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ICSE Class 10 Mock Tests 2024


Isn’t it exhausting to prepare the whole syllabus for the board exams? Since it will be the first time you will be taking board exams, you must ensure that you leave no stone unturned and build a strong conceptual foundation in all the subjects. Just like you need a blueprint before you start building a house, you can’t get good marks in your board exams without a study plan and sincere studies. The best way to prepare thoroughly is to keep appearing for mock tests that are modelled as per board exams. They will help you get a feel of the actual exam and prevent exam-day jitters, building confidence.

If you are searching for the right materials to prepare for board exams, you can start preparing for ICSE Class 10 from Embibe. Embibe app has mock tests, 250+ practice questions and 100+ learning videos, so exam preparation becomes significantly easier. All the study materials are available for, and all you need to do is create your account on the app and gain access. Are you ready? Read further to understand how Embibe can help you with the preparation.  

Access ICSE Class 10 Subject-wise Mock Tests

Since ICSE Class 10 can be a turning point in your life, you must design your preparation strategy accordingly. You must therefore take the mock tests regularly to help you prepare efficiently. By appearing for the mock tests, you will know the exam’s marks division and pattern. You can take the mock tests after completing the chapter or during revision. Students can also solve hundreds of ICSE Class 10 sample questions on the Embibe app.

The more you practice, the more proficient you will become with exam preparation. Hence, you will be able to ace the exams and pass with flying colours. The mock tests at Embibe are time-bound. Since Maths and Science are the most important subjects. Embibe pays special attention to these two subjects. Since the mock tests are time-bound, you will feel as if you are appearing for real exams.

ICSE Class 10 Science Mock Tests

Science is one of the most important subjects of ICSE Class 10, which contains three different units- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students preparing for the ICSE Class 10 exam must ensure they take the mock tests properly. This will help them prepare for the exam in a better manner. Refer to the table below to get the ICSE Class 10 Science Mock Tests:

Sl NoSubjectMock Tests
1ScienceICSE Class 10 Science Mock Tests

ICSE Class 10 Maths Mock Tests

Many students feel that Maths is quite a difficult subject. However, it is when you start taking the mock tests and practising the questions you realize that the subject isn’t as tough as you consider it to be. You can take the ICSE Class 10 Maths mock tests for from Embibe. You can directly take the ICSE Class 10 Maths mock tests from the table below:

Sl NoSubjectMock Tests
1MathsICSE Class 10 Maths Mock Tests

Steps to take ICSE Class 10 mock tests on Embibe for

Students can take the ICSE Class 10 mock tests for Science and Maths for from Embibe. Follow the steps below to take these mock tests from Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of Embibe. 
  • 2nd Step: Use your email/mobile number to sign in. 
  • 3rd Step: Under the Excelling in School section, select ICSE as the goal. 
  • 4th Step: Then click Next and select “10th ICSE.”
  • 5th Step: After clicking Next, you must choose your preferred language- Hindi or English. 
  • 6th Step: Click on the respective links and take the TEST. 

ICSE Class 10 Science Virtual Embibe Lab Experiments

While mock tests strengthen students’ base in the theoretical concepts, performing virtual experiments can improve their understanding in the practical aspects of the topics. Students can do virtual experiments on the Embibe Lab Experiments app and prepare better for the final practical exam.

Sr. No.TopicEmbibe Lab Experiment Link
1Study of Redox ReactionsStart Experiment
2Image of an Object Beyond C by a Concave MirrorStart Experiment
3Force and Motion of a Current-carrying ConductorStart Experiment
4Tracing the Path of a Light Ray Through Glass SlabStart Experiment

Click Here for ICSE Class 10 Science Practicals on Embibe Lab Experiments 

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 Mock Test 2024

Below are some of the commonly asked questions on the 10th ICSE mock test

Q: How many subjects’ mock tests are available on Embibe for ICSE Class 10?

Ans: On Embibe, the mock tests for two subjects are available- Science and Mathematics 

Q: Where can I find the sample papers for ICSE Class 10? 

Ans: You can get sample papers for Maths and Science for from Embibe for Class 10. You can refer to them under the Practice section and start your preparation. 

Q: Can the sample papers from Embibe be helpful? 

Ans: The sample papers available on Embibe are modelled as per the latest syllabus and guidelines by ICSE. Therefore, students practising them will have an idea about the type of questions they will need to deal with. This will make it easier for them to score more marks and eventually appear for the exams calmly.  

Q: When are the ICSE Class 10 exams 2024?

Ans: CICSE is yet to make an official announcement regarding the date of ICSE exams 2024. However, there are chances that the exams will be held around March 2024. 

Q: How many hours is each paper in ICSE?

Ans: The duration for each paper in ICSE exams is 2 to 2.5 hours. 

As a student appearing in ICSE Class 10 board exams, you must ensure you kickstart your preparation from the right resources. Appearing for the mock tests regularly can eventually help you score higher marks in the exams. Stay tuned to Embibe for further updates on ICSE Class 10 exams.

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