• Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 31-07-2022

Preparation strategy for IBPS PO | Working For 8 Hours In Job?


Before adopting  a strategy recommended by us, please remember, this journey can be a little difficult but it’s important to know that it is possible to clear your IBPS PO with a good score. First get stock of important books for IBPS PO examination. We are assuming your work timing as 10-6.

Wake up at 4:30 AM
Study from 5:00AM – 8:00AM

9 AM-10 AM: Travelling to office

7 PM: Reaching home from office

Study from 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Eat dinner: 9:30 PM – 10:00
Study from 10:00 – 11:00

Based on this time table, you get 6 hours of study, which is good to get your desired score. Here is what you can do in your study time.

  1. Go through the topics given in the syllabus, if you find any topic difficult then search on youtube and clear your concept.
  2. Watch videos on Unacademy on Quantitative Aptitude. 1 concept in 1 day, for next 3 months, without fail.
  3. Following this would mean you will be able to finish all types of concepts in one month.
  4. Start by giving online tests here at embibe, and give a boost to your speed and accuracy.
  5. Keep mornings for revision.
  6. Keep your night time for checking syllabus and practice, understanding concepts, watching videos and solving practice tests.
  7. On Sunday, revise and read what you did in the week, and practice the questions.
  8. Spend 1 more day on the topic you didn’t understand and read books. See to it, you sort your doubts by using embibe, teachers and friends to clear your doubt.

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