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How To Calculate JEE Main Percentile 2023?


How To Calculate JEE Main Percentile Score? The National Testing Agency notifies the JEE Main result as a percentile score. They will use the normalisation formula to calculate candidates’ JEE Main percentile scores. The NTA will prepare the JEE Main 2023 results and rank list based on percentile calculation and not on the raw scores secured by aspirants. 

Candidates secure entries based on the achieved score and percentiles by the candidates in the JEE Main Exam who, if qualified, move on to give the JEE Advanced to make it to the prestigious IITs. Read more to know about JEE Main Percentile calculation, NTA’s tie-breaker guidelines and the normalisation procedure used to give ranks to candidates.

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How To Calculate JEE Main Percentile Score 2023?

NTA will conduct the JEE Main exam twice this year, allowing candidates to get their desired score and ranking. The JEE Main paper consists of three sections featuring questions from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

What Is a Percentile in JEE Main?

The percentile score for JEE Main 2023 is used to calculate the relative performance of the candidates who have appeared in a particular examination. 

In JEE, it indicates the percentage of candidates who have scored equal or lower marks in that particular examination session. For example, if a score falls in the 70th percentile, 70 per cent of all the scores recorded are lower, and therefore the topper (100th percentile) gets the highest score in the exam. 

Note: Percentile is different from percentage, and so it is further from the raw score obtained by the candidate. The percentile of the total score is not an aggregate or average of the percentile of individual subjects in the exam, according to the guidelines laid down by NTA.

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How To Calculate JEE Main Percentile?

The formula for JEE Main 2023 Percentile Score = 100 x (The number of students who secured a score equal to or less than the student) / (The total number of students who appeared in a particular examination session).

The metrics required are –

  1. The total number of students appearing in that session of JEE Main examination
  2. The highest raw score achieved by the student in that session of JEE Main
  3. The number of students scoring lesser marks than others.

Candidates can ascertain JEE Main rank from the raw score and the percentile. Though it is difficult to calculate the AIR on your own based on the scores you obtain from NTA, they can take the help of online predictors to do this. The JEE Rank is essential for admissions and determines what course and college you would be eligible for. If two or more candidates get the same rank, there are tie-breaker guidelines for getting the ranking done without hassle.

JEE Main Percentile 2023: NTA Normalisation Procedure

NTA will adopt the Normalisation Process for JEE Main 2023 to create ranking lists to ensure that candidates who appear for JEE are neither benefited nor disadvantaged due to the difficulty level of the examination. 

For Normalisation, NTA shall use percentile equivalence.

  • Percentile Scores, which are the marks obtained in the examination, are converted into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for a particular examination session. You can convert the percentile score (your mark on the test) into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for a specific exam session.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Percentile Score indicates the percentage of candidates that have scored EQUAL TO OR BELOW (same or lower raw scores) that particular percentile in that examination. So, the topper receiving the highest score in each session gets the percentile of 100, which is desirable.
  • The Percentile Score is the Normalised Score for the examination (instead of the raw marks of the candidate) and is used to prepare the merit lists.

JEE Main Tie Breaker Guidelines

JEE Main 2023 tie-breaker process includes the following procedure:

  • The tie-breaker rule is applied if two or more aspirants obtain the same percentile scores based upon inter-se-merit criteria.
  • First, the aspirants who get a high score in mathematics will get preference.
  • Next, if the tie persists, the candidate, who gets a higher score in Physics, is considered higher ranked.
  • Further, if there is still a tie, the applicant will be highly ranked if they obtain higher marks in Chemistry than the others.
  • Finally, the older candidate will get more preference and a higher rank.

Step-by-step Procedure for Normalisation and Preparation of Result

To know more about the procedure that NTA follows to prepare the results, read ahead –

Step-1: Distribution of Examinees in two shifts:

  • Candidates are distributed into two sessions randomly so that each session has an approximately equal number of candidates.
  • These two sessions are as follows: 

Say, Session-1: Day-1 Shift-1, Session-2: Day-1 Shift-2 

This will ensure no bias in the distribution of candidates who appear for the examination. 

Step-2: Preparation of Results for each Session: 

  • The examination results for each session are prepared in the form of –

➢ Raw Scores ➢ Percentiles Scores of Total raw scores. 

  • The Percentiles would be calculated for each candidate in the session as follows: 

Let TP1 be the percentile score of the total raw score of that candidate. 

Total Percentile (TP1): 100 X No. of candidates who appeared from the session with a raw score EQUAL TO OR LESS than the T1 score / Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session 

Step-3: Compilation of NTA score and Preparation of Result: 

  • If the NTA now organises the examination in various sessions over a few months, the Percentile scores for the Total Raw Score for all the sessions, as calculated in Step-2, get merged and called the NTA scores. They will use this to compile results and further processing to decide the allocation. 
  • If the percentiles for the multi-shifts are dissimilar/unequal, the lowest will be the eligibility cut-off for that category for all candidates (i.e. all shifts). 
  • For Example: In the examination held in two shifts, if the 40% marks correspond to a Percentile score of 78 in Shift 1 and 79 in Shift 2, then all those equal to or above 78 percentiles (Percentile score of 100 to 78) in both shifts will become eligible in General Category. NTA will adopt a similar method for the other categories to determine eligibility cut-offs. 

The NTA follows this procedure to calculate the JEE Main percentile scores (total and subject-wise) and uses them to determine the ranks and create the category-wise ranking lists.

FAQs on How to Calculate JEE Main Percentile 2023

Here are some of the common questions on JEE Main percentile calculation 2023:

Q: What is the JEE Main percentile?

Ans: JEE Main percentile score is used for calculating the relative performance of the candidates who have appeared in a particular examination. 

Q: How is JEE Main percentile calculated?

Ans: The JEE Main percentile calculation formula is – 100 x (The number of students who secured a score equal to or less than the student) / (The total number of students who appeared in a particular examination session).

Q: What is the minimum JEE Main percentile score for SC candidates?

Ans: The minimum JEE Main percentile score for SC candidates is expected to be above 45 this year.

Q: When will NTA release the JEE Main percentile 2023?

Ans: NTA will release the JEE Main percentile 2023 and the JEE Main scorecard.

Q. What is the JEE Main normalisation process?

Ans: In the JEE Main normalisation process, the percentile score of candidates is calculated on top of all four sessions for the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and overall percentile, along with the overall Merit/ Ranking.

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