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  • Last Modified 11-08-2022
  • Written By Mentor
  • Last Modified 11-08-2022

A Talk With Prudhvi Tej Immadi – IIT-JEE All India Rank-1

It is no wonder that IIT JEE is one of the most in-demand engineering exams conducted in the country today. It is a test that challenges your analytical and reasoning skills. To crack a competitive exam like IIT JEE, one must be equipped with good logical skills and grasping power—not to mention those lakhs of students applying for the test, which makes it even more competitive.

While analytical or logical skills make a huge different, they are not everything, other factors come into play, as well. And no one explain those key factors better than someone who cracked IIT JEE and obtained AIR-1. Yes, you guessed it right—today, we will be sharing with the preparation tips that Prudhvi Tej Immadi has shared with to score better marks in the IIT JEE exam. Here is what he has to say about nailing the IIT JEE on the first attempt.

A Talk With Prudhvi Tej Immadi

Hello friends, I am Prudhvi Tej Immadi, and I secured an All India Rank-1 in IIT JEE 2011. Today, let me give you a few tips which will help you to excel not only in your preparation for JEE Main and other competitive exams but also in your preparation for the boards. This journey is not that easy, and we generally feel a lot of pressure and expectations and often feel like quitting. But remember- only rolling stones gather no dirt. So always keep moving.


So, what do you think is the driving factor that keeps YOU motivated throughout the two years of your JEE Main preparation? Coaching classes teach you How to do things, but there is one thing that none else can teach you. And it is the ‘WHY’. Why do you want to clear JEE Main or get into the best engineering colleges in the country? If you have a clear answer on this, you will always be charged, and there will be no setbacks that can stop you from trying harder and harder till you get it. It’s that same WHY that will ignite the fire in you. For someone, it can be his parent’s dream, while for others, it can be the brand IIT. It can be anything. So, try finding your WHY, which will act as your motivating factor through and through.

Concentrate On Your Studies. Don’t Worry About What Others Do

Once you have your reason, effective planning will always help you stand out in the crowd. Lakhs of students study day in and day out to achieve the same dream. Only this fact might scare you a lot. But I will show you a different angle which helped me. I agree that there are lakhs of students fighting for this exam. But I had developed a mentality that I would solve as many questions as I could and try to get as many marks as I could. I never had in mind that there were lakhs of students and how would I get through. This way, I never felt the tension in my head, and I used to give my tests peacefully. No silly mistakes were made and I achieved what I deserved.

No Need to Rush Into Solving the Paper

I also used to do one more thing. Many of my friends had the habit that they would start solving from the very first question as soon as they received the paper in their hands. My advice to you is to take out 2 minutes just to have a look at the entire paper once and to pick up the easy questions first. The presence of the mind is very important, and smart work pays more than hard work.

Every Topic is important

There often exists a question of what topics you should work hard on. Well, it’s JEE, and so the entire course matters. I had a very strong hold on my favourite topics and practised them so well that I answered almost all the questions in JEE. Your favourite topics are the ones that will set your score high. Practice them to perfection. But don’t give up on other topics. Everything is important, and you never know what can come up in JEE. So your devotion of time to the three subjects is also important. Give adequate time to all of them. And for that, Plan your schedule effectively. Note down your daily activities and analyze them. This way, you will also know the number of hours per day u dedicate to your preparation per day. Noting down your daily activity will give you a proper insight into your activities and will help you to improve a little every day.

And I must say. These are your years. Work very, very hard with a very clear focus in mind. It was not easy for me. And it will never be for anyone. Believe me, I am standing In IIT Bombay and know the real worth of the hard work I had invested in the past 2 yrs.

I hope these tips will help you structure your studies in a proper manner and let me end this while wishing you all the best for your preparation.

Prudhvi Tej Immadi,
IIT-JEE 2011 All India Rank-1

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