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8th ICSE Sample Papers: Solve Practice Questions


All geared up to attempt the 8th ICSE exam? Do you feel even after successfully covering the entire ICSE Class 8 syllabus, you still aren’t exam ready? Is lack of exam-taking skills one of the reasons why you feel so? Are you worried you might fail to complete the entire paper on time? If you have thoughts about improving your exam-taking skills, this article is for you. But first, we apologise for starting like this — with so many questions; however, the fact is that students have all these questions and might end up being confused or procrastinating in their study routine.

But like there is a solution to every problem, aspirants can also boost their ICSE Board Class 8 exam preparation using sample papers. The sample papers are not only to give them an idea of what the question paper looks like, but also they are considered the best to improve exam-taking skills, time-management, and problem-solving skills. But how? You must wonder. Well, dive into the article to access the ICSE Class 8 sample papers.

Why Solve 8th ICSE Sample Papers Regularly?

By now, you are quite aware of the fact that ICSE Class 8 sample papers can help you improve your exam-taking skills. But along with that, you can also drastically improve your ICSE Class 8 exam preparations. Refer to the below pointers to know how:

  • Difficulty Level: Solving sample papers regularly will help you get familiar with the difficulty level of the exam. Henceforth helping you prepare to answer all sorts of questions.
  • Exam Trends: Sample papers are widely created based on previous years’ exam parameters. Hence solving them regularly will help you understand exam trends, such as:
    • Marking scheme
    • Question weightage
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Important topics

ICSE Class 8 Mock Tests

Students can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt mock tests at Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of Embibe, i.e. embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Sign up using the e-mail ID/mobile number. 
  • 3rd Step: Select your goal as ICSE under the “Excelling in School” section. 
  • 4th Step: Select “10th ICSE” under the “My Exam” section.
  • 5th Step: Choose your preferred language, i.e. English or Hindi. 
  • 6th Step: Attempt ICSE Class 8 mock test for. 

ICSE Class 8 Mock Tests Links

Refer to the below table to access ICSE Class 8 mock test links:

SubjectsMock Tests
MathematicsICSE Class 8 Maths Tests
ScienceICSE Class 8 Science Tests

(Hop on the Embibe app to access more mock tests).

FAQs on 8th ICSE Sample Papers

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on 8th ICSE sample papers:

Q: Where can I acquire the 8th ICSE sample papers?

Ans: Students can acquire 8th ICSE sample papers from the above article.

Q: What are the benefits of solving 8th ICSE sample papers?

Ans: By solving the 8th ICSE sample papers, students can improve their preparations and exam-taking skills.

Q: Where can I attempt the 8th ICSE mock test for?

Ans: Students can access the 8th ICSE mock test at Embibe.

Q: How can I improve my preparations for the ICSE Class 8 Biology exam?

Ans: Students can improve their preparations for the Biology exam by solving sample papers, previous year’s question papers and mock tests.

We hope the above article has answered all your doubts and queries. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on ICSE Class 8 exam.

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