5 Careless Mistakes In Attempting Exams: How To Improve?
  • Written By Team_Embibe
  • Last Modified 05-08-2022
  • Written By Team_Embibe
  • Last Modified 05-08-2022

How To Reduce Careless Mistakes: How To Avoid Mistakes?

Exams do more than just analysing the academic knowledge of candidates appearing for the exam. Exams also profess a challenge to the candidate’s sense of discipline, emotional stability, and determination. Exams cause a tremendous amount of pressure, making the students feel like the entire sum of their education leads up to this one chance to prove themselves.

Whether you are a University student or appear in any competitive exams, one of the most mentally exhausting times of the year is when exam season comes around.

To overcome the fear of exam, students require more than the knowledge component of the exam. They need to master the skills to crack exams. This article will discuss 5 careless mistakes in attempting exams and how to improve it. Some of the successful strategies to adopt so as to ensure the best outcome during exams.

5 Common Mistakes in Attempting Exams: How to Improve?  

Many students often complain I had a very good preparation, I don’t know why I could not get a good score in the exam. And this is true, at Embibe our Data Science Team analysed exams data set for lakhs of students and found that knowledge accounts for 61% of your score and 39% depends on test taking skills. So knowledge is definitely an important component of success in exam but skills will determine where you stand among the ranker.

Lets discuss 5 common mistakes that students make during the exam.

Silly Mistakes

One of the most common term you will listen from students is that I made silly mistakes and lost the exam by 1 or 2 marks. But what they term as silly mistakes is always associated with confusion regarding concepts. They have slight idea about the topic but they are not confident about it. So the mistake is actually not silly, its their assumption that the mistake was silly. And if they do not overcome these silly mistakes they will loose attempt after attempt.

How to improve silly mistake? 

To overcome silly mistakes students need to be confident about what they know and what they do not. The concepts they have read must be re-revised and practiced multiple times to have a crystal clear understanding of the concept. Whenever you think you have made a silly mistake take it seriously and improve your knowledge component. What looks silly may not be so silly.

Not Reading the Question Properly

Human brains have a habit of seeing what they want to see, and this is true in the exam room’s high-pressure environment. In such situations, candidates at times do not read a question carefully. 

Because of which, candidates always end up writing a completely different answer. No matter how brilliant an answer they write, they will not get any marks for it if it does not answer the question. 

How to improve? 

To deal with this, candidates need a little more concentration. Also, read the question carefully, at least twice thoroughly.  Try to understand what the problem is asking. Again, circle or underline key words to keep on track. Understand the difference between instructional words such as – compare and contrast and answer accordingly.

Poor Exam Technique

Another important aspect that often causes mistakes is the candidate’s exam technique. This means how they answer different types of questions, how they practice proper exam time management, and how they give their examiners or tutors the answers they are looking for. 

How to improve? 

This actually becomes one of the most important ways to score the highest marks in the exams and to score the lowest, if neglected. So, candidates must pay attention to it when their teacher or study guides talk about it. They must try to improve their techniques to score good marks. 

Time Management

It is a classic student mistake – spending too much time on the first few questions and not leaving enough time to finish. 

If candidates find that they are going over the allocated time in one particular question or part, skip it and come back to it later; otherwise, they could be missing out on easy points they can score by answering questions they already know.

How to improve? 

Using the time-management techniques can improve a candidates ability to function more effectively, even when time is tight, and pressures are high. To improve time management skills, practicing mock test in a timed manner is essential. By regular practice you can understand the time requirements for various types of questions and can make strategy for the final exam. Also, keeping a tab on time at regular interval during the exam is essential.

Stressing Out in Exam Hall

Exams are full of surprises and a few failed attempt at questions may create stress and anxiety among students. And these behavioral issues leads to wrong answers for question they could have easily solved in a normal situation. This behavioral problem is always used in exam by the test setters to check the emotional stability and stress handling ability of candidates and many fail at it.

How to improve? 

Right amount of practice and understanding of the exam is most important in such cases. If you know you can sail through the exam even after making 5 – 10 mistakes, you must not stress out because of a few failed attempts. Understand that these are deliberate attempts to stress you out during the exam and led you to unnecessary mistakes.

Top exam strategies for avoiding careless mistakes. 

Try to use all the Resources for Studying and Revising – Candidates must not just limit themselves to the study guides or revision book as these will not give the full knowledge that they will need to rock the exam. Instead, familiarize with a wide variety of different resources – from textbooks to newspaper articles (if they are relevant) to online study materials to the teacher’s notes. Keep things broad.

Go through some of the common mistakes – A helpful way to avoid exam mistakes is to know what common mistakes to expect, and that’s why seeing what mistakes others have made is handy. There are going to be sample questions all over the shop. Trying to get acquainted with the paper pattern and marking schemes is one of the best ways to avoid these silly exam mistakes.

Work on the exam technique – If candidates are looking to get a hold on time management, using mock exams and mark schemes is the best way to do this. When they are revising, a good amount of their time should be dedicated to the mock tests. 

Do not forget to check the answers at the end – Always save some time to reread the answers. Just do it. That’s how one can spot the silly mistakes that they have inevitably made. 

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