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  • Last Modified 04-08-2020

IIT-KGP tops at pre-placement offers academic year 2012-13


IIT-KGP has topped in the pre-placement offers with 50 companies coming forward and making offers to the interns. Marquee employers such as Microsoft, Hindustan Unilever, Reliance Industries, Goldman Sachs, Adobe and Schlumberger have rolled out over 170 PPOs to the class of 2013, with strong indications that the final tally at these six IITs may beat last year’s records. Companies such as Schlumberger Asia, Microsoft, Transocean, Tata Steel, Qualcomm, Ittiam Systems, HUL, Goldman Sachs, CISCO, Texas Instruments and RIL have made their pick from 800 students of IIT-Kharagpur, said SK Barai, professor-in-charge (training & placements) at the institute. It expects a 10% increase in PPOs this year. The salary would be from Rs. 8-18 laks per annum. Pre-placement offers usually start trickling in from July-August and can go on till October-November for top engineering colleges. The final placement starts after that, from December, and may go on till June the following year. PPOs are made to final-year students from undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the IITs from streams such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and applied materials.

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