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Best Books for BITSAT 2023: Check List of Important Books


Best Books for BITSAT 2023: Every year, around 3 lakh candidates take the BITSAT, a computer-based test for enrollment in undergraduate engineering courses offered by BITS campuses in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. Candidates are concerned about finding the best BITSAT study material because the competition level has increased. To address all of their concerns, we have compiled a list of the top BITSAT Books 2023 in this article.

The right reference books can help the candidates score higher marks. The BITSAT exam 2023 will likely be conducted in two sessions, and the dates will be announced on the official website. We will update the same on our pages as soon as this information is officially released. Read the entire article to get preparation material, tips, and important topics for BITSAT 2023 exam.

Books for BITSAT 2023

We have compiled a list of books below, considering the best for BITSAT preparations 2023. Candidates can get hold of these books to complement their preparation for the exam.

Best Books for BITSAT Physics 2023

Check out the list of best books for BITSAT Physics 2023.

  • Concepts of Physics (Part 1 and Part 2) – HC Verma
Concepts of Physics (Part 1 and Part 2) – HC Verma

Harish Chandra Verma is an Indian author working in the Physics Department at IIT Kanpur. Besides being an author, he is also an Indian nuclear experimental physicist. The content in the book by HC Verma is well presented. The detailed presentation makes it easy to understand the concepts. The book has several MCQs in it, which makes it explanatory why the book is such a preferred choice among aspirants.

  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker

Halliday, Resnick & Walker is one of the best Physics books for BITSAT preparation. The book simplifies the complicated theories of Physics interestingly with several real-world examples keeping the readers engaged.

Best BITSAT Preparation Books for Mathematics 2023

Check out the list of Best BITSAT Books for Mathematics 2023.

  • Mathematics by SL Loney
Mathematics by SL Loney

The book of mathematician SL Loney is very reputed for coordinate geometry and clearly explains the fundamentals of all the chapters with solid background concepts. It has several solved and unsolved problems perfect for practice and revision of chapters, such as coordinates, locus, equations representing two or more straight lines, circles, parabolas, and general equations.

  • Class XI & XII by RD Sharma
Mathematics Class XI & XII by RD Sharma

The RD Sharma books have many examples and exercises for candidates to practice. It has questions ranging from the toughest to the easiest. Solving such a diverse range of questions help candidates grow and gain confidence. Apart from being a good choice for preparing for BITSAT, it also has challenging questions, which means it has something for everyone.

  • Maths Book by Amit Agarwal
Maths Book by Amit Agarwal

Books by Amit Agarwal are great for both beginners and experts and cover the basics in detail, which is crucial to building strong concepts for the various competitive exams. There are detailed explanations with illustrations and graphs to provide an engaging learning experience to the candidates. Candidates scared of BITSAT Mathematics will find this book an easy read.

Best BITSAT Preparation Books for Chemistry 2023

Check out the list of best BITSAT books for Chemistry.

  • NCERT Class 11 & 12 Chemistry Books
NCERT Class 11 & 12 Chemistry Books

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) standard books used in the CBSE board is a preferred choice for Chemistry. Chemistry requires rote learning, and the NCERT textbooks contain the right amount of information in an easy-to-understand way. Read the NCERT textbooks thoroughly before going for more challenging books!

  • Inorganic Chemistry by OP Tandon

The book contains more than enough information about reactions, reaction mechanisms, and the logic of reactions. It is a favourite for candidates preparing for the BITSAT Exam. OP Tandon’s book gives more details than NCERT in a fun way which is also why candidates favour it. Study material packages are ideal as they are a consolidated form of books covering all major chapters. So, in conclusion, candidates can choose any of these books as they are not only preferred but also widely chosen.

Other BITSAT 2023 Important Books

Below is the book list that is great for preparing for BITSAT exams.

  • The Pearson Complete Guide to BITSAT

The book by Pearson consists of various concepts on various subjects. The book is designed to ensure that candidates find it easy to understand. Many experts and toppers have recommended the book as the best study material.

  • Recommended English Books

The Key to Wren & Martin’s Regular & Multicolour Edition of High School English Grammar & Composition book is designed to strengthen the individual’s basic grammar and English skills. The book trains the candidates in the aspects like sentence formation, use of nouns, pronouns, types of sentences, etc. It combines interesting literature, illustrations, and graphics, making it interesting for candidates to read and prepare for the advanced level.

BITSAT Study Material

Below is the list of best BITSAT preparation materials.

  • Arihant Physics by D. C. Pandey
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
  • Advanced level Physics by Nelson and Parker
  • Differential Calculus by Arihant
  • Integral Calculus by Arihant
  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable Algebra by I.A.Maron
  • Atkins’ Physical Chemistry
  • BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning by Disha Experts.

Important Topics for BITSAT 2023

We have included the important topics for BITSAT 2023 and their weightage in the exam. Candidates can find more information in the tables below.

Important Physics Topics for BITSAT 2023

Here are the important physics topics for BITSAT 2023.

Important TopicsWeightage of Topics in the BITSAT Exam
– Magnetic Effects of Current
– Heat and Thermodynamics
– Electrostatics
– Current Electricity
– Simple Harmonic Motion
– Wave Motion
– Fluids
– Wave Optics
– Rotational motion
– Units, Dimensions, and Errors
– Work, Power and Energy
– Gravitation
– Alternating Current
– Ray Topics
– Elasticity

Important Mathematics Topics for BITSAT 2023

Find below the important mathematics topics for BITSAT 2023.

Important TopicsWeightage of Topics in the BITSAT Exam
– Trigonometry
– Circles
– Vectors
– Continuity and Differentiability
– Straight Lines and a Pair of Straight Lines
– Differential Equations
– Matrices and Determinants
– Binomial Theorem
– Properties of Triangle
– Complex Numbers
– Sets, Relations and Functions
– Probability
– Application of Derivatives
– Complex Numbers
– Theory of Equation

Important Chemistry Topics for BITSAT 2023

The important chemistry topics for BITSAT 2023 are tabulated below.

Important TopicsWeightage of Topics in the BISAT Exam
– Organic Chemistry
– Electrochemistry
– Chemical Bonding
– p-Block elements
– Chemical Thermodynamics
– Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
– Atomic Structure
– Biomolecules
– Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives and Mole concepts
– S-block elements
– Chemical Kinetics
– Solid State
– Chemical Equilibrium
– Ionic Equilibrium

BITSAT Preparation Tips 2023

Here are some BITSAT 2023 preparation tips. To ace the exam, candidates might refer to the following points.

  • Know the BISAT syllabus.
  • Make a timetable.
  • Refer to the best BISAT books.
  • Practice BITSAT previous year papers.
  • Attempt BITSAT mock tests.
  • Revise.

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FAQs on Best Books for BITSAT 2023 Exam

Let us look at frequently answered questions on BITSAT 2023 exam in the section below.

Q. Which are some of the best books for BITSAT preparation?

Ans: Some of the best books are Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma, BITSAT Book by Arihant publishers, Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker and others. Candidates can check this article for more books.

Q. Are NCERT books sufficient for the preparation for BITSAT exams?

Ans: NCERT forms the foundation for candidates to understand the concepts of each chapter. Candidates have to study their NCERT books to appear for the test. However, it is better if candidates refer to one or two books per topic covered in the NCERT books.

Q. Is NCERT Fingertips a good book for BITSAT preparation?

Ans: NCERT Fingertips is a good book, but it is not enough for candidates to depend on this book alone for studying for BITSAT exams. Candidates are required to refer to NCERT and other reference books for each subject.

Q. How much time is ideally required for preparing for BITSAT exams?

Ans: BITSAT is not a one-day preparation exam. Daily practice is a must for a better score in the exam. Preparing for the BITSAT exam will require a minimum of 3 months of regular practice. BITSAT 2023 will tentatively be conducted in July and August 2023, so candidates should prepare accordingly.

Q. Which is easier – BITSAT or JEE?

Ans: The syllabus for both BITSAT and JEE exams is similar. Candidates must note that for BITSAT exams, they must answer more questions in less time compared to JEE Mains. While JEE Main tests the conceptual knowledge of the candidates, BITSAT tests their speed and accuracy.

Q. What subjects should candidates study to prepare for the BITSAT examination?

Ans: Candidates will be asked questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, and Logical Reasoning.

Q. What questions can I expect from English vocabulary for the exam?

Ans: Candidates can expect questions on ‘Synonyms and Antonyms’ and ‘One-Word Substitutions’ from the vocabulary section.

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We hope that our article on the best books for BITSAT 2023 was helpful for you. Besides having the right set of books, it is also important that you practice your skills, memorise the concepts, and improve your problem-solving speed. Make sure that you have a thought-out strategy in place for BITSAT 2023 that you are following to prepare yourself to perfection for the exam. We advise you to start your preparations early to finish on time.

Embibe wishes you all the very best for BITSAT 2023 exam!

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