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WBJEE Topics 2023: Know Important Chapter-wise Topics Here


Last year, 81,393 candidates took up the WBJEE competition to grab a chance in 10 government colleges summing up to 2053 seats. The stats seem overwhelming. However, if you are one of the candidates who want to crack their WBJEE 2023 exam in one go, you came to the right spot. While covering the entire syllabus can be daunting, getting acquainted with the important topics before the exam will help you in the overall preparation process. 

So, we at Embibe will guide you through the WBJEE important topics that will assist you in readying for your WBJEE test. It will boost your confidence in studying at one of the renowned colleges in West Bengal. Embibe Big Books are a comprehensive source of immense information crafted by the best subject experts with brilliant expertise in the subjects concerned. Are you still wondering where to access it? Keep reading this article to know more. 

WBJEE Subject-wise Important Topics: Learn for FREE

3D animation concepts at Embibe have been speculated in such a way that makes your learning experience come true. The AI-powered platform offers 1000+ e-learning videos that you can avail of for free. Preparing for the upcoming WBJEE 2023 exam will be much easier with this guide.

Listed below are the important subject-wise topics for the WBJEE exam.

Number SystemMatter and its NatureExperiments in Physics -1
Ratio and ProportionMolecular Arrangement in Solids, Liquids and GasesVernier Callipers
Surds and IndicesMass and WeightPotentiometer
Direct and Inverse ProportionVolume and its UnitsMotion in a Straight Line
Exponential SeriesLaw of Conservation of MassAcceleration
Logarithmic SeriesHydrogenCentrifugal Force
InequalitiesIntermolecular ForcesGraph-Based Question on Angular Momentum
Real NumbersReal GasesFriction
Derivatives of PolynomialsBoyle’s LawNewton’s Laws of Motion

More topics on the WBJEE exam can be found here.

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FAQs on WBJEE Topics 2023

Following are some of the frequently asked questions on WBJEE topics that you may have on your mind:

Q. How many subjects are in the WBJEE 2023 exam?

Ans: WBJEE exam contains three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Q. Where will I find SHM chapter notes for free?

Ans: The SHM chapter study materials can be downloaded for free from the Embibe app here.

Q. What is the recommended study time for WBJEE exam preparation?

Ans: You should study 7–8 hours a day for WBJEE preparation.

Q. What are the important topics for Physics in the WBJEE 2023 exam?

Ans: Some of the important topics in Physics are Vectors, SHM, Electromagnetism, and Modern Physics.

Q. Which is the best Physics book for WBJEE?

Ans: Concepts of Physics by HC Verma is the best physics book for the WBJEE exam.

We hope this detailed article on the WBJEE topics helps you prepare for the WBJEE 2023 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in. 

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