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  • Written By Aaron_K
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NEET Topper List 2022: Check Prvious Year Toppers

NEET Topper List 2022: Along with the NEET results, the National Testing Agency (NTA) announced the NEET Topper List. The NEET 2022 toppers list will be released. In NEET 2021, three candidates, Mrinal Kutteri, Tanmay Gupta, and Karthika G Nair, have been ranked first with 720 out of 720 marks. Mrinal Kutteri, Tanmay Gupta, and Karthika G Nair, by the way, have all received AIR 1. Candidates could get their scorecards from the official website once the NEET 2022 result are posted online on the official website.

Last year, all three Rank 1 holders got 99.999806 percentile, whereas Aman Kumar Tripathi, the Rank 4th holder, achieved 99.999741 %. Mrinal Kutteri with Rank No. 1 is the male topper in NEET 2021, while Karthika G Nair is the female topper. NEET 2021 had 16,14,777 candidates, and government and private colleges offer around 95,000 MBBS and BDS programmes. So, look up the NEET toppers by name, gender, percentile, grades, All India Rank (AIR), etc.

NEET 2021: 16.14 lakh candidates were registered for the National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET) last year, and over 95% of them had appeared in the exam after following all Covid protocols.

NEET Topper 2022 List

The NEET exam is yet to be conducted for 2022. The Toppers List will be announced along with the NEET 2022 results. Students can refer to the previous year’s results for now.

NEET UG 2021 Topper, Mrinal Kutteri from Hyderabad, cracked the JEE exceptionally also before appearing for the NEET exams 2021, which boosted his confidence. Tanmay Gupta has become the first person to crack the NTA NEET 2021 from Jammu and Kashmir. And Karthika G. Nair also became a topper by practising mock tests for over 2 years.

The list of NEET 2021 Toppers is as below:

Roll NoCandidate’s NameMarks Obt.Percentile ScoreAIR
4201113147Mrinal Kutteri72099.9998061
2001012341Tanmay Gupta72099.9998061
3114010091Karthika G Nair72099.9998061
3905004441Aman Kumar Tripathi71699.9997414
2707002547Jashan Chhabra71599.9987055
4411109202Deepak Sahu71599.9987055
4409008060Shubham Agarwal71599.9987055
4410007356Nikhar Bansal71599.9987055
1601009298Suyash Arora71599.9987055
2708015146Meghan H K71599.9987055
2207001355Hrutul Chhag71599.9987055
3804003535Rajat Goyal71599.9987055
1205020117Chandam Vishnuvivek71599.9987055
3115001046Hriday Vishal Mohite71599.9987055
1205014119Gorripati Rushil71599.9987055
4201106027Khandavally Shashank71599.9987055
2801018896Gowrishankar S71599.99870517
3905014351Vaishnavi Sarda71599.99870517
4604006751Soumyadip Halder71599.99870519
1502114157Md Zeya Belal71599.99870519

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NEET Result 2021 Toppers List – State wise

Mrinal Kutteri scored the highest marks in NEET 2021. Check the other toppers in the listed provided below:

Roll NoCandidate’s NameMarks Obt.Percentile ScoreAIRState
4201113147Mrinal Kutteri72099.99980571Telangana
2001012341Tanmay Gupta72099.99980571Delhi (NCT)
3114010091Karthika G Nair72099.99980571Maharashtra
3905004441Aman Kumar Tripathi71699.9997414Uttar Pradesh
2707002547Jashan Chhabra71599.99870495Karnataka
1601009298Suyash Arora71599.99870495Haryana
2207001355Hrutul Chhag71599.99870495Gujarat
3804003535Rajat Goyal71599.99870495Punjab
1205020117Chandam Vishnu Vivek71599.99870495Andhra Pradesh
2801018896Gowrishankar S71599.998704917Kerala
4604006751Soumyadip Halder71599.998704919West Bengal
1502114157Md Zeya Belal71599.998704919Bihar
4108001811Geethanjali S A71099.996956523Tamil Nadu
1601012040Pavit Singh71099.996956523Chandigarh
3903018397Leena Khandelwal71099.996956523Rajasthan
1702004281Sandeep Kumar Kandi71099.996956543Madhya Pradesh
3604012393Nekta N Swasti Sravan Mishra70599.993135975Odisha
4301005184Souradeep Das70199.9916466125Tripura
2501006146Mridul Aggarwal70099.9868547130Jammu And Kashmir
1703012276Shivank Patel70099.9868547143Chhattisgarh
4502012190Kshitiz Kumar Singh69199.9734503384Uttarakhand
2401014076Madhav Sharma69099.9667157490Himachal Pradesh
9902001422Arsalan Mosaddique69099.9667157501Outside India
1402003076Nirlav Bhuyan68599.9532466637Assam

NEET 2021 Top 5 Female Toppers

Roll NoCandidate’s NameMarks Obt.Percentile ScoreAIR
3114010091Karthika G Nair72099.99980571
3905014351Vaishnavi Sarda71599.998704917
4609002305Asmita Bag71199.998575421
2001301235Saloni Verma71199.998575422
2812002115Vaishna Jayavardhanan71099.996956523

NEET 2021 Top 5 Male Toppers 

Roll NoCandidate’s NameMarks Obt.Percentile ScoreNEET AIR
4201113147Mrinal Kutteri72099.99980571
2001012341Tanmay Gupta72099.99980571
3905004441Aman Kumar Tripathi71699.9997414
2707002547Jashan Chhabra71599.99870495
4411109202Deepak Sahu71599.99870495

Previous Year’s NEET Toppers 2020

Earlier in the NEET exam, 2020, Shoyeb Aftab scored 720 out of 720 and had become the NEET 2020 topper. Akanksha Singh in NEET had also scored 720 marks but had grabbed the second position, as she was younger in age. Here is the complete list of previous year’s NEET toppers 2022:

NEET Toppers 2020MarksAll India Rank
Shoyeb Aftab7201
Akanksha Singh7202
Tummala Snikitha7153
Vineet Sharma7154
Amrisha Khaitan7155
Guthi Chaitanya Sindhu7156
Satwik Godara7117
Srijan R7108
Karthik Reddy7109
Matravadia Maanit71010
Topper list NEET 2020

Category-wise NEET Topper 2020

Here is the list of category-wise NEET 2020 Topper:

CategoryNEET Topper 2020Marks
MaleShoyeb Aftab720
FemaleAkanksha Singh720
Male (PwD)Mahesh665
Female (PwD)Vinita Tiwari626
OBC (NCL)Srijan R710
EWSAbhiuday Pratap Singh710
SCAnantha Parakrama B Nookala710
STMridul Rawat650
Category-wise NEET topper list 2020

State-wise NEET Toppers 2020

Here is the list of state-wise NEET toppers 2020:

NEET Topper 2020MarksState
Rohit Venkatasimha Gollapudi700Other
Avikshit Gupta695Jammu & Kashmir
Prithvi Raj Singh705Bihar
Mansi Subba562Sikkim
Kritika Priyadarshani630Arunachal Pradesh
Pullak Jain518Nagaland
Samananda Yumnam661Manipur
Aaranyak Debnath695Tripura
Sontosh Bormon623Meghalaya
Sibanuj Borkotoky700Assam
Vivek Kumar705West Bengal
Bhavya Sharma685Himachal Pradesh
Jarubil Akanksha692Jharkhand
Soyeb Aftab720Odisha
Tanay Raj705Chhatisgarh
Saumya Shukla696Madhya Pradesh
Matravadia Maanit710Gujarat
Jezreel Francis90Daman & Diu
Yadav Rohit605Darda & Nagar Haveli
Zantye Ashish Avinash710Maharashtra
Guthi Chaitanya Sindhu715Andhra Pradesh
Karthik Reddy710Karnataka
Ishita Garg706Punjab
Shaikh Rubiya Abdussalam675Goa
Mohammed Afroz Hussain K K660Lakshadweep
Aysha S710Kerala
Srijan R710Tamil Nadu
Chibhisha M700Puducherry
Sneha Elizabeth Lal613Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Tummala Snikitha715Telangana
Murtaza Ali570Ladakh
Gurkirat Singh710Chandigarh
Ashish Pant695Uttarakhand
Amrisha Khaitan715Haryana
Akanskha Singh720Delhi
Vineet Sharma715Rajasthan
Abhiuday Pratap Singh710Uttar Pradesh
Sate-wise NEET Topper List 2020

What Does NEET 2021 Topper Have To Say?

This is what Mrinal Kutteri has to say:

“So, I went for a free-form and flexible pattern. I set a goal for each day and how I achieved it was up to me. There were many days when I couldn’t achieve the goal, but it was not about getting demotivated or discouraged. Being okay with this free form is what I think really helped me,”.
NEET topper 2021 Mrinal Kutteri

When asked about his daily study plan, he remarked he studied for 4 hours on an average every day, and sometimes for 5 hours, apart from his college timings. Nothing more than that.

This is what Tanmay Gupta has to say:

“I started preparing in standard 11 and studied 4 to 5 hours a day. I continued my hobbies with my studies. If you continue your hobbies, you will have more interest in studies.”
NEET topper 2021 Tanmay Gupta

According to NEET Topper 2021, Tanmay Gupta, hobbies help focus on studies better. He has represented Jammu and Kashmir in swimming at the national level. He believes the smart study is very important.

This is what Karthika G. Nair had to say :

 “It is true, that lockdown left us with a lot of problems, but we could tackle them all because of my teachers.” 
NEET topper 2021 Karthika G. Nair

Not only did Karthika score outstanding marks in NEET, but she also scored a 98 percentile in the JEE Mains exam, which helped boost her confidence. Want to know the NEET’s best practices & preparation strategies, check out NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Tie-Breaking Policy

If two or more candidates score the same marks, then the following tie-breaker criteria are taken into account to break the tie:

  1. The candidate obtains higher marks in biology.
  2. If the tie is not broken, then the candidate scores higher marks in Chemistry.
  3. Again, if the tie is not broken, then the candidate with a lesser number of wrong answers in all the subjects.
  4. If the tie is not broken, then the candidate older in age is preferred.

NEET 2019 Topper List

Last year, Nalin Khandelwal bagged NEET AIR 1 by scoring 701 out of 720 marks. Nalin Khandelwal, the NEET 2019 topper hailing from Rajasthan state, outperformed over 1519375 lakh candidates. Bhavik Bansal from Delhi secured NEET AIR 2 rank with a score of 700 marks, followed by Akshat Kaushik from Uttar Pradesh, who secured AIR 3 with the same score of 700 marks.

Check the previous year’s NEET Topper list, their Percentile, Score, All India Rank, and the State to which they belong:

NEET Topper 2019MarksAll India Rank
Nalin Khandelwal7011
Bhavik Bansal7002
Akshat Kaushik7003
Swastik Bhatia 6964
Anant Jain6965
Bhat Sarthak Raghavendra6956
Madhuri Reddy G6957
Dhruv Kushwaha6958
Mihir Rai6959
Raghav Dubey69110

NEET Topper 2018

NameKalpana Kumari
RankAIR 1
Total Score691/720
Physics Score171/180
Chemistry Score160/180
Biology Score360/360
SchoolingJawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Sheohar, Bihar

Not only did she top NEET 2018, but she also topped the Bihar School Examination Board. She frequently travelled from her home, Sheohar to Delhi (around 1,065 KM) to ask some doubts. Every day she used to spend around 12-13 hours on NEET Preparation. Her teachers recommended she take as many mock tests as possible to learn how not to repeat the mistakes. Her hobby is playing badminton, but she never played during her preparation time.

From her childhood, she wanted to become a doctor. She wanted to pursue MBBS and then MS in Cardiology. Her first preference was AIIMS, New Delhi, while her second preference was Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. Here is what Kalpana had to say to all the NEET aspirants: “Work hard as much as you can with full dedication and never lose hope.

NEET Topper 2017

NameNavdeep Singh
RankAIR 1
Total Score697/720
Physics Score180/180
Chemistry Score175/180
Biology Score342/360
SchoolingShivalik Public Senior Secondary School, Muktsar, Punjab

Navdeep Singh secured a perfect 10 CGPA in Class 10. Navdeep took coaching for the NEET entrance examination from Helix Institute, Chandigarh. His hobby is playing cricket. He recommends students not engage in Social Media. Although it seems like an enormous sacrifice, he claims it is very little compared to the sacrifices made by his mother. He is thankful to his parents and teachers.

NEET Topper 2016

NameHet Shah
RankAIR 1
Total Score685/720
Physics Score180/180
Chemistry Score175/180
Biology Score342/360
SchoolingMaa Bharti School, Punjab

Het Shah also bagged the AIIMS AIR – 4 title. In Class 12 examinations, he scored 96.5 per cent in the PCB stream, while overall, he scored 94.2%. Not only this, but he also secured AIR – 6 in KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana). He started going to coaching classes from Class 11. Two years is enough to crack the exam, according to him. He studied for 5-6 hours at home and 6 hours in coaching classes and school every day. His hobbies are listening to contemporary music and reading some fictional novels.

What Het Shah has to say to NEET Aspirants: His advice to all the NEET aspirants is: “Hard work is very important. One needs to remain focused while preparing for exams.” He further says, “it is important to clear the basic concepts. Many candidates expect complex questions in entrance tests. This is not true. Most problems are based on core concepts. Aspirants must read NCERT Books thoroughly before studying anything else.” He is interested in pursuing neurosurgery.

As you can see, all the NEET Toppers have put their hard work into their preparation. They also advise taking online NEET Mock Tests and solving NEET Previous Year Papers. It will help you realize where you are weak and what you need to do to improve.

We hope this article has helped you. If you have any doubts, you can post your queries in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to follow Embibe for the latest updates on the NEET exam, date sheet, toppers & much more.

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