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NEET Important Topics 2023: Subject-wise Chapters


Is the NEET syllabus vast and time for preparation less? Well, many fail to complete the syllabus on time, and the reasons can be manifold. In such cases, one can resort to covering the high-weightage chapters, i.e., NEET important topics and then move on to the low-weightage chapters. These topics have a higher chance of appearing in the exam, helping you fetch good marks.

You can also create a study plan based on the weightage of chapters in NEET. A well-articulated study plan will help you cover the NEET syllabus based on what is more important, and you will also be able to manage time effectively. Dive into the article to know the subject-wise Important Chapters for NEET, the Weightage of Chapters in NEET, and more.

Subject-wise Important Chapters for NEET 2023

The following table provides subject-wise important chapters for NEET:

Plant KingdomMotion of System Of Particles and Rigid BodySome basic principles of Organic chemistry,
Biological classificationProperties of bulk matter,Atomic structure
Structural organisation in plants and animalsOscillations and WavesChemical bonding and molecular structure
Cell: Structure & FunctionsElectrostaticsSolutions
Plant physiologyCurrent ElectricityEquilibrium
Animal/Human PhysiologyElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating CurrentsCoordination compounds
ReproductionOpticsAlcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
Genetics & evolutionElectronic devices
Biology in human welfare
Ecology and environment

Weightage of Chapters for NEET 2023

Chapter weightage helps you create a study plan and also get an idea of important chapters that will help you fetch good marks. The following tables provide NEET subject-wise chapter weightage:

Weightage of Physics Chapters for NEET 2023

The table below provides the NEET Physics chapter-wise weightage: 

Physical World2%
Units and Measurements2%
Motion in a Straight Line3%
Motion in a Plane3%
Laws of Motion3%
Mechanical Properties of Solids3%
Mechanical Properties of Fluids3%
Thermal Properties of Matter3%
Kinetic Theory3%
Kinetic Theory3%
Work, Energy and Power4%
Electromagnetic Waves5%
System of Particles and Rotational Motion5%
Moving Charges and Magnetism5%
Magnetism and Matter5%
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter6%
Electromagnetic Induction8%
Alternating Current8%
Electromagnetic Induction8%
Alternating Current8%
Current Electricity8%
Electric Charges and Fields9%
Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance9%
Semiconductor Electronics9%
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments10%
Wave Optics10%

Weightage of Chemistry Chapters for NEET 2023

The table below provides the NEET Chemistry chapter-wise weightage: 

Basic concepts of chemistry2%
Structure of Atom3%
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties3%
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure5%
Chemical Kinetics3%
Redox Reactions1%
States of Matter: gasses and liquids2%
Surface Chemistry1%
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes1%
General Principles and Processes of Isolation Elements1%
s- Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)1%
Some p-Block elements1%
d and f Block Elements4%
Coordination compounds4%
Organic Chemistry – some Basic principles and techniques2%
Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers8%
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids3%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen1%
Chemistry in Everyday Life4%
Environmental Chemistry1%

Weightage of Biology Chapters for NEET 2023

The table below provides the NEET Biology chapter-wise weightage: 

Diversity in Living World1%
Cell Structure and Function1%
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants1%
Plant Physiology1%
Human Physiology2%
Genetics and Evolution2%
Biotechnology and Its Applications3%
Biology and Human Welfare0%
Ecology and environment1%

FAQs on NEET Important Topics 2023

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions on NEET important topics: 

Q.1: Can I skip Chemistry subject for NEET 2023?

Ans: No, as the chemistry subject will make up to 25% of your marks in NEET 2023. 

Q.2: Where can I attempt NEET Mock tests?

Ans: Candidates can attempt NEET mock tests for free at Embibe.

Q.3 Which are the important chapters of Physics for NEET 2023?

Ans: Motion of System Of Particles and Rigid Body, Properties of bulk matter, Oscillations and Waves, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents, Optics and Electronic devices are the important chapters for NEET 2023.

Q.4: Where can I access Biology chapter-wise explanations?

Ans: Candidates can free access Biology chapter-wise explanations at Embibe.

Q.5: When will the authorities conduct the NEET 2023 exam?

Ans: The NEET 2023 exam will be conducted on May 07, 2023.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on NEET Important Topics 2023.

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