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Punjab Board Class 10 Syllabus 2023


Punjab Board Class 10 Syllabus: The Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) undertakes all the activities related to Class 10. It decides the curriculum, syllabus, holding regular and supplementary exam, declaration of their results, releasing admit card, scorecard, etc. The Punjab Board Class 10 syllabus contains the chapters and topics that students will study during an academic year. A syllabus plays an important role in streamlining the exam preparation routine. It sets the tone for learn, practice and test concepts and makes studying smooth and effective.

Students should know the subject-wise syllabus for the Class 10 so that they can prepare a suitable study plan and score maximum possible marks in the exam. The Class 10 board exam question papers are set on the basis of the set curriculum and no question is asked from outside the syllabus. Continue reading to know more about the Punjab Board Class 10 syllabus.

Punjab Board Class 10 Subject-wise Syllabus

The first and foremost step to prepare for any exam is to know the syllabus. Thus, students who will be taking the PSEB Class 10 exam are advised to be thorough with the syllabus and start building a strong foundation in all the topics. They should also solve sample questions to further strengthen their base in the topic. It will help them be ready to face any type of question in the exam. Students can take the help of Punjab Board 10th study material on the Embibe app. They can watch 3D videos, access 500+ practice questions, attempt topic/chapter/subject-wise mock tests, and much more. With sincere studies, students can get meritorious score in the final exam.

10th Punjab Board Syllabus for Maths

The most effective way to understand Maths is to solve as many sample questions as one can. It helps students implement the concept in practice and retain the formulas. The 10th Punjab Board syllabus for Maths can be covered bit-by-bit by acing each topic and solving PSEB 10th class Maths practice questions on Embibe. Check the table below for Punjab Board Class 10 Maths syllabus:

Sr. No.Chapter Number
1Real Numbers
3Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4Quadratic Equations
5Arithmetic Progressions
7Coordinate Geometry
8Introduction to Trigonometry
9Some Application of Trigonometry
12Areas Related to Circles
13Surface Areas and Volumes

10th Punjab Board Syllabus for Science

Science is a visual subject and students will be able to understand a topic much better if they watch a video for it instead of only reading text. Students can watch and learn each and every chapter topic from their 10th Punjab Board syllabus for Science and ace the subject. They can also answer sample questions to know how well they have understood a topic and whether they can write decent answers. The chapter-wise syllabus of Punjab Board Class 10 Science is as follows:

Sr. No.Chapter Name
1Chemical Reactions and Equations
2Acids, Bases, and Salts
3Metals and Non-metals
4Carbon and Its Compounds
5Periodic Classification of Elements
6Life Processes
7Control and Coordination
8How do Organisms Reproduce?
9Heredity and Evolution
10Light – Reflection and Refraction
11The Human Eye and the Colourful World
13Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14Our Environment

FAQs on Punjab Board Class 10 Syllabus

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on Punjab Board Class 10 syllabus:

Q.1: Where will I find the syllabus of Punjab Board Class 10 subjects?

Ans: Students can find Punjab Board Class 10 subject-wise syllabus on this page.

Q.2: In which languages does Embibe provide the 10th Punjab Board syllabus?

Ans: On Embibe, the Punjab Board Class 10 syllabus is available in Punjabi and English languages.

Q.3: Is it necessary to know the PSEB Class 10 syllabus?

Ans: Yes. Students must know the syllabus for all their Punjab Board Class 10 subjects. It will help them know the chapters and topics to be studied for the Board exam and prevent them from wasting any time on learning additional concepts.

Q.4: How many chapters are there in Punjab Board Class 10 Science syllabus?

Ans: There are total 14 chapters in the syllabus of Punjab Board Class 10.

Q.5: Where can I take mock tests for the PSEB 10th subjects?

Ans: Students can attempt unlimited PSEB Class 10 subjects on the Embibe app for.

We hope this article on Punjab Board Class 10 syllabus was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for latest updates on PSEB 10th exam.

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