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How To Crack BITSAT Exam 2024? 5 Tips to Ace Exam in One Go


Cracking BITSAT 2024 at first attempt: Did you know the maximum number of marks a candidate could score in BITSAT 2022 was 390 marks? Around 3 Lakh people applied for BITSAT 2022 exam, and only 216 candidates scored more than 315 marks in the exam [1]. From the above statistics, candidates must now know the dedication and hard work required to ace the exam with high marks.

To give preparation the right direction, to begin with, candidates must prepare an effective study plan and have access to the best BITSAT books and study materials that will ensure they understand concepts clearly and are exam ready. Wondering how? Dive into the article to know how to crack the BITSAT exam 2024 with the desired marks.

How to Crack BITSAT 2024 With Good Scores?

Candidates can include the below-mentioned tips and tricks in their BITSAT study plan to improve their preparations.

  • BITSAT exam pattern and syllabus: Candidates must be well aware of the BITSAT syllabus as it will help candidates prepare a well-structured study plan and distribute topics accordingly. Knowing the exam pattern will help candidates understand the marking scheme, the marks distribution, the total questions asked, total marks and more.
  • Select the BITSAT best study materials: After creating an effective study plan, candidates must have hands on the best books and BITSAT study materials that will help them understand concepts, clear doubts and queries and help improve their exam-taking skills along with their preparations.
  • Prepare BITSAT notes: While studying, candidates can prepare small notes as they study. These notes can help candidates understand the concepts better and act as a good source for revision. Candidates can also prepare a list of formulas and keep revising.
  • Previous year’s question papers for BITSAT: Candidates can go through the BITSAT previous year’s question paper can help them get an idea of the previous year’s exam trends like the marking scheme, the difficulty level of the exam, question weightage and frequently asked questions.
  • BITSAT mock tests: Mock tests are a great source of revision that helps candidates improve their preparation levels. Solving BITSAT mock tests regularly can help candidates analyse their preparation and improve their mistakes and weak areas.

Candidates can attempt mock tests provided by Embibe for. These mock tests are created as per the latest updates i.e. the latest exam pattern and syllabus. The Embibe mock tests are created with an increasing difficulty level to challenge the candidate’s preparation level. Solving these mock tests can help candidates get prior experience in the examination.

BITSAT Important Chapters 2024

Practice BITSAT chapters for using the links below:

Mole ConceptAtomic Structure
States Of MatterThermodynamics
Chemical EquilibriumIonic Equilibrium
Redox ReactionsSolid State

BITSAT Exam Pattern 2024

Understanding the BITSAT exam pattern is the first important thing for candidates as it will help them plan their studies more effectively and score higher. Let us look at the different sections of the BITSAT 2024 exam and other details below.

Mode of ExaminationComputer-based Test (CBT)
Duration3 Hours
Type of QuestionsObjective (Multiple Choice Questions)
SectionsThe exam has four sections-
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Mathematics
4. English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning
Number of Questions130 Questions
Marking Scheme3 Marks Will Be Allotted for Every Correct Answer.
1 Mark Will Be Deducted for Every Incorrect Answer.
Extra Questions12 questions
Sections Asked in Extra Questions3 Questions Each from Physics, Chemistry, Logical Reasoning, and Math/Biology (B.Pharma)

BITSAT Question Distribution

BITSAT 2024 will be a 3-hour long (without a break) test, and the question paper will contain 130 MCQ-type questions in four different parts.

SectionsSubjectsNumber of questions
Part IPhysics30
Part IIChemistry30
Part IIIEnglish Proficiency
Logical Reasoning
Part IVMathematics40

Steps to Attempt BITSAT 2024 Mock Tests

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt the BITSAT Mock Test 2024 at Embibe.

  • 1st Step: Visit the Embibe website (candidates recommend logging in to have the best experience).
  • 2nd Step: Click on the Take a Test button under the search field.
  • 3rd Step: Set Engineering as the default goal. (As the BITSAT Mock test falls under the engineering goal).
  • 4th Step: On the left side, scroll down and click on BITSAT.
  • 5th Step: By clicking on BITSAT, candidates will be redirected to the BITSAT Mock Test 2024 Online page.
  • 6th Step: If candidates wish to attempt a Full Test or Previous Year Test, scroll down and click on the Show all button for the respective test options. The respective test types will appear on the screen along with two options on the right side – More Info and Start Test.
  • 7th Step: Click on More Info to know the test features such as maximum marks, number of questions, and test duration.
  • 8th Step: Read the instructions and click on Start Test. (If candidates have logged in, the test will start. If not, a message prompting the candidate to log in will appear on the screen. Candidates can continue to attempt the test without logging in. However, for a better experience, it is recommended to log in).

BITSAT 2024 Important Chapters

Aspirants can practice BITSAT 2024 chapters to pass the test with flying colours:

ElectrochemistryChemical Kinetics
Surface ChemistryClassification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties
Chemical Bonding & Molecular StructureHydrogen
The S-block ElementsMetallurgy
The P-block ElementsThe D- And F-block Elements
Coordination CompoundsTheoretical Principles Of Experimental Chemistry
Principles Of Organic ChemistryHydrocarbons
Haloalkanes And HaloarenesAlcohols, Phenols And Ethers
Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic AcidsOrganic Compounds With Functional Groups Containing Nitrogen

FAQs on How to Crack BITSAT Exam?

Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions about how to crack the BITSAT exam 2024:

Q: What is the mode of BITSAT 2024?

Ans: BITSAT 2024 is a computer-based online test for Admissions to Integrated First Degree Programs of BITS Pilani campuses.

Q: How can I prepare well for BITSAT 2024?

Ans: Know the BITSAT syllabus and exam pattern, complete the topics according to the study plan, solve previous question papers, take Embibe BITSAT mock tests, and revise regularly.

Q: Is Embibe a good platform for BITSAT preparation?

Ans: Yes, candidates can download the Embibe learning app and refer to available study materials. Embibe BITSAT mock tests are well designed, and solving these tests will improve your test-taking skills.

Q: Can I find BITSAT’s previous year papers at Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can access the BITSAT previous year papers at Embibe.

Q: Can I appear for BITSAT twice?

Ans: Yes, you can attempt BITSAT two times in consecutive years. You must note that only two attempts are available in BITSAT.

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We hope this detailed article on How to Crack the BITSAT exam helps you. We wish you all the best for your BITSAT exam 2024.

Stay tuned to Embibe or the latest updates on BITSAT 2024!

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