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NIT Surathkal Placement 2023: Branch-wise Statistics


NIT Surathkal ended the placement year of 2021-22 with a successful outcome, with 93% of BTech candidates, 75% of MTech candidates, 88% of MCA candidates, and 76% of MBA candidates finding jobs. A total of 1,350 candidates out of the 1,626 eligible candidates secured jobs during the NITK placement process of 2022, resulting in an overall placement rate of 83%.

The highest salary package offered to BTech (IT) and MTech (IT) candidates was INR 45.03 LPA during NIT Surathkal placements last year. Additionally, the average salary package for BTech (IT) and MTech (IT) was INR 23.03 LPA and INR 17.38 LPA, respectively. Continue reading this article to know everything about the NIT Surathkal placement 2023.

NIT Surathkal Placement Highlights

As NIT Surathkal placement 2023 are yet to be held, we have provided the main highlights from the previous year in the following table:

ParticularsNIT Surathkal Placement Statistics (2021)NIT Surathkal Placement Statistics (2022)
Total Number of Students15811781
Average Package– BTech (IT): INR 17.28 LPA
– MTech (IT): INR 12.25 LPA
– BTech (IT): INR 23.03 LPA
– MTech (IT): INR 17.38 LPA
Highest Package– BTech (IT): INR 45.03 LPA
– MTech (IT): INR 28 LPA
– BTech (IT): INR 45.03 LPA
– MTech (IT): INR 45.03 LPA
Eligible Students13951626
Students Placed10131350
Placement Percentage0.72610.83

NIT Surathkal Overall Package 2022

The average package of NIT Surathkal is given here in the table below:

CoursesAverage Package (in INR)
BTech (IT)23.03 LPA
MTech (IT)17.38 LPA

NIT Surathkal Highest Package 2022

The highest package of NIT Surathkal for the IT Department is given here in the table below:

CoursesHighest Package (2022)
BTech (IT)45.03 LPA
MTech (IT)45.03 LPA

NIT Surathkal Batch Placed 2022

The total number of students graduating from NIT Surathkal in the academic year 2021-22 was 1,781 students. The following table provides comprehensive details on the NITK placements 2022:

ParticularsNIT Surathkal Statistics
Total Students1,781
Eligible Students1,626
Students Placed1,350
Placement Percentage83%

NITK Surathkal BTech Placement Trends by Branch

Most of the BTech branches showed an improvement in placement rates from 2021 to 2022, except CSE and Mechanical Engineering, which saw a decrease in placement rates. The placement rates for E&E and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering remained unchanged over the past two years. The following table provides a comparison of NIT Surathkal placements by branch over the past two years:

BranchesPlacement Rate (2021)Placement Rate (2022)
Civil Engineering0.730.84
Mining Engineering0.870.91
Chemical Engineering0.940.96
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)10.96
Electronics and Communication Engineering (E&C)0.920.98
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (E&E)0.920.92
Mechanical Engineering0.940.9
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering0.870.87

FAQs on NIT Surathkal Placements 2023

Here are some of the commonly asked questions on the NITK Surathkal Placements 2023:

Q. What is the placement rate of NIT Surathkal?

Ans. The placement rate of NIT Surathkal varies each year, but it is generally high. The most recent data available shows an overall placement rate of 83%.

Q. What are the highest and average salary packages offered during NIT Surathkal placements?

Ans. The highest salary package offered during NIT Surathkal placements in 2022 was INR 45.03 LPA for BTech (IT) and MTech (IT) students. The average salary package for BTech (IT) and MTech (IT) was INR 23.03 LPA and INR 17.38 LPA respectively.

Q. What is the placement trend for BTech branches at NIT Surathkal?

Ans. The placement trends for BTech branches at NIT Surathkal have improved for most branches in the last two years. However, the placement rate for CSE and Mechanical Engineering has decreased.

Q. What are the top companies that visit NIT Surathkal for campus placement?

Ans. The top companies that visit NIT Surathkal for campus placement include multinational corporations, as well as leading Indian companies. Some of the top companies include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Infosys.

Q. What opportunities are available for students to participate in research and internships at NIT Surathkal?

Ans. NIT Surathkal provides students with ample opportunities to participate in research projects and initiatives, as well as internships. The institute has partnerships with several leading industries and institutions, providing students with practical experience in their field of study.

We hope that this information on the NIT Surathkal placement 2023 has helped you. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best.

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