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What is DEST and CPT in SSC CGL Tier-2?


DEST and CPT in SSC CGL Tier-2 2023: The SSC CGL Paper 1 Tier 2 exam includes the DEST and  Computer Knowledge Test. As per the latest notification, the CPT (Computer Proficiency Test) is no longer part of the SSC CGL Selection Process. Candidates can attempt these tests only if they pass the Tier 1 exam. The SSC CGL Tier 1 2023 exam will be held from July 14 to 27, 2023. The DEST and Computer Knowledge Test (CKT) score can influence the applicant’s final selection. They must qualify for these exams and do well on them.

Candidates who pass the Tier 1 exam must take the SSC CGL skill test and the Computer Knowledge Test. This exam will assess applicants’ computer knowledge and typing speed. Moreover, passing the DEST is required for all posts in the SSC CGL exam. Aspirants must leave no stone unattended to pass the Tier 2 exam. In this blog, we have explained about Tier 2 DEST and everything concerning the Tier 2 CKT exam. Read on to know more.

What is SSC CGL DEST (Data Entry Speed Test)?

The DEST full form is Data Entry Speed Test. This is a typing test in which an applicant must type 8000 key depressions per hour, which means 2000 key depressions in 15 minutes. It is a speed test that can be easily passed with practice. DEST is a qualification exam that is mandatory for all positions.

When we convert key depression into words per minute, we get about 26 words per minute. Module 2 of Section 3, i.e., DEST, will be conducted during SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 1 Session 2 exam. 

Type of Mistakes in DEST

In DEST, there is no negative marking. Rather, half-mark and full-mark deductions occur when the relevant mistakes occur. Check out the types of errors that can result in these deductions below.

Full Mistakes

The following errors are considered full mistakes:

  • For every omission of a word or figure.
  • For every substitution of a wrong word or figure.
  • For every new word or figure not found in the passage.

Half Mistakes

The inaccuracies listed below are only half mistakes:

  • Spacing Errors: Whenever no space exists between two words, such as ‘Ithink,’ or undesirable space is provided between the words or letters of a word, e.g. hope I have, ‘I hxxave’.
  • Repetition of Letter: For any spelling error made through repetition, addition, transposition, omission, or replacement of a letter or letters, e.g. the word authority transcribed as autoriti, etc.
  • Wrong Capitalisation: Wrong use of capital letters for small letters or small letters for capital letters. This does not apply to Hindi typewriting scripts.

Note: Any modifications made with a pen or pencil are disregarded, and no credit is provided.

SSC CGL Tier 2 DEST: Minimum Error Percentage Allowed

While assessing applicants’ performance in their DEST, a specific percentage of errors is permitted, dependent on the category to which they belong. The percentage of errors allowed in Module 2 of Section 3 of Paper 1 of the Tier-2 Examination are as follows:

  • UR: 20%
  • OBC/ EWS: 25%
  • All Other Categories: 30%

Is CPT Included in SSC CGL Selection Process?

The Computer Proficiency Test, or CPT, is no longer employed in the SSC CGL Selection Process from the 2022 recruitment cycle. Previously, CPT was required to qualify for the positions of Assistant Section Officer (CSS), Assistant Section Officer (MEA), Assistant in Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) under M/o Corporate Affairs, Assistant (GSI) in the Ministry of Mines, Inspector (Central Excise), Inspector (Preventive Officer), and Inspector (Examiner). 

CPT comprised three modules: word processing, spreadsheets, and slide generation. Instead of CPT, the Computer Knowledge Test will be conducted in SSC CGL Tier 2 Paper 1 exam.

What is SSC CGL CKT (Computer Knowledge Test)?

The SSC CGL CKT is a qualifying exam that is a vital component of the selection process. This is required of all candidates. The test is conducted online. The primary goal of this test is to assess candidates’ computer application skills. The total number of questions asked in CKT is 20. The total mark for this test is 60. Candidates will get 15 minutes to complete this test.

Penalty for Wrong Answer: In Module 1 of Section 3 of Paper 1, i.e. Computer Knowledge Test, there is a negative marking of 1 mark for every incorrect answer.

SSC CGL Computer Knowledge Test Syllabus

Check out the topics included in the SSC CGL Tier 2 Syllabus for CKT from the below table:

Computer Basics– Organization of a computer
– Central Processing Unit (CPU)
– Input/ output devices
– Computer memory
– Memory organisation
– Back-up devices
– Windows Explorer
– Keyboard shortcuts
SoftwareWindows Operating system including basics of Microsoft Office like MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint etc.
Working with the Internet and e-mailsWeb Browsing & Searching, Downloading & Uploading, Managing an E-mail Account, e-Banking
Basics of networking and cyber securityNetworking devices and protocols, Network and information security threats (like hacking, virus, worms, Trojans etc.) and preventive measures


Here are a few frequently asked questions about DEST and CPT in SSC CGL Tier-2.

Q: For which SSC CGL posts DEST is conducted?

A: The DEST is conducted for all the SSC CGL posts.

Q: Is it mandatory to qualify the SSC CGL DEST?

A: Yes. Candidates must qualify the Data Entry Speed Test in the Tier 2 exam to get selected for the SSC CGL post.

Q: What is CKT in SSC CGL?

A: CKT stands for Computer Knowledge Test in SSC CGL. It is used to assess candidates’ fundamental computer knowledge.

Q: What is DEST and CPT in SSC CGL Tier-2?

A: Candidates can get the complete SSC CGL Tier 2 DEST and CPT details from this blog.

Q: What is the SSC CGL Tier 2 exam date?

A: The SSC CGL Tier 2 exam date will be notified after the conduction of Tier 1 Computer-Based Test.

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