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9th ICSE Chapter: Check Here


Preparing for the 9th ICSE exams is no small task. You need to understand every chapter, taking into account all its nuances, and then focus on the most important points that would help you score high. There are 58 chapters in total for Science and Maths. That’s a lot of chapters you must cover. How do you get started on this mammoth task? You can start it by following the ICSE Board Class 9 chapter list.

We have shared all the important 9th ICSE chapters for Science and Maths that you must focus on while preparing for these exams. Also, we have provided 3D video explanations for each chapter so that you can go through all concepts at a faster pace. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide to help you get ready for the 9th ICSE exams, this article is for you!

Subject-wise 9th ICSE Chapter List

Many students need help understanding difficult subjects like Science and Mathematics. This is where the ICSE 9th Class Subject-wise chapters come in handy to streamline your preparation. So, check out the list of all the ICSE Board Class 9 chapters and their corresponding links to the 3D video explanations in the tables below.

ICSE Board Class 9 Science Chapters

The table below contains a list of the Science chapters for the 9th ICSE exams. We suggest watching the 3D video explanations of the following chapters if you want to study for the 9th ICSE Mathematics exam effectively:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Measurement and Experimentation
2Motion in One Dimension
3Newton’s Laws of Motion
4Energy Flow and Sources of Energy
6The Language of Chemistry
7Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding

Click here for the complete list of 9th ICSE Science chapters with 3D video explanations.

ICSE Board Class 9 Mathematics Chapters

The Mathematics chapters you need to prepare for the 9th ICSE exam are listed here. We created 3D video explanations to help you better comprehend these chapters and solidify your preparation; you can watch the 3D video explanations from the links given below:

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Rational and Irrational Numbers
2Expansion and Factorization
3Simultaneous Linear Equations
6Rectilinear Figures
7Construction of Polygons

Log in at Embibe to access all the ICSE Board Class 9 chapters for Mathematics.

FAQs on 9th ICSE Chapters

Some of the most frequent questions based on the ICSE Board Class 9 chapters are as follows:

Q: What are some important chapters in 9th ICSE Mathematics?

Ans: The list of some of the important chapters that you must study in 9th ICSE Mathematics are Expansion and Factorisation, Triangles, Construction of Polygons, Area and Perimeter of Plane Figures, and Trigonometrical Ratios of Some other Angles. All of these chapters are accessible for on Embibe, along with helpful 3D video explanations.

Q: How to get chapter-wise study material for ICSE Class 9 exams?

Ans: At Embibe, you can easily find study material for the ICSE Board Class 9 chapters. To access them right away, log in to our app.

Q: Do I have to study Physics in ICSE Class 9?

Ans: Yes. In the 9th ICSE Science syllabus, you will study Physics chapters like Motion in One Dimension, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Gravitation etc.

Q: Where can I download the ICSE Board Class 9 chapter list?

Ans: In this article, we have included the Math and Science chapters for the ICSE Class 9. All chapters on Embibe have 3D video explanations that you can study.

Q: Where to get mock tests for 9th ICSE chapters?

Ans: Embibe offers you mock tests for the ICSE Board Class 9 chapters. These mock tests are very close to the actual exam level, which means that they will help you prepare for the final exams efficiently.

We hope this article on the ICSE Board Class 9 chapter list helps you prepare better. As you can see, there are a lot of chapters to cover; therefore, you must utilise the mock tests available on Embibe. 

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