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IIT Guwahati all set to hold Techniche-2012 with theme ‘Pixelating Perfection’


IIT Guwahati is all set to organize 14th Techniche-2012 with theme ‘Pixelating Perfection’ form 30 August to 2 September. Techniche is the annual Techno-Management festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. Techniche was started in 1999 and is generally held in the first weekend of September and lasts for three days and four nights. It comprises numerous competitions, lectures, talks, exhibitions, workshops and nights.

Techniche is a non-profit annual festival organized by the student community of IIT Guwahati and promotes the development and honing of scientific and entrepreneurial skills in the academia and at the same time being socially responsible with its initiatives towards education amongst the underprivileged trough its module ‘We care’. Techniche is relatively very young in comparison to the other major college cultural festivals of India,yet it has established itself amongst the biggest festivals of India in a very short period of time.


Organisation type Student Run, Non-Profit Organization
Founded 1999
Place Guwahati, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Major events Technothlon, Half Marathon, Lecture Series, Industrial Conclave, Tech-scribe, Junkyard Wars, Brainchild, Social 360, Funniche, etc.

Event Structure

1. Lectures module:

  • The Lecture Series involves inventors,creators, Nobel laureates and experts interacting with the audience in the form of a talk.
  • The Industrial Conclave includes lectures on topics that are pertinent to the domains of management and industrial development by CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business thinkers.
2. The Corporate Module:
  • Business plan presentation-Brainchild.
  • Product launch.
  • Stratagem., etc
3. Competitions
  • Parliamentary debate.
  • Junkyard Wars
  • Code wars
  • Crime scene Investigation.
  • Tech-scribe paper presentation. etc.
4. Funniche
  • LAN based gaming.
  • Casino,etc.
5. Robotics
  • Manual.
  • Semi Autonomous.
  • Autonomous.
  • Workshops on robotics.
6. Pre-Defined
  • ‘Tech-scribe(The scientific paper submission competition)
  • Aruna- Solving real world problems of rural India
7. Pradarshini
  • The module for exhibitions in Techniche, playing host to the latest technology such as Intel’s quad core processor, technology of the Indian Army(Techniche 2009) and Indian Railways– Anti Collision Device (Techniche 2010) Iqbal Ahmed’s smallest steam engine, which is registered in the Guinness book of world record.
8. Workshops
  • Techniche conducts workshops in semi-autonomous robotics in 15 colleges across India and organized the ‘One Day Ethical Hacking Workshop’ the unmanned aerial vehicle workshop and fire fighting robots workshop etc.
9. Techniche Online
  • A set of general, science and astronomy quizzes along with online coding competition such as Ikaaru, digital fortress, byte code, etc.
10. Career Fair
  • A talk on future prospects for higher education provided until now by the embassies of Australia, France, Switzerland, etc.
11. Technothlon
  • The Annual International school championship consisting of quizzing, brainstorming, public speaking and workshops organized by Techniche. The first edition of Technothlon was witnessed in 2004 with a participation of 200. In 2006, the participation expanded to include the seven-sister states of North-East India and participation reaches 750. In 2008, Technothlon went National with a record participation of 18,000, which has grown ever since.
  • With over 70 national centres and 5 international centers, Technothlon went International in 2010 and received a participation figure of 1.5 lacs thus making it the most successful event of Techniche.
  • Technothlon consists of events for school children from class 9th to 12th being divided into two squads- namely ‘junior’ squad and ‘haut’ squad. A preliminary round is set which is usually held in mid July and only the selected teams then come for the finals, which are held during the time of Techniche.

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