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  • Written by Abhishek Singh
  • Last Modified on 9-08-2022
  • Written by Abhishek Singh
  • Last Modified on 9-08-2022

About Exam

About Exam

Exam Brief

The Indian Navy is looking for eligible unmarried male and female candidates to fill the 200 vacant posts of Agniveer under Matric Recruit (MR). The Indian Navy Agniveer MR 2022 Exam aims to recruit candidates for posts of sailors in the naval section of the Indian armed forces. The Indian Navy Agniveer MR exam recruits personnel for several posts, including chefs, hygienists and stewards. 

It is a competitive exam for recruitment to the Indian Navy. It is held in every state annually. Interested candidates are requested to apply online from the 25th of July onwards on the Indian Navy's official website. The training for the Agniveers will commence in December 2022 at the INS Chilka for the 01/2022 batch. The total vacancies for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR are 200, including a maximum of 40 female recruits only. The minimum eligibility for candidates seeking to apply for Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022 must have passed Class 10.


Click on the link below to view and download the official notification for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR recruitment for December 2022. 

Click to view/download Agniveer MR notification

Exam Summary

The Indian Navy Agniveer MR is conducted for sailor posts such as chefs, stewards and sanitary hygienists. The Indian Navy Agniveer Matric Recruitment (MR) is open for unmarried male and unmarried female candidates aged 17-23 years, who must have passed their 10th board examinations.

Particulars Details
Name of the Exam Indian Navy MR Recruitment 2022
Conducting Body Indian Navy
Scheme Agneepath Scheme
Launched by Department of Military Affairs
Post Name Sailors for Matric Recruit (MR)
Total Vacancy 200 (max 40 females)
Application Mode Online
Application Fees INR 60
Types of Questions Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)
Exam Duration 30 Minutes
Total Number of Questions 50 Questions
Language Hindi & English
Selection Process Computer-Based Examination;
Physical Fitness Test
Medical Examination
Time Span 4 years
Indian Navy Agniveer Age Limit 17.5-23 years
Salary 1st year- Rs. 30,000 per month
2nd year- Rs. 33,000 per month
3rd year- Rs. 36,500 per month
4th year- Rs. 40,000 per month

Official Website Link

Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

Selection Process

There are a total of three phases in the selection process for the sailor posts of chefs, stewards and sanitary hygienists Agniveers. Indian Navy, in collaboration with the Government of India, conducts a Computer Based Examination which is followed by a Physical Fitness Test (PFT). All the selected candidates will have to pass the third and final medical examination phase.

Stages of Exam

Stage 1: Written Exam

Shortlisting candidates for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR is based on their aggregate percentage in the qualifying examination (Class 10th). This is carried out state-wise in a ratio that is four times the vacancies for both the male and female recruits. The cut-off marks of this exam vary from state to state.

The shortlisted candidates wil then be issued a call letter or admit card for the written examination followed by the PFT. Aadhar Card is mandatory for both these stages.

  • The question paper will have only objective-type questions and is bilingual in Hindi and English.
  • There are two components in the question paper: Science and Mathematics and then General Knowledge.
  • The question paper is of 10th-grade level, and the test syllabus is published on the website. It is also provided in this article for your reference.
  • The duration of the written examination is half an hour or 30 minutes.
  • The applicants would be subjected to a physical examination on the same day as the written test.

Stage 2: Physical Fitness Test (PFT)

Candidates qualifying in the Physical Fitness Test is mandatory for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR selection. Without qualifying, the candidates cannot participate in the forthcoming stages of selection. The details of PFT are as follows.

Test Name Male Female
1.6 KM Running 6:30 minutes 8 minutes
Squats (Uthak Baithak) 20 15
Push-ups 12
Bent Knee Sit-ups 10

Stage 3: Recruitment Medical Examination

The Recruitment Medical Examination for all the selected candidates will be conducted in November 2022 at INS Chilka in Odisha. Medically fit candidates from this stage will be recruited as Indian Navy Agniveer MR. Those found medically unfit may be advised to appeal against the findings, if they desire, at INHS Nivarini/ INHS Kalyani within a period of 21 days. No review or appeal beyond the said period is permissible.

Exam pattern details - Scoring pattern (+/- Marking)

Particulars Details
Topics/Subjects Science
General Knowledge
Types of Questions Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)
Exam Duration Half hour or 30 minutes
Total Number of Questions 50
Maximum Marks 50
Marking Scheme +1 for each correct answer
-0.25 for each incorrect answer
No deductions for unattempted questions
Medium of the Exam Hindi

 Number of Questions Subject-wise

  • There will be questions in 2 sections such as Science & Mathematics’ and ‘General Awareness. 
  • The question paper is bilingual in Hindi and English.
  • It will carry objective-type questions.
  • The level of the question paper is Class 10.
  • The duration of the examination is half an hour or 30 minutes.
  • Candidates are required to pass in all the sections and in the aggregate too to move forward in the selection.
Subject Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Science and Mathematics 25 25
General Knowledge 25 25
Total 50 50

Exam pattern details - Total time

Indian Navy Agniveer MR Exam Pattern
Subject Time
Science 30 minutes
General Science

Exam Calendar

Events Dates
Release of Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022 Official Notification 15th July 2022
Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022 Registration Starting Date 25th July 2022
Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022 Application Deadline 30th July 2022
Examination & Physical Fitness October 2022
Medical & Joining November 2022
Commencement of Indian Navy Training 30th December 2022 onwards

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

No. Section A
Science and Mathematics
Section B
General Knowledge
1 Nature of Matter, Universe (Planets/ Earth/ Satellites/ Sun), Electricity and its applications Geography: Soil, Rivers, Mountains, Ports, Inland, Harbours
2 Force and Gravitation, Newton's Laws Of Motion, Work, Energy and Power Culture and Religion, Freedom
Movement, Important National Facts about India, Heritage, Arts and Dance
3 Heat, Temperature, metals and NonMetals, Carbon and its Compounds, Measurements in Science, Sound & Wave Motion,
Atomic Structure
History, Defence, Wars and neighbours, Awards and Authors, Discoveries, Diseases and Nutrition
4 Mathematical Simplification, Ratio and Proportion, Algebraic Identities, Linear Equations and Polynomials, Simultaneous Equations, Basic
Current Affairs, Languages, Capitals and Currencies, Common Names, Full Forms and Abbreviations
5 Simple Menstruation, Geometry, Measures of Central Tendency (Average, Median and Mode) Eminent Personalities, National: Bird/ Animal/ Sport/ Flower/ Anthem/ Song/ Flag/ Monuments
6 Interest, Profit, Loss and Percentage, Work, Time, Speed and Distance Sports: Championships / Winners/ Terms/ Number of Players
  • Click here to view/download the syllabus PDF of the Indian Navy Agniveer MR written examination.
  • Click here to view/download the sample question paper PDF of the Indian Navy Agniveer MR written examination.

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Preparation Tips

  • The General Knowledge syllabus includes topics from various fields. Keep yourself updated about the affairs and events happening around the globe that are related to a specific topic, industry or culture.
  • Inculcate the habit of reading newspapers every day, keeping an eye on the details of the content and the style of journalism. Keep yourself informed and updated about the various events happening around the world related to your subject of interest.
  • Possess particular knowledge about the various disciplines such as events, dates, facts, prominent personalities and their biographies, wars and renowned scientific discoveries.
  • Watch or read politically significant debates and discussions in real or on newspapers or television. Keep yourself aware of important political agendas and events that are scheduled and those that have happened already.
  • Recruitment exams like Indian Navy Agniveer MR are highly competitive, so focus on improving your general awareness of current affairs in detail.
  • Science requires a clear understanding of the concept and a regular learning schedule. Devote some time every day to study the Science concepts since some topics are not feasible to learn by heart in one sitting. Thus, understand every topic and dedicate time for at least three revisions of the complete syllabus before taking mock tests using the available question papers.
  • Regular practice is vital since some topics and concepts entail problems and thus have numerical calculations. To improve problem-solving skills and analytical skills, it is required to practice them daily.
  • Speed is the crux of Mathematics exams. The questions given are of multiple-choice types, and you can solve a particular problem in various methods to find the correct answer. This could be a time-consuming task. Hence, to increase the speed of thinking and problem solving, practise writing and solving problems every day.

Detailed Study plan

  • Know your Syllabus: Aspirants must know their syllabus well to understand each requirement clearly. Knowing the syllabus is the soul for better preparation too. There are multiple-choice questions for the written examination of the Indian Navy Agniveer MR. Practice for the exam in a similar manner to achieve better time management.
  • Study Plan: It is important to plan your schedule so that you don't have to worry about what to do next. Generally, you tend to waste time deciding what to study next and gauging what is left in the syllabus. So it is ideal for planning everything and saving time in the process of preparation. Allot time for each subject or concept according to your ability to grasp things. Make a note of things you already know and those that are fairly new to you, and allot time accordingly. 
  • Study Material: Study material is the road map on your preparation journey to crack the Indian Navy Agniveer MR exam. Find appropriate study materials that give you a better quality of content for the preparation. 
  • Previous Year Question Papers: Solving the previous year's question papers will give you an idea of how the questions will be asked in the exam and the best way to tackle them. Practising with such question papers will help you familiarise yourself with the exam pattern and also give a fair idea for a better approach to arrive at the desired answer. 
  • Read Newspapers: Current affairs is an important vertical to cover in the general knowledge section. Newspapers provide a considerable amount of information about various events and topics. They are also not restricted to current affairs and help collect information in other fields. Hence, developing the habit of reading the newspaper daily is a must.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: It is always best to test your preparation as and when you finish the syllabus. Mock tests are like a test drive of the car you would like to purchase. They are the perfect way to test yourself in a specific section or the complete syllabus. The reviewing of which will help you identify your mistakes and find room for improvement in your preparation.
  • Manage Your Time: Time waits for no one. Time management is vital while preparing for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR examination and the written examination. Allocating time for each section of the syllabus makes preparation easier rather than doing everything at the last minute. Practising the previous year's question papers and doing mock tests will help you up your game in time management. 
  • Do Not Burden Yourself: Take care of your health while preparing for exams. A minimum sleep of 7 hours is needed every day to be able to learn and remember all that you are studying. Do not overburden yourself by studying for long hours without a break or by having a poor appetite. Practise some meditation for relaxation.

Important Dates

About Exam

Exam Notification Date

The Indian Navy released the notification for the recruitment of Indian Navy Agniveer MR on the 15th of July 2022.

Application Form Filling - Start & End Date

The Indian Navy MR recruitment applications begin on the 25th of July 2022, and the deadline for the same is the 30th of July 2022

Exam Date

The examinations and Physical Fitness Test for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR role will be held in October 2022.

Interview Date

The selected candidates will be called for a final medical test and joining into the Indian Navy as Agniveer MR in November 2022

Application Process

About Exam

Dos and Donts of Form Filling

The application forms for Indian Navy MR Recruitment 2022 must be filled out online only on the Indian Navy's official website. Below mentioned is a detailed step-by-step procedure to fill out the Indian Navy Agniveer MR 2022 application form.

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Indian Navy.

Step 2: Register with your e-mail address.

Step 3: Ensure that you provide an authentic and active e-mail address and phone number on the application form, which cannot be altered until the recruitment process is completed.

Step 4: Log in with your registered e-mail address and choose "Current Opportunities" from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Choose the Indian Navy MR Recruitment 2022 and Select "Apply".

Step 6: Fill in the required details correctly.

Step 7: Submit the scanned copies of the required documents in the specified format.

Step 8: Double-check all the information provided for its correctness and that all the needed documents are uploaded in the original form.

Step 9: Pay the application fees, if applicable.

Step 10: Submit the filled application form.

Step 11: Submitted form is now displayed on the screen with confirmation.

Step 12: Take a printout of the same and save it for future references.

Candidates are encouraged to apply online well before the deadline than waiting until the final day to apply. The aspirants should not submit multiple applications. Candidature may be cancelled if more than one application is submitted.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Age Criteria

Candidates must be between 17.5-23 years of age.*

  • Candidates must be born between 01 Dec 1999- 31 May 2005 (Both dates inclusive).
  • Generally, the age for Agniveer (MR) candidates should be between 17½ - 21 years on the day of enrolment.

*- A one-time relaxation of the upper age limit up to 23 years has been granted for the Agniveer 2022 batch only.

Medical Standards

  1. Authorised military doctors conduct a final medical examination as per the medical standards prescribed in current regulations as applicable on entry.
  2. Gender: Any candidate, if identified to possess predominant characteristics of the opposite gender on external physical examination, will be rejected as unfit for the recruitment. Any candidate having done gender reassignment surgery will also be declared unfit for recruitment.
  3. Pregnancy: Any female candidate, if found to be pregnant, will be disqualified, and her candidature is rejected. A candidate should not have conceived even at the time of reporting and up until the conclusion of the initial mandatory service period. If found to be pregnant after recruitment, her candidature will be rejected, and she cannot proceed with the recruitment.
  4. Minimum Height Standards: Minimum height for male candidates is 157 cm, and that for female candidates is 152 cm.
  5. Candidates must have a good physical and mental condition and be free from any diseases or disabilities that may interfere with the performance of duties both under peace and war conditions.


Before the medical examination, candidates must get their ears cleaned for wax and tartar removed from their teeth.

Visual Standards

Certain visual standards are expected from the candidates applying for the Indian Navy Agniveer SSR recruitment. The table below lists the agreeable vision standards in the Indian Navy.

Education Qualification

Candidates must have passed the Matriculation Examination (Class 10) from any of the Boards of School Education as recognised by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

Number of Attempts

There is no limit on the number of attempts for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR candidates as long as they satisfy the eligibility criteria as mentioned in this article.

Language Proficiency

The question paper will be in two languages​, Hindi and English

Admit Card

Admit Card

Admit Card Release Date

Call letters cum admit card for the written examination and PFT in the Indian Navy Agniveer Recruitment must be downloaded from the official website. No call letter or admit card will be mailed by post. Allocation of centres for the written examination and PFT is at the sole discretion of the Indian Navy.

After the successful registration online, the candidates can download their admit cards from the Indian Navy website. Given below are the steps to download the admit card for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022.

Step 1: Go to the Indian Navy's official website.

Step 2: Click on the link for the Indian Navy MR Admit Card 2022.

Step 3: Log in with your credentials.

Step 4: Download your admit card.

Step 5: Check the correctness of all the mentioned details.

The candidates appearing in the exam without the admit card will not be allowed to appear for the exam.

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List of Exam Centres

The list of exam centres for the recruitment of Indian Navy Agniveers SSR is listed below.

No State/Union Territory Centre Address
1 Andaman & Nicobar Port Blair INS Jarawa
C/O Navy Office,
Port Blair - 744 102
2 Andhra Pradesh Visakhapatnam INS Circars, Naval Base,
Andhra Pradesh - 530 014
3 Arunachal Pradesh Guwahati No. 11 Airmen Selection Centre V I P, Borjahar,
Guwahati - 781 015
4 Assam Guwahati No. 11 Airmen Selection Centre V I P, Borjahar,
Guwahati - 781 015
5 Bihar & Jharkhand Ranchi Monabadi Ground,
Behind Birsa Munda Stadium,
6 Chandigarh Jalandhar HQ Recruiting Zone Jallandhar Cantt.
Punjab - 144 005
7 Dadra & Nagar Haveli Mumbai INS Hamla, Marve, Malad (West),
Mumbai - 400 064
8 Daman & Diu Jamnagar INS Valsura Jamnagar,
Gujarat - 361 150
9 Delhi Delhi Nausena Baugh - 1, Chanakyapuri,
Opp. Chanakya Cinemas,
New Delhi - 110 021
10 Goa Goa INS Gomantak Vasco-da-Gama,
Goa - 403 802
11 Gujarat Jamnagar INS Valsura Jamnagar,
Gujarat - 361 150
12 Haryana Ambala No.01 Airmen Selection Centre 48, Mansfield Road,
Ambala Cantt. - 133 001
13 Himachal Pradesh Dharamshala Police Ground, Civil Lines,
Kangra, Dharamshala
Himachal Pradesh
14 Jammu & Kashmir Jammu Army Recruiting Office, Jammu
15 Karnataka Karwar INS Kadamba , Post - Arga, Via - Chendiya,
Karwar - 581 324, (Karnataka)
16 Kerala Kochi INS Venduruthy, Naval Base
Kochi - 682 004
17 Lakshadweep Kochi INS Venduruthy, Naval Base
Kochi - 682 004
18 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 15 Airmen Selection Centre
Rajiv Gandhi Parishav, 35, Shyamala Hills
Bhopal - 462 003
19(a) Maharashtra Mumbai INS Hamla, Marve, Malad (West),
Mumbai - 400 064
19(b) Maharashtra Lonavala INS Shivaji, Tigers' Leap Lonavala,
Pune - 410 402
19(c) Maharashtra Mumbai Angre
(for MR/ NMR entry)
Indian Naval Sailors Institute
Near Maharastra Lawn Tennis Association
30 Woodhouse Road
20 Manipur Guwahati No. 11 Airmen Selection Centre V I P, Borjahar,
Guwahati - 781 015
21 Meghalaya Shillong Branch Recruiting Office
Meghalaya - 793 001
22 Mizoram Aizawl The Director, Sainik Welfare, Govt of Mizoram,
Dept of Sainik, Welfare & Resettlement
Treasury Square, Aizawl - 796 001
23 Nagaland Kohima 2 Assam Rifles ground, Kohima
24 Orissa Chilka INS Chilka Post - Chilka,
Dist - Khurda,
Orissa - 752 037
25 Pondicherry Chennai INS Adyar C/O Navy Office
Port Complex Raji Road
Chennai - 600 009, Tamil Nadu
26 Punjab Jalandhar HQ Recruiting Zone
Jallandhar Cantt.
Punjab - 144 005
27 Rajasthan Jaipur Rajasthan Commerce College,
28 Sikkim Gangtok The Secretary Govt of Sikkim
Rajya Sainik Board, Paljor Stadium Road
Gangtok, Sikkim - 737 101
29(a) Tamil Nadu Chennai INS Adyar C/O Navy Office
Port Complex Raji Road
Chennai - 600 009, Tamil Nadu
29(b) Tamil Nadu Arakkonam INS Rajali, Naval Air Station, Palanipet – PO,
Arakkonam - 631 002,
Tamil Nadu
29(c) Tamil Nadu Tirunelveli INS Kattabomman, Naval Base , Vijayanarayanam PO,
Tirunelveli - 627 119,
Tamil Nadu
30 Tripura Guwahati No. 11 Airmen Selection Centre V I P Road, Borjahar,
Guwahati - 781 015
31 Uttar Pradesh Kanpur No. 3 Airmen Selection Centre Air Force Station Chakeri, Kanpur,
UP – 208 008
32 (a) Uttarakhand Dehradun National Hydrographic Office 107-A, Rajpur Road,
Port Box No. 75, Dehradun
Uttrakhand - 248 001
32 (b) Uttarakhand Almora Army Recruiting Office,
33 West Bengal Kolkata The Commanding Officer, INS Netaji Subhash, Hastings,
Kolkata - 22

Any other centre as decided by Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence(Navy) For Lakshadweep & Minicoy Islands, contact Naval Officer-in-charge, Lakshadweep & Minicoy Islands(NOIC) (L) at Kolkata.

Exam Result

Exam Result

Result Declaration

Merit list for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR is prepared based on the performance of the candidate in the written examination and is subject to qualification in Physical Fitness Test.

  • Merit list for the Agniveer MR male candidates will be based on state-wise merit and the cut-off marks for the issue of call letter for the Recruitment Medical Examination at INS Chilka, Odisha may vary from state to state.
  • Merit list for Agniveer MR female candidates will be based on all-India merit.
  • In case two or more candidates secure exact cut-off marks in the written examination, the candidate with a higher percentage score in the qualifying examination, i.e. class 10th, will be selected for Recruitment Medical Examination at INS Chilka, Odisha.

Cut-off Score

State Cut-off Marks
Arunachal Pradesh 09.00
Assam 20.25
Bihar 35.35
Chattisgarh 22.00
New Delhi 27.75
Gujarat 20
Haryana 41.25
Himachal Pradesh 26
Jharkhand 20.25
Karnataka 20.25
Madhya Pradesh 29.75
Manipur 20.50
Odisha 28
Punjab 21.75
Rajasthan 35
Telangana 28.5
Tripura 11
Uttar Pradesh 33.75
Uttarakhand 29.26
West Bengal 25.75


Freaquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When are the applications for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022 starting?
Ans. The online application start date of Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment is the 25th of July 2022.

Q2. What is the last date to apply for Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022?
Ans. 30th July is the last date to apply for Indian Navy Agniveer Recruitment 2022

Q3. What is the gender & marital Status of Indian Navy Agniveer MR Recruitment 2022?
Ans. Unmarried male and female candidates are eligible for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR post.

Q4. Is there a second chance if I'm refused at Chilka during final medicals?
Ans. There is no mechanism for a candidate who is rejected after final medicals in Chilka to be given another opportunity. The candidate will be required to appear for the recruitment again in the next batch

Q5. What are the total time and the total number of questions in the Indian Navy Agniveer MR exam?
Ans. There are two sections: Mathematics and Science and General Knowledge. Each section has 25 questions. Candidates must attempt 50 questions within 30 minutes.

Q6. What are the subjects in the written examination for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR recruitment?
Ans. The subjects tested in the written examination for the Indian Navy Agniveer MR are

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge

Q7. What is the medium of the Indian Navy Agniveer MR examination?
Ans. The question paper for the written examination is available in English and Hindi.

Q8. Are female candidates eligible for the role of Agniveer MR in the Indian Navy?
Ans. Yes, female candidates are encouraged to apply for the role of Indian Navy Agniveer MR as long as they meet the eligibility criteria as detailed in this article.

Job Profile & Salary

salary structuire

Salary Structure

Indian Navy Agniveers SSR will be paid a package of Rs 30000/- (Per Month) with a fixed yearly increment. They shall be paid a one-time Seva Nidhi payment package, including their monthly contribution and matching a contribution by the Government on completion of their mandatory engagement period. Details of the Indian Navy Agniveer SSR salary are as indicated below.

Year Customised
Package (Monthly
In Hand
Contribution to Agniveer
Corpus Fund (30%)
Contribution to
Corpus Fund by Gol
All figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution)
1st Year 30,000 21,000 9,000 9,000
2nd Year 33,000 23,100 9,900 9,900
3rd Year 36,500 25,550 10,950 10,950
4th Year 40,000 28,000 12,000 12,000
Total in Agniveer Corpus Fund 5.02 Lakh 5.02 Lakh

Note: There shall be no entitlement to gratuity and pensionary benefits.

  • Life Insurance Cover: Agniveers will be provided with a non-contributory Life Insurance cover of Rs.48 Lakh for the entire duration of their mandatory engagement period.
  • Death Compensation: In addition to the insurance cover of Rs.48 Lakh, a one-time ex-gratia of Rs.44 Lakh for the death attributable to service will be provided to the next of kin (NOK).
  • Disability Compensation: There is a one-time ex-gratia of Rs.44/ 25/ 15 Lakh based on the percentage of disability as 100%/ 75%/ 50% shall apply to Agniveers.

Note: Visit the official website for further information regarding death/disability compensation.

Naval Pension Regulations/ Gratuity

Agniveers will not be governed by provisions contained in the Naval Pension Regulations/ Rules (as amended from time to time). Additionally, Agniveers will not be entitled to gratuity for the engagement period.


There are 30 days of leave per year for the Agniveers in the Indian Navy. In addition, sick leaves would be applicable based on the medical advice of a competent medical authority.

Future Exams


List of Future Exam

Enrolment as Sailors (Regular Cadre): 

On the completion of four years of mandatory service, based on the organisation’s requirements and policies stipulated by the Indian Navy, the Agniveers will be given a chance to apply for permanent enrollment in the Indian Navy.

Such applications will be considered in a centralised manner based on the objective criteria, including performance during their four-year mandatory service period. Up to 25% of each specific batch of Agniveers can be enrolled in the Indian Navy for further re-engagement as a sailor in a regular cadre.

Agniveers shall not have any right to be selected for further enrollment into the Indian Navy. Selection of the Agniveers for further enrollment, if any, shall be at the discretion of the Indian Navy.

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