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9th ICSE Topics


Would you rather sit down to study for 3 hours or watch a movie? Well, most of you will choose to watch a movie as it is much more interesting and fun. But, we cannot ignore the fact that Class 9 is an important phase in your school journey, and you must give it all to prepare for the exams. So, how to make learning as fun as watching movies? Do not worry as Embibe has the best solution for you.

Embibe provides AI-powered study materials to bridge the minutest learning gap. Here, the academic books have interactive 3D videos for each chapter and topic. Through these engaging videos, you learn faster and get to enrich your knowledge. Apart from studying with the help of 3D videos, you can solve 200+ topic-wise practice questions and take unlimited mock tests for. Scroll down to access the 9th ICSE topics to start your exam preparation.

ICSE Board Class 9 Subject-wise Topics

To make your exam preparations easier, Embibe provides video explanations to all the chapter-wise topics for. Knowing what is included in the topics well in advance will help you stay ahead of the others in the exam and will boost your confidence. To learn more about the 9th ICSE Board topics, check the sections below.

ICSE Class 9 Maths Topics

Understanding the topics from Maths becomes easier with Embibe’s detailed explanations and interactive videos. Check the chapter-wise ICSE Class 9 Maths topics from the table below to ace the exams and achieve great results:

Chapter NameTopics
Rational and Irrational NumbersRational Numbers and their Decimal Expansions
Properties of Rational Numbers
Terminating and Non Terminating Decimals
Irrational Numbers and Properties
Exponents and Surds
Compound InterestRelation between Compound and Simple Interest
Rate Compounded Annually, Half Yearly, Quarterly
Compound Interest Without Using Formula
Other Application of Formula
Expansion and FactorizationAlgebraic Identities
Factorization by Direct Method and Grouping
Factorization by Splitting the Middle Term
Special Products
Comprehension of Algebraic Identities
Simultaneous Linear EquationsWord Problems on Simultaneous Linear Equations
Simultaneous Linear Equation (Substitution Method)
Simultaneous Linear Equations (Elimination Method)
Cross Multiplication for Solving Linear Equations
IndicesExpression with Negative and Fractional Indices
Simplification of Expressions
LogarithmsBasics of Logarithms
Laws of Logarithms
More about Logarithms
TrianglesApplication of Pythagoras Theorem
Congruence of Triangles
Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
Theorems and Related Questions in Isosceles Triangle
Theorems on Inequalities in Triangle and Related Questions
Rectilinear FiguresQuadrilaterals and Its Type
Theorems Related to Quadrilaterals
Construction of PolygonsConstruction of Quadrilaterals
 Construction of Regular Polygons
Area TheoremsTriangles with Same Vertex and Bases on Same Line
Figures between Same Parallels and Related Theorem
CircleCircles and its Related Terms
Chord Properties and Theorems
Chord and Arc Properties with Theorems
StatisticsFrequency Distribution and Its Types
Presentation of Data
Collection of Data
Graphical Representation of Data
Mean and MedianMean of Ungrouped Data and Properties
Median of Ungrouped Data and Properties
Area and Perimeter of Plane FiguresArea and Perimeter of Triangles
Area and Perimeter of Quadrilateral
Area and Circumference of Circles
Solids [Surface Area and Volume of 3D Solids]Surface Area of Solids 
Volume of Solids
Cross Section of Solid Body
Trigonometrical Ratios of Some other AnglesTrigonometric Ratios and Relation Between Them
Trigonometric Ratios of Some Standard Angles
Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles
Co-ordinate GeometryCartesian System
Distance Formula and Its Application
Introduction to Coordinate geometry
Slope and Intercepts
Graph of Linear Equations in Two Variables

ICSE Class 9 Science Topics

Are  topics in ICSE Class 9 Science syllabus difficult to understand? If yes, then you can learn them on Embibe to clear your doubts and conceptual knowledge. Check the ICSE 9th Science chapter-wise topics from the table below to score good marks in your exam.

Chapter NameTopics
Measurement and ExperimentationPhysical Units
Measurement of Length
Measurement of Mass
Measurement of Time
Motion in One DimensionPosition, Distance and Displacement
Equations of Motion
Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
Graphical Representation of Motion
Newton’s Laws of MotionNewton’s Laws of Motion
GravitationUniversal Law of Gravitation
Acceleration Due to Gravity
FluidsPascal’s Law
Density and Relative Density
Pressure Exerted by Liquid Column
Atmospheric Pressure
Buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle
HeatHeat and Temperature
Heat Transfer
Thermal Equilibrium
Thermal Expansion
Energy Flow and Sources of EnergyFood Chain and Food Web
Energy Flow and Laws of Thermodynamics
Source of Energy
Environmental Consequences
LightReflection of Light
Plane Mirror
Spherical Mirror
SoundProduction and Propagation of Sound
Terms Related to Sound Wave
Speed of Sound
Range of Hearing
Current ElectricityElectric Charge
Electric Current
Sources of Direct Current
Electric Circuit
Electric Potential
Magnetic Field
Molecular Theory of Magnetism
The Earth’s Magnetism
Know about COVID-19COVID-19 Vaccinations Drive
Corona Variants
Coronavirus: Structure
COVID Complications and Prevention
Introducing BiologyVarious Branches of Biology
Growth of Biology
Importance of Biology
Cell: The Unit of LifeTypes of Cell, 
Structural Organisation of a Cell
Introduction to Cell
Variation in the Size
Shape and Number of Cells
Invention of Microscope and Its Different Types
Vegetative Propagation and MicropropagationNatural and Artificial Methods of Vegetative Propagation
Introduction to Vegetative Propagation
Economic Importance of Artificial Propagation
Micropropagation or Tissue Culture
BiotechnologyIntroduction to Biotechnology
Biotechnology: In Earlier Times and in Modern Times
Techniques of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Applications of Biotechnology in Medicine and in Industry
Transgenic Organisms
EcosystemComponents of an Ecosystem
Food Chain, Food Web and Food Pyramids
Pond Ecosystem
Forest Ecosystem: Types and Flora and Fauna
Five Kingdom ClassificationKingdom Plantae
Diversity in Living Organisms
Classification and Its Importance
Five Kingdom Classification
Economic Importance of Bacteria and FungiBacteria: Discovery, Forms, Structure and Life Processes
Fungi: A General Study
Harmful Roles of Bacteria: Food Spoilage, Diseases and Bioweapon
Useful Role of Bacteria in Agriculture
Useful Role of Bacteria in Medicine
Digestive SystemMechanism of Digestion and Certain Experiments
Mouth and Teeth
Pharynx, Oesophagus and Stomach
Small Intestine, Large Intestine and Anus
Digestive Glands
Tissues: Plant and Animal TissuesIntroduction to Tissues
Plant Tissues
Animal Tissues
Respiratory SystemRespiration and Its Types
Energy Requirement of Different Organisms
Human Respiratory System
Mechanism of Respiration
Respiratory Volumes and Capacities
Respiration in PlantsRespiration in Plants and Related ExperimentsIntroduction to RespirationTypes of RespirationRespiration and PhotosynthesisRespiration in Plants Vs Respiration in Animals
Pollination and FertilisationIntroduction to Pollination and Its Types
Fertilisation in Flowering Plants
Agents of Pollination and Some Examples of Pollination
Structure of a Pollen Grain and an Ovule
Fruits and Seeds
The SkinSkin and Its Functions
 Structure of the Skin
Skin Derivatives
Skin and Heat Regulation
Waste Generation and ManagementWaste and their Sources
Methods of Safe Disposal of Wastes and Waste Management
Aids to Health and Health OrganisationsImmunity and Immune System
Vaccination and Immunisation
Use and Action of Medicines
Disinfectants and Antiseptics
Health Organisations
The FlowerStructure of a Bisexual Flower
Types of Flower: On the basis of Presence of Whorls, Forms of Thalamus
Inflorescence and Placentation
Movement and LocomotionMuscles and Its Movement
Human Skeleton
Bones and Joints
NutritionBasic Food Groups and Classes of Nutrients
Nutritional Disorders
Seeds – Structure and GerminationSeed and Its Type
Structure of a Dicotyledonous Bean Seed
Structure of a Monocotyledonous Maize Seed
Germination and Its Types
Living, Non-living and the DeadProperties of Life
Non-living Things that can Behave Like Living Things
The Language of ChemistryBalanced Chemical Equation
Gram Molecular Mass
Molecular Formula
Writing Formula of Compounds
Chemical Changes and ReactionsPhysical and Chemical Change
Chemical Reactions and its Types
Change of Energy during Chemical Reaction
Combustion and Respiration
Balancing of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in Nature
WaterIntroduction to Water
Physical Properties of Water
Chemical Properties of Water
Atomic Structure and Chemical BondingDiscovery of The Structure of an AtomIntroduction to Atomic StructureDifferent Atomic SpeciesIntroduction to Chemical BondingElectrovalent Bond
The Periodic TableNeed for Classification of Elements
The Modern Periodic Table
Early Attempts at Classification of Elements
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
Study of the First Element – HydrogenPosition of Hydrogen in the Periodic Table
Properties of Hydrogen
Preparation of Hydrogen
Tests and Uses of Hydrogen
Oxidation and Reduction
Study of Gas LawsGaseous State
 Gas Laws
Absolute Zero and Absolute Scale of Temperature
Ideal Gas
Atmospheric PollutionAtmosphere and Pollution
Acid Rain
Global Warming
Ozone Depletion
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Cycle
Practical ChemistryIdentification of Gases
 Experiment Based on Hard and Soft Water
Action of Heat on Given Substances
Action of Dilute Sulphuric Acid to Given Substance
Flame Test

FAQs on 9th ICSE Topics

Some frequently asked questions on ICSE Board Class 9 topics are as follows:

Q.1: How many chapters are there in ICSE Board Class 9 Science?

Ans: There are 41 chapters in ICSE Board Class 9 Science syllabus.

Q.2: Can I find video explanations of 9th ICSE Board topics on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can find ICSE Board Class 9 topic-wise video explanations on Embibe for to enhance your knowledge and score excellent marks in the exam.

Q.3: Can I solve topic-wise practice questions on Embibe to prepare for ICSE 9th exams?

Ans: Yes, you can solve topic-wise practice questions on Embibe to prepare for the ICSE Class 9 exams.

Q.4: What are the benefits of knowing the important ICSE Class 9 topics in advance?

Ans: If you are well aware of the ICSE Board Class 9 important topics in advance, then exam preparation becomes easier. This way, you can save time for revision to improve your overall performance.

Q.5: How to access the ICSE Board 9th topics on Embibe for?

Ans: You can access the ICSE Board Class 9 topics on Embibe after signing up for on the app using your mobile number or email ID. After that, just click on the ICSE 9th topic links provided on this page and learn about them for.

We hope this detailed article on 9th ICSE Topics has been helpful to you. If you have any queries, feel to reach out to us via our website or app. Till then, stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates and news on the 9th ICSE exams 2023.

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