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BITSAT tips and tricks


Some cool tips to knock out this exam with ease;


Time management

Time management

Time management is critical when it comes to giving your BITSAT. Set a time limit and follow it religiously. As most students find it a little difficult to solve Chemistry, see to it that you do not waste time on it by practicing all important questions thoroughly using embibe platform which is absolutely free. Check your overtime uses and wasted attempts so that you can work on it.


Give mock tests

bitsat 1

Doing multiple Practice and tests are the best way to score well in your BITSAT. Using embibe, you can give your test and than later come back to check the score and improve using our data analysis. With the easy interface, you can do well in your tests by seeing not only your progress, but also the progress of rankers and where do you stand compared to them. Using embibe ensure that you get a brilliant score.


Number of tests

number of tests

As we said there are some cool tips for you, also note that we have these packs which will definintly help you to improve your score. Once your test is done, you can come again and attempt again and see your progress. As we promised we conclude our list of cool tips for BITSAT. But we are not done yet!


Packs Live right now

We have made live some really cool packs for you to score good, so check them out pronto!


Most important Practice

BITSAT Special: Logical Reasoning Revision Digest

Do you dream of getting into BITS Pilani, one of the best institutes in the country? Most students focus just on Physics, Chemistry and Maths. But the truth is, Logical reasoning is HARD. Get an edge on the competition with this pack!

Important Chapter Revision Digest

We analyze the past year papers of every exam to find the most important chapters, concepts and formula needed to solve the papers. We use all that information to assign an “importance score” to every question on embibe. Here are the top 999 questions of highest importance. (Currently live for AIPMT and JEE Main)

Practice YOUR Mistakes

Practice all the mistakes you’ve ever made while practicing on embibe. Don’t ignore your past mistakes, they still have a lot to teach you!

Also all the best for your exams 🙂

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