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  • Written By prakhar
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How to Score 400+ Marks in BITSAT 2022?

400+ Marks in BITSAT: The Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test or BITSAT 2022 Session 1 was conducted from July 2 to 9, while Session 2 will be conducted from August 3 to 7, 2022, according to the revised exam dates. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, is the exam conducting authority. It’s a competitive exam. Therefore, students must know how to score 400+ marks in BITSAT to get admitted to their desired college. Embibe has a team of experts. Students can follow these tips and tricks to score well in the exam.

To obtain a score of more than 400, the candidates don’t have to look any further because, in this post, we will explain all the tips and tricks to score 400+ marks in BITSAT 2022. Candidates can read the entire article to get the complete details on BITSAT 2022 strategy and make it to one of the BITS campuses this year.

Latest Updates:
*July 26, 2022: BITSAT 2022 slot booking for Session 2 has started on the official website, i.e. July 30, 2022, is the last date to book the preferred BITSAT slot.
*July 23, 2022: The Session 2 BITSAT city allotment and the announcement began on the official site. Enter the credentials and log in to check the BITSAT exam centre.

Top 3 Tips To Score 400+ Marks In BITSAT 2022

The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) is one of India’s most prestigious engineering colleges. After JEE Mains and Advanced, BITSAT is the second most appeared-for exam in the country. Some candidates primarily focus on BITSAT and even drop a year to appear in it. So yes, the competition to get into the BITS by qualifying for the exam is fierce, and one needs to make substantial efforts to score 400+ marks in the exam. But it sure does not mean that it is impossible to achieve this score. 

The candidates can achieve a score of 400 or more if they prepare an excellent strategy to prepare for, as well as attempt the BITSAT 2022 exam. The tips in this article come from the experts who analyse the BITSAT last year’s papers yearly. Some of the points included on this page are also based on the analysis of the tips from last year’s toppers who achieved 400+ marks in the exam. Go through each of the points mentioned in the following sections carefully and prepare your own BITSAT strategy to score 400+ marks in the exam.

Attempt BITSAT Mock Tests Regularly

If you ask any previous year toppers who scored 400+ in BITSAT about their strategy, the first thing you will hear from them is the importance of attempting BITSAT mocks before appearing for the BITSAT exam. Yes, most of them talk about how they used to take so many mocks to prepare themselves for their BITSAT exam. 

As only a couple of months remain for the exam, it is high time for candidates to take BITSAT mock tests regularly. Some candidates who scored 400+ in the previous year’s BITSAT exams even say that they used to attempt more than just one mock test every day to get themselves used to tests similar to BITSAT. So, if you want to score 400+ marks in BITSAT, do attempt BITSAT mock tests consistently. 

Go through the Previous Year’s BITSAT Papers

Candidates targetting 400+ marks in BITSAT should thoroughly go through the previous year’s paper before appearing for the BITSAT 2022 exam. Previous year’s BITSAT question papers provide insights into how the paper makers prepare questions for the BITSAT exam. 

If you do not have an idea about the type of questions that BITS puts in its BITSAT question paper, the chances are that you will miss some questions that you could have attempted otherwise. Preparing every topic completely from the textbooks is sometimes not enough. So practising a good number of questions asked specifically in the BITSAT exam is essential for candidates aiming to score 400+ marks in the exam.

Work on Your Speed and Accuracy

Most candidates aspiring to achieve a score of 400+ in BITSAT 2022 tend to think that they only need to work on their speed and will be good to go. But if you ask the previous year’s BITSAT toppers who achieved 400+ marks in BITSAT or those who missed the mark by a low margin, they have different advice to give. They always suggest that BITSAT aspirants focus on accuracy along with speed. Yes, accuracy plays an important role in a candidate’s overall score. 

If you analyse the scores of previous year’s BITSAT who missed the mark by a few marks, you will find that it resulted from negative marking. Some candidates calculate the answers wrong by making silly mistakes while attempting the BITSAT paper in haste in an attempt to achieve the maximum number of questions. So, do focus on improving the speed with which you will attempt BITSAT 2022 exam but also ensure that you attempt the questions with high accuracy.

General Tips for Scoring 400+ Marks in BITSAT 2022

Some of the crucial tips for BITSAT are as follows,

  • While practising BITSAT mock tests, try reducing the amount of time you take to finish the paper with every other attempt. For example, if you were able to attempt the entire question paper in 2 hours 55 minutes, try finishing it within 2 hours 50 minutes this time.
  • Choose reliable BITSAT books for revision in the last couple of months before the exam. Revising the BITSAT syllabus from sources full of unnecessary information wastes the precious time you are left with for your BITSAT 2022 preparation.
  • If you are planning to attempt the bonus questions in BITSAT 2022 to achieve the target of 400+ scores, make sure that you attempt the regular 150 questions on the BITSAT question paper with high accuracy. It is important to keep this in mind, as once you opt for the bonus questions, you can’t review or make changes to the 150 questions you have attempted previously.

We hope this article covered everything you need to know on how to score 400+ marks in BITSAT 2022. If you have any doubts or queries about BITSAT 2022 exam, do reach out to us. We will be more than happy to assist you. 

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