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IIT Reservation For Girls: Check Details Here


IIT Reservation For Girls: The Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India, has directed the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to increase the admission of female candidates in the premier engineering colleges in the country by implementing IIT reservations for girls. The IITs conduct the JEE Advanced every year for admission to engineering courses in the IITs, IISc, and a few other top engineering colleges in India. 

According to the suggestions by MHRD, a separate merit list is to be declared for female candidates of JEE Advanced to ensure that 14 percent of candidates given admission to the institutes are female. This new decision of having separate IIT reservations for girls has been taken to reduce the existing gender gap in the best engineering colleges in India. However, the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) is yet to accept the suggestions. Read on to know more about IIT reservation for girls.

This article will give detailed information on the IIT reservation for girls and its implications.

IIT Reservation For Girls: Everything You Need To Know

This decision to implement 14 percent IIT reservation for girls has been taken by MHRD to promote higher education for women in India. The decision, however, has raised questions and confusion regarding the admission of male candidates.

IIT Reservation For Girls: Why Is This Decision Taken?

The decision to provide 14 percent IIT reservation for girls was taken to promote women’s education in India and reduce the gender gap. As per the suggestion made by the MHRD, there should be a 20 percent increase in the female to male candidates ratio in the IITs.

IIT Reservation For Girls: How Will It Be Implemented?

The 14 percent IIT reservation for girls will not affect or reduce the number of seats for male candidates. It has been suggested that supernumerary seats are to be filled to ensure 14 percent IIT reservation for girls. This means:

  1. Let us assume that an IIT has 100 seats.
  2. Based on the merit list of JEE Advanced 2018, say 8 girls and 92 boys are given admission to the institute.
  3. Now, as per the 14 percent IIT reservation for girls rule, 6 more girls are to be given admission.
  4. These 6 girls are selected from a separate girl-only merit list.
  5. The number of boys given admission, i.e., 92, will remain unchanged. So, there is no reduction in the number of seats for boys.
  6. The provision of admission to 6 more girls is additional to the existing number of admissions. Thus, the admission is supernumerary in nature.

IIT Reservation For Girls: What It Means For Male Candidates?

The IIT reservation for girls doesn’t mean there will be any reduction in the number of male candidates given admission to the IITs. Since the 14 percent quota for girls will be ensured by filling supernumerary seats, it will not affect the number of admissions of male candidates in the institutes.

However, it is not clear whether or not this IIT reservation for girls will be implemented this year. Candidates must wait until the official JEE Advanced notification 2018 comes out. Watch out for this space for any updates regarding IIT reservations for girls.

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