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7 Ways to Improve NEET Score 2024


7 Ways to Improve NEET Score: NEET is the only medical entrance test in India, which makes it a highly competitive exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting the authority of NEET 2024. The authorities have released the NEET 2024 exam date on the official website in a short notice. NEET 2024 will consist of 4 major subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

This article gives you tips and tricks to crack the NEET 2024 exam with excellent scores. With lakhs of aspirants appearing for NEET 2024, it is also important for the candidates to prepare a good NEET 2024 preparation strategy. Continue reading the article to know 7 effective ways aspirants can add to their preparation strategy to improve NEET 2024 scores.

Latest Updates:
— NEET 2024 is to be conducted on May 5, 2024. Prepare for your exam using the following effective NEET 2024 study plan.

NEET 2024 Overview

Before getting into the article, let us have a quick overview of the NEET 2024.

Exam NameNational Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET)
Conducting AuthorityNational Testing Agency (NTA)
LanguageEnglish, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Assamese, Telugu, Oriya and Kannada
Mode of examinationOffline
Duration of the Exam200 questions, from which 180 questions to be attempted
Format of questionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Marking Scheme+4 Marks for correct answer
-1 Mark for incorrect answer
No negative marking for unanswered questions
Total number of questions 200 questions, from which 180 questions are to be attempted
Total marks180 x 4= 720
NEET 2024 exam dateMay 5, 2024
Number of questions subject wise1) Physics-45 questions
Section A will contain 35 questions
Section B will contain 15 questions
2) Chemistry-45 questions
Section A will contain 35 questions
Section B will contain 15 questions
3) Biology-90 questions
Zoology: Section A will contain 35 and Section B will contain 15 questions
Botany: Section A will contain 35 questions and Section B will contain 15 questions

How to improve NEET score 2024?

Below are different tips aspirants use for effective NEET preparations 2024:

Well-structured planning: Preparing a well-structured plan for NEET 2024 should be the first step aspirants should look into for smooth and effective NEET preparation. Aspirants can begin their preparations by setting realistic goals. Setting realistic and achievable goals helps aspirants to stay determined and focused. By completing goals, aspirants feel successful, and it also improves their attention and focus on further goals.

Aspirants can prepare a timetable writing down the amount of time to be devoted to a particular subject and topic in a certain amount of time. Prepare a monthly plan that covers weekly and daily goals. Prepare achievable daily goals that will help in completing the syllabus and, together, complete the weekly plan.

Preparing a timetable will also help aspirants keep track of their studies and will create a sense of competition for completing goals within the allotted time. Competition can improve aspirants’ determination to achieve the goal. Aspirants should make sure to include breaks and rest hours in the timetable and schedule study time accordingly.

Aspirants shouldn’t neglect breaks as doing so will make them feel drained and also reduce their willingness to achieve the goal. Once aspirants complete their syllabus, they can prepare a different plan for revision and act on it.

Having knowledge about the NEET 2024 Syllabus: Aspirants have to be quite attentive about their syllabus before beginning their preparations for NEET exams 2024. Having clear knowledge about the syllabus can help aspirants divide time into different subjects and topics accordingly.
Knowing the syllabus can help aspirants allot time to a particular topic based on their weight. While preparation aspirants should focus on the main topic instead of wasting time on extra information about the topic. NCERT textbooks and NEET Syllabus contain common topics. Common topics can save aspirants time and allot more time for different and difficult topics. Knowledge of the syllabus even the small details can improve aspirants strategy planning for NEET 2024.

Prepare notes for NEET 2024: Preparing notes can be very beneficial for aspirants in their preparations for NEET 2024. Preparing notes can improve aspirants memory skills. While preparing notes aspirants should arrange them in a proper manner so the notes of different topics can be accessed quickly, to go through while revision or whenever in need. Jotting down important notes can be efficient and can help to understand the topics while studying later.

Aspirants can also prepare short notes, write down short summaries, important points and formulas and revise them regularly. Preparing short notes can act very handy at times of practising and revision. Aspirants should make sure to write down notes clearly to avoid confusion.

While writing down notes aspirants should write them accurately and precisely. Write down small points of particular topics that aspirants find difficult to understand or forget them easily. By doing so aspirants can revisit these notes again and again while revision. Preparing notes can help aspirants in organizing the concepts they have learnt. Writing notes can help aspirants stay engaged, focused and also understand concepts better. Notes act as a great source of reviews and revision before the examination.

Best Books for NEET 2024: Choosing the right books plays a very important step while preparing for NEET 2024. Many aspirants go for a bunch of books and many get confused about one which is the right book to go for. Aspirants can go for the notes that are provided by the coaching institutes as they cover the syllabus. Aspirants can also refer to the books mentioned below.

  • Best books for NEET 2024 Physics:
    • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma
    • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov
    • Objective Physics by DC Pandey
    • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
    • Fundamental Physics by Pradeep
    • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
    • 40 Days Physics for NEET by S.B. Tripathi
    • Physics for NEET by C. P. Singh
  • Best books for NEET 2024 Biology:
    • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman
    • Objective Biology by Dinesh
    • Objective Botany by Ansari
    • 40 Days Biology for NEET by S. Chakravarty
    • Pradeep Guide on Biology
    • GR Bathla publications for Biology
    • Trueman’s Objective Biology for NEET by M. P. Tyagi
  • Best books for NEET 2024 Chemistry:
    • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern
    • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
    • 40 Days Chemistry for NEET by Sudhanshu Thakur
    • Practise book by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic)
    • Practise book MS Chauhan (Organic)
    • Practise book N Awasthi (Physical)
    • Dinesh Chemistry Guide
    • Organic Chemistry by Morrison
    • Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon

NCERT Textbooks for NEET 2024: Apart from the books mentioned above NCERT Textbooks are great resources to study for NEET 2024. NCERT Textbooks contain very clear explanations of basic concepts and aspirants can also practice using these textbooks. They are very easy to understand as they are written by experts. As many questions are asked from the NCERT Textbooks, they are very crucial in preparation for NEET 2024.

Note down weak points: Aspirants should make a note for their strong and weak subjects, they should also work on identifying the main reason for their mistakes. After noting down their weak points they can check the weightage the topics carry in which aspirants are weak and start working on them accordingly. Set goals, work on  consistently improving and make sure not to give up on weak points.

Revision for NEET 2024: Revision is one of the most important when it comes to the preparation of NEET 2024. Aspirants should make it a habit to revise daily after studying. Weekly revision to revise that’s been learnt throughout the week and once aspirants complete the syllabus they can shift their main focus to revision and revision only. Aspirants should avoid learning new concepts as it can create confusion.
Aspirants should practice formulas to remember them. Many aspirants try to mug up formulas in order to remember everything in less time, by doing so aspirants may tend to forget formulas or get confused later on. To avoid such happenings it’s better for aspirants to practice formulas so they can remember them for a long period.
Aspirants can solve previous year’s question papers and mock tests as they are a great source of revision. Aspirants should revise every now and then to refresh concepts and remember them for a longer period of time. Aspirants can work on improving their mistakes and increase their memory regarding concepts by revising them regularly.

Practice problem solving for NEET 2024: With the time left from NEET 2024, it is ideal for aspirants to solve problems regularly. Solving problems daily will not only improve mistakes but also will improve aspirants speed and accuracy while solving problems. Aspirants should practice formulas to remember them. Many aspirants try to mug up formulas in order to remember quickly, by doing so aspirants may tend to forget formulas or get confused later on. To avoid this problem it’s better for aspirants to practice formulas so they can remember them for a long period.

Solve previous year’s question papers:Solving previous year’s NEET question papers act as a great source of revision. Solving previous year’s NEET question paper gives aspirants an idea of what type of questions will be asked and also get a hold on the most frequently asked questions.
Solving previous year’s NEET question papers will improve aspirants speed and accuracy. Aspirant can know their strong and weak subjects and also can track their improvement and work on their weak points. Solving previous year’s NEET question papers give aspirants an idea of the exam pattern, difficulty level, frequently asked questions, weight of the questions and also the marking scheme.

Solve Mock test: Another great source of revision is solving most test series. The mock test series help aspirants improve their time management skills. The mock test series by Embibe provide the same level of difficulty, exam pattern and marking scheme according to the current syllabus and exam pattern.  Solving mock tests helps aspirants to prepare for all types of questions. Aspirants should solve mock tests on a regular basis, this will not only help aspirants note their mistakes and work on improving them but also helps in improving accuracy and confidence which results in improving aspirants exam anxiety issues.

Avoid Distractions: Aspirants should focus on avoiding distractions as much as possible. The preparation period is very crucial. Due to lockdowns aspirants are forced to stay at home and shift their focus to online classes. Avoiding distraction should be the top priority for aspirants appearing for NEET 2024. Aspirants should put aside or lock their phones, tablets and computers as they attract aspirants attention towards social media, games and online web series. Aspirants should also avoid hangouts and parties for the time being until NEET 2024 is over. Aspirants should avoid parties and hangouts as well, these may result in a major loss of time and energy. Henceforth aspirants should put their main focus on preparation, good health and a good sleeping schedule to avoid stress and fatigue.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Aspirants skip their sleep in order to complete the syllabus or in fear that they are wasting their time. Aspirants should focus on their sleep schedule as well, ignoring the required amount of sleep can make aspirants forgetful and also become tired easily. Waking up early to study is said to improve aspirants learning skills, so aspirants should avoid staying awake for late hours and in turn wake up early to study and sleep.
With only limited time left aspirants overburden themselves with endless studies. This makes aspirants stress out, insomniac, doubtful and depressed. In order to avoid such situations, aspirants should study as well as take proper rest and breaks.
Eating healthy is also very important. Aspirants that eat healthily and look after themselves can study better compared to a person that does not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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We hope the above article helped you in effective NEET 2024 planning. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best. If you have any queries, do reach out to us. We will surely help you.

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