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ICSE Books for Class 6


ICSE Books for Class 6: ICSE, or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education, is a well-known and well-respected Indian educational body for schools in India. The Indian School Certificate Examinations Council administers it (CISCE). Books for Math, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi, Computer Applications, and General Knowledge for the ICSE Class 6 are included in this article. You may get a complete list of books on all topics by reading the entire article.

The ICSE Class 6 syllabus covers a wide range of topics. It is a difficult task for students to complete all of their syllabi. They must ensure that they are up to date with the curriculum and do not miss anything. This article will assist students preparing for their ICSE exam by highlighting the important topics that they should study. Also, students can find all the ICSE Board Class 6 books on Embibe for. Scroll down to learn more.

ICSE Board Class 6 Books

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is one of the most renowned educational boards in the country that falls under CISCE. Students of Class 6 must be well versed with the ICSE Class 6 books for Maths and Science. In this article, we have mentioned the list of ICSE Books for Class 6 for all subjects. These books cover the entire syllabus prescribed by the ICSE board. This article provides a fair idea about the best books that help in covering the ICSE syllabus for Class 6 in an easy manner. This is highly important for students to learn the basic concepts of subjects that are mentioned in the preparation journey. Students can pick up a book of their choice and start preparing for Class 6 exams.

ICSE Class 6 Maths Book

Maths is an important subject in ICSE Class 6 as it sets up the base for further concepts. Students need to study from the recommended books by the board in order to score good marks. For a further exam preparation, students can also check out the books on Embibe. Given below is the list of books for ICSE Class 6 Mathematics:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
ICSE Mathematics Book 6B Nirmala Shastri
Mental MathsManisha Paul
Essential ICSE MathematicsAsit Das Gupta, Alok Kumar
Concise MathematicsR.K. Bansal

ICSE Science Books for Class 6

The ICSE Class 6 Science books help students to have a proper understanding of the chapters. Students can access these books on Embibe and have detailed exam preparation. Given below is a list of books for ICSE Class 6 Science. Students can access these books by clicking on the links below:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Frank New Certificate- PhysicsSanjoy Kumar Basak
Frank New Certificate- ChemistryEla Choudhary
New Simplified Middle School ChemistryDr. Viraf J Dalal
Innovative PhysicsR.C. Sethi
ICSE BiologyVir Bala Rastogi

ICSE Board Class 6 Practice Papers

Solving practice papers is necessary not only for passing the exam but also for comprehending the material. These practice papers can be solved once the student has gone through the chapters carefully. To help with that, we have provided the ICSE Class 6 practice paper links below for Maths and Science:

ICSE Board Class 6ICSE Board Class 6
Practice Science Question PapersPractice Mathematics Question Papers

ICSE English Books for Class 6

To score well in the ICSE Class 6 English exams, students are required to study all the chapters carefully. For a simple explanation, students can refer to more than one book and have easy-to-understand solutions. Below we have provided the list of books for ICSE Class 6 English that students can access easily and have a good study session.

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
Longman Classics: The Secret GardenLongman/Frances Hodgson Burnett
Oxford Learner’s Grammar and Composition for Class 6Oxford University Press/Sanghita Sen
Longman Basic Comprehension PassagesPearson/Donn Byrne
Super Comprehension with Composition for Class 6Ratna Sagar
Starting with Comprehension and Composition for Class 6Pearson/D.A Tressler and Ratna Dhar

ICSE Hindi Books for Class 6

In a subject like Hindi, students need to go through the chapters in depth so that they can understand the concepts better. For their reference, below we have provided the list of ICSE Class 6 Hindi books that can be accessed by students for a good exam preparation.

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
हिन्दी व्याकरण 6Viva Education/ललिता पांडे
नवरंग सरल हिन्दी पाठमाला 6Orient BlackSwan/डॉ शारदा भसीन
अनुराग हिन्दी पाठमाला 6Orient BlackSwan/नागेश्वर लाल

ICSE Computer Studies Books for Class 6

For the reference of students, below we have provided a list of recommended Computer Studies books. These books can be accessed along with textbooks for a better understanding of the concepts.

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
ICSE Computer Zone Based on Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 Class 6Ratna Sagar/Vincent Pinto
Candid New Trends in Computer Skills ICSE Class 6Evergreen Publishers/T.D. Malhotra
Kips ICSE Pointerz Computer Activity Book Class 6Kips Publishing World

ICSE Art Education Books for Class 6

Given below is a list of Art Education books students can refer to:

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
APC ICSE Understanding Arts Education Class VIArya Publishing Company/Reeta Roy & Gautam Roy
ICSE Art Education Series Creative Quest for Class 6Nageen Prakashan/Papiha Saha
Busy Bees Art and Craft Class 6Ace Vision

ICSE Class 6 Syllabus

ICSE syllabus for Class 6 students is carved out in the below table. In this article, we have provided the subject-wise ICSE Class 6 syllabus in the table. Here we have provided a wide range of topics that include the fundamentals of concepts that must be discussed further. The below table syllabus guides students of Class 6 during the academic session and also imparts knowledge of the subject to students. Students can find a list of some of the important chapters and topics covered under each subject.

MathematicsNatural Numbers and Whole Numbers; Negative Numbers and Integers; Ratio and Proportion; Algebra; Mensuration
PhysicsMatter; Physical Quantities and Measurement; Force; Energy; Light
ChemistryIntroduction to Chemistry Elements; Compounds and Mixtures; Matter
BiologyPlant Life; The Cell; Human Body; Health and Hygiene
History & CivicsHistory The River Valley Civilization; The Vedic Civilization Mahavira and Buddha – Great Preachers; The Mauryan Empire; The Golden Age – Gupta Empire Civics; The Rural Local Self Government; The Urban Local Self Government
GeographyRepresentation of Geographical Features; Landforms; Minerals; Study of Continents: North America and South America
EnglishListening and Speaking: Listening to stories, narratives, poems, lectures, etc.; Dictation. Adapting speech in different contexts like facial gestures, tone, body language, etc.; Debates, group discussions, and drama. Reading: Myths/legends/folktales; The World Sports, Yoga Peace and Harmony, Science and Technology, Travel and Tourism, etc. Writing: Short composition based on pictures, Simple stories, Approach to writing formats, etc. Grammar and Vocabulary: Subject-verb agreement, Tenses, Pronouns Figure of speech, Age-appropriate affixes, Vocabulary. Literature: Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan, Detective Stories by Agatha Christie, I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ignited minds by APJ Kalam
Computer StudiesComputer Languages; Conversion of Binary to Octal and Hexadecimal and Vice-Versa; Compilers and Interpreters, their necessity and usage; Introduction to QBASIC; WORD Processing Software; HTML: Revision of Hyperlinks, Tables, Fields, Button, Flowcharts – symbols; Logic development through flow-chart; Variables and Constants in QBASIC

ICSE Board Class 6 Online Mock Test Series

You should try Embibe’s mock test series to assess your preparation for the ICSE Board Class 6 exam. These mock exams are not only similar to the real exam, but they also provide detailed feedback on your performance, tracking correct and incorrect responses as well as the time it takes to answer each question. Take the ICSE Board Class 6 mock tests using the links provided below:

SubjectsMock Tests
MathematicsICSE Class 6 Maths Tests
ScienceICSE Class 6 Science Tests

FAQs on ICSE Books for Class 6

Some of the frequently asked questions on the ICSE Books for Class 6 are as follows:

Q: How many subjects are there for ICSE Class 6 books?

Ans: Common subjects for ICSE Class 6 books are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, geography, Hindi, English, Social Studies, GK and Computer Applications. Students can learn about the majority of these subjects on Embibe.

Q: Where I can find the list of reference ICSE Books for Class 6?

Ans: Embibe provides the list of reference books on this page for all subjects. Embibe also provides these books on their app or website for.

Q: Is Class 6 a board exam?

Ans: No, only Classes 10th and 12th are board exams and other class exams will be conducted by the school under CISCE guidelines.

Q: Is it compulsory to pass all subjects in ICSE?

Ans: The only compulsory subject to pass in ICSE Board is English. And it is necessary to pass any four other subjects to pass examinations. However, students can start learning with Embibe pass in all the subjects in with good score.

Q: How is the ICSE percentage calculated?

Ans: To calculate the pass percentage, CISCE uses the formula – 0.7 A + 0.3 B. The formal will provide you with the subject marks. For Hindi, Geography, Biology and Mathematics subjects, the scores are out of 80 so the weightage would be 0.8.

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