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BITSAT Scholarships: New Admissions, Special Concessions, Continuing Students

BITSAT Scholarships 2022: Scholarships are a good thing, right? Qualify for one, and you will be on your way to getting into the college of your dreams with scholarship assistance. BITSAT scholarships are a significant source of funding for many students, but there are more scholarship types than just merit-based scholarships. To help you decide which type of scholarship in BITSAT you might be eligible for, we have put together comprehensive details of BITSAT scholarship 2022, including merit-based scholarships, in this article.

BITSAT is the gold standard for admission in science, engineering, management and research courses, with many thousands of students receiving BITSAT scholarships each year. BITS, Pilani conducts the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT) exam for Pilani and other BITS campuses. The institution-level entrance examination for 2022 will be conducted in two sessions and was postponed to be held from July 2 to 9, 2022 and August 3 to 7, 2022. The last date for online application was June 12, 2022. 

BITSAT Scholarships: Exam Highlights

Before we take a look at complete details on BITSAT scholarship 2022, let us first understand some important details on the BITSAT 2022 exam:

Name of ExamBITSAT
Mode of Exam Computer-Based Test (CBT)
College TypePrivate
Level of Courses OfferedUndergraduate (UG) Level
Courses OfferedB.E/ B.Tech
ScholarshipsMerit ScholarshipMerit-cum-Need scholarshipSports ExcellenceMerit for Continuing StudentsSpecial Concessions
BITSAT Conducting AuthorityBITS, Pilani
Mode of Online TestOnline (Computer-based Examination)
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Number of Sections (Parts)4
Number of Questions 130 questionsPhysics – 30Chemistry – 30Mathematics/ Biology – 40English Language – 10Logical Reasoning – 20
Medium of Exam English
Level of ExamUniversity Level
Official Website of

BITSAT Scholarship Details

The BITSAT scholarship is mostly a merit-based program. Merit scholarships can be awarded based on academic performance, financial need, BITSAT performance, special concessions, or other non-academic factors such as sports excellence. 

The candidates who qualify for the program will get a chance to pursue their higher education in BITS colleges. The BITSAT scholarship is also open to all students coming from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Candidates can find the BITSAT scholarship details below.

BITSAT Scholarship: New Admissions

  1. Board Toppers

Candidates who have secured top three positions (First, Second, and Third position) in 12th grade or Intermediate exam in their respective boards (General Secondary Education Certificate Exam of Ministry of Education, UAE or CBSE-India or any other State, National or International Board) can get the merit scholarship as below:

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
First Position in 12th Standard Exam100%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
Second Position in 12th Standard Exam75%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
Third Position in 12th Standard Exam50%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
  1. Merit in Qualifying Examination 

Candidates can get a scholarship based on the merit in the qualifying examination. There are two types of scholarships provided to candidates under merit in qualifying examination:

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
90% or Above Aggregate Marks in Qualifying Exam20%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
80% or Above But Less Than 90% Aggregate Marks in Qualifying Exam15%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
  1. Merit in BITSAT (BITS Online Admission Test) 

Candidates can get a scholarship based on the merit in the BITSAT examination. There are two types of BITSAT scholarship provided to candidates under merit in BITSAT examination:

Institute’s Own Merit Award Scheme

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
Top 1% of Student in BITSAT Exam100%Total Tuition Fee Waiver
Top 2% of Student in BITSAT Exam40%Total Tuition Fee Waiver

Institute’s Own Merit-cum-Need Awards Scheme

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
About 3% of Student in BITSAT Exam80%Total Tuition Fee Waiver
About 6% of Student in BITSAT Exam40%Total Tuition Fee Waiver
About 12% of Student in BITSAT Exam25%Total Tuition Fee Waiver
About 6% of Student in BITSAT Exam15%Total Tuition Fee Waiver

Note: Admitted Candidates with the BITSAT score of 150 or above will be offered a 25% concession in the Hostel fee for the normal duration of the programme (four years).

  1. Sports Excellence Scholarships

BITS colleges also provide scholarships to candidates for Sports Excellence. There are international and national level criteria for Sports Excellence scholarships as below:

Sports Excellence Scholarships: International Level

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
Students who Participated and Won Medals in International Championships50%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
Students who Participated in International Championships15%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver

Sports Excellence Scholarships: National Level

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
Students who Participated and Won Medals in National  Tournaments20%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver
Students who Participated in National  Tournaments5%First Semester Tuition Fee Waiver

BITSAT Scholarship: Merit for Continuing Students

By the end of each semester, all candidates who achieve at least a CGPA of 9.00 or more on a 10.00 CGPA scale will receive a merit scholarship of 20% of the tuition fee waiver for the following semester.

BITSAT Scholarship: Other Special Concessions

BITS provides a few special concessions-type scholarships for various candidates on the grounds of nationality, family situations, and physical conditions of the candidates.

Eligible StudentScholarship AmountScholarship Details
For UAE Students100%Total Tuition Fee Waiver, Hostel Fee, Transport FeeAnd the Cost of Books Throughout the Programme
(Eligibility Criteria of Admission to Institute Must Be Met)
For Sudden Bereavement of Earning Member of the Family of a Candidate100%Total Tuition Fee Waiver for a Semester
(On Grounds of the Financial Hardships Due to the Sudden and Untimely Demise of the Sole Earning Member of a Candidates’ Family in That Semester)
For Sudden Bereavement of Earning Member of the Family of a Candidate75%Subsequent Semesters Tuition Fee Waiver
(Case to Case Basis: Needs and Overall Performance/ Discipline of the Candidate)
For Physically Challenged Students15%Tuition Fee Waiver
(Throughout the Programme Subject ToSatisfactory Academic Performance in Each Semester)
For Siblings25%Tuition Fee Waiver
(For families with more than one child enrolled concurrently, a concession is available to the second child until the first child graduates)

FAQs on BITSAT Scholarship 2022

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on scholarship in BITSAT:

Q.1: Does BITS give scholarship?

Ans: Yes, BITS colleges provide scholarships that include various scholarships, fellowships, concessions, and other forms of financial assistance available to eligible candidates. 

Q.2: What types of scholarships in BITSAT?

Ans: There are various types of scholarships in BITSAT provided which includes Merit Scholarship, Merit-cum-Need scholarship, Merit for Continuing Students, and Special Concessions.

Q.3: Is BITS Goa better than NIT?

Ans: There is no definitive answer on that. However, BITS Goa is considered to be better than most NIT colleges in terms of investments (highest and average pay). The only NIT up above BITS Goa is NIT Tiruchirappalli.

Q6: What is the scholarship if you have won medals in international sports championships?

Ans: BITS colleges provide sports excellence concessions, where those candidates who have participated and won medals at the international championships can obtain a scholarship of 50% of the tuition fees for the first semester.

Q4: Is there any concession in the hostel fee for the candidates who have scored in the BITSAT exam?

Ans: Yes, there is a 25% concession in hostel fees for those candidates who obtain more than 150 marks in the BITSAT examination.

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Now that we have covered most of the important BITSAT scholarships, we hope this will help you. We recommend that all aspirants attempt regular BITSAT mock tests to boost their confidence. Try out our free, expert-designed mock tests that will help you identify strengths and weaknesses.

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