal Pradesh 10th Admit Card 2022 may be downloaded in both online and offline mode for new, reappear, backlog, and private candidates.
  • Arunachal Pradesh's School Education Department begins distributing roll number slips along with rules and instructions 30 days before the annual final public exams.
  • Every state-recognized public and private school, as well as each school's headmaster or principal, will give the admit card to all eligible students, along with instructions and guidelines for the final exams.
  • Visit the official website of Arunachal Pradesh State Directorate of Higher and Technical Education (DHTE) at

Arunachal Pradesh 10th Board Admit Card - Details Included

After getting your admit card, you must check all the details very carefully. If there are any discrepancies then you can immediately contact school authorities for corrections. Important details that need to be checked are:

  1. Examination Name
  2. Registration Number
  3. Students Name
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Parents Name
  6. Students Photo
  7. School Name & Code
  8. Exam Centre Name with Address
  9. Exam Centre Code
  10. Subject Name their Code, if any
  11. Subject-wise Exam Date and Time
  12. Instruction to be Followed in the Exam

How to Download Arunachal Pradesh 10th Class Admit Card?

  1. To obtain your admit card, first go to
  2. After visiting the homepage, navigate to the area titled 'Recent Updates'.
  3. A link to get the DSEAP HSLC Admit Card 2022 will be provided.
  4. A new page will open after you click on the relevant link.
  5. After that, you must provide your registration number as well as your date of birth.
  6. After you've entered all of your information, click Search.
  7. On the page, there will be a button that says 'Admit Card'.
  8. Select 'Print'. Save a copy for your records and future reference.


  • The board releases AP Board admit card two weeks before the exam date every year. Admit cards will also be issued to students attending private and public schools. 
  • Students should check the official website on a frequent basis for more information on the exam date, admit card, and other vital information.
  • After receiving your admit card, it is recommended that you keep it secure until the results are announced.

Result Date

The Directorate of School Education will declare Arunachal Pradesh 10th Class Result after the exams. The Secondary School Examination is held in all government and private schools in Arunachal Pradesh that are under the authority of the state board. 

  • Class 10th results in Arunachal Pradesh will be released in June/July 2022.
  • The results will be available in an online format.
  • The results will be available on the official website for students to view.
  • The results will be determined by the students' performance in the exam.
  • Candidates may print their online results till the Board prepares the official mark sheet.
  • After the result is announced, the original mark sheet will be delivered to individual schools in 15 days.


Freaquently Asked Questions

Q.1: When will Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10th exam end?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10th exam ends in the month of April.

Q.2: Who conducts the Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10th Time Table?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh Board of Education conducts Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10th Time Table.

Q.3: When will authorities announce the result of the Arunachal Pradesh Board class 10th?
Ans: As of now, the board has not made the result declaration. As we get any information for the same will update it here also for more details you may visit the board's official website.

Q.4: From where can I download my class 10 board Supplementary exam result of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans: Compartment/Supplementary exam results can be downloaded through the official website.

Q.5: Who are the eligible applicants to apply for the revaluation process?
Ans: The candidates who are not happy with their marks and think that they have done better in the examination may apply for the revaluation process.

Q.6: What details are required to check the 10th Arunachal Pradesh Board results online?
Ans: The applicants are needed to enter their roll number or date of birth or name in order to check their 10th exam result.

Q.7: When will Arunachal Pradesh Board declare the Class 10th exam result 2022?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10th exam result mostly declare in May 2022. The dates will be updated here after it has been officially announced. 

Q.8: What details will be mentioned in the Arunachal Pradesh Board Class 10 Exam Schedule 2022?
Ans: The Class 10 Exam Routine will contain the following information:

  • Name of the Examination
  • Name of the Board
  •  Class 
  • Dates of Examination
  • Name of the subject
  • Exam Time
  • List of Important Instructions.

Q.9: Where will the Arunachal Pradesh Board officials publish the exam time table?
Ans: The Arunachal Pradesh Board officials will publish the exam routine in the official website of the Arunachal Pradesh Board.

Q.10: How can I download the results from the official website?
Ans: Students can download the Class 10 exam time table by going through the following steps:

1st Step: Visit the official website of the Arunachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Examination.
2nd Step: Search for the Class 10 time table in the home page.
3rd Step: Click on the link. The PDF of the timetable will appear on the screen.
4th Step: Download it and print it for future reference.

Arunachal Pradesh Board School List

About Exam

The table below shows the list of some schools run by the Government in the state of Arunachal Pradesh:

Name of the School Location
Govt. Primary School Langkho
Govt. Middle School Mebo
Govt. Middle School Motum
KGBV Motum
Govt. Middle School Kiyit
Indira Gandhi Govt. Middle School Pasighat
Govt. Primary School,Tajum Pasighat
Govt. Gandhi Middle School Pasighat
Govt.Town Middle School Pasighat
Govt. Middle School Upper Nyopin
Govt. Higher Secondary School Lower Nyopin
Govt. Primary School Gaga Village
Govt. Primary School Dolo Village
Govt. Middle School Panung
Govt. Middle School Chebang
Govt. Middle School Jamin
Govt. Middle School Dui
Govt. Middle School Meer
Govt. Middle School Rengchi
Govt. Primary School Koleriang Town
Govt. Middle School Nikja Village
Govt. Middle School Sarli
Govt. Higher Secondary School Sangram
Govt. Middle School Oyan

The entire list of schools in Arunachal Pradesh can be viewed as PDF in this link: Schools in Arunachal Pradesh.

Practical Knowledge/Career Goals


Learning from Real World

In today's environment, more experiential learning is required so that students can gain knowledge, hands-on skills, and values via experiences outside or outside of traditional academic contexts. In today's world, this has become one of the most critical skills that any student must possess. Experiential learning programmes that are well-planned, supervised, and evaluated encourage interdisciplinary understanding, leadership abilities, relationship management, and the development of interpersonal and intellectual skills that employers seek.

Future Skills

According to statistics, the total number of linked devices will reach 75 billion by 2025. Engineers, developers, and other IoT experts are in high demand as a result. To design and maintain IoT infrastructure at varying scales and at every level of the forthcoming technology stack, these individuals will need a variety of abilities. With the knowledge listed below, one can succeed in the next automated or technical world.

  • Mobile app development
  • API automation and testing
  • Information security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Node.js development
  • UI/UX design
  • Cloud Computing

Career Skills

Class 10th, as we all know, is a significant life milestone as well as a life-changing experience. After tenth grade, the course of study that students choose largely determines their professional path. As a result, before deciding on the following step beyond the tenth, a thorough thought process should be carried out. At this level, career skills such as communication and interpersonal mixing can be cultivated.

Career Prospects/Which stream to choose

After the tenth grade, the student should choose a path based solely on his or her aptitude. Many students make poor selections while deciding on a career path due to peer pressure or family pressure. Every kid and parent should be aware that there are numerous options in every sector. You can succeed in whatever field you pursue. So, based on your interests, make a sensible decision.

Science, commerce, and the arts are the three major streams in the 11th and 12th boards.

Science Group

Science group is one of the most popular streams chosen by students after Class 10 as it opens them up to a world of opportunities. Science stream will have a combination of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics (PCM), Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) or Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.
A few career options for science students are given below:

  • Scientists
  • Teachers/Lecturers/Professors
  • B.Tech/B.E.
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
  • B.Sc. Home Science/Forensic Science

Commerce Group

Similar to science, commerce is also widely chosen by students. If you are fascinated by statistics, numbers, finances, and economics, then commerce is the best choice for you. The subjects involved in the commerce group are Economics, Commerce, and Accountancy.
Career options for commerce students:

  • Chartered accountant
  • Cost management accounting
  • Business management
  • Advertising and sales management
  • Digital marketing
  • Human resource development
  • Teachers/Lecturers/Professors

Arts Group

Arts/Humanities are for those who are interested in academic research. If you are creative and want to dive deep into Humanity, arts is the stream for you. The subjects included in the arts group are History, Political Science, Geography, and Psychology.
Career option for art students:

  • Civil service
  • Archaeology
  • Media/Journalism
  • Fashion technology
  • Video creator and editor
  • Teachers/Lecturers/Professors

Master 10th Arunachal Pradesh Board Concepts with 3D Videos