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  • Written By Karen Marwein
  • Last Modified 10-08-2022
  • Written By Karen Marwein
  • Last Modified 10-08-2022

How To Revise NEET Syllabus 2022: Best Strategy

How To Revise NEET Syllabus 2022: The National Testing Agency (NTA) released the NEET 2022 notification on its official website. As the NEET 2022 registration concluded on May 20, 2022, candidates must be wondering how to revise the NEET 2022 syllabus efficiently before the NEET exam. This article will answer your questions about your NEET 2022 revision.

A good revision plan for NEET 2022 syllabus will help you cover all the important topics of NEET Biology, Physics and Chemistry well ahead of time. A good NEET revision strategy will also help you obtain good NEET 2022 scores that will get you admission to your dream college. Read the complete article to find the detailed strategy for NEET 2022 revision along with tips to prepare for the different subjects asked in the exam, i.e. Biology (Botany and Zoology), Chemistry and Physics.

Latest Updates:
* NEET answer key
will be released on the official website on July 29, 2022.
* NEET OMR sheet response 
to be released soon on the official website.
* Embibe has provided the NEET 2022 question paper solution in PDF that aspirants can refer to.

How to Revise NEET Syllabus 2022

Revising your NEET 2022 syllabus will become easier for you if you follow all the tips and tricks for effective revision provided in this article. An effective NEET preparation strategy will help you manage time and revise the topics that will fetch you a good NEET score. In this article, we have provided you with all the steps that will help you with the revision strategy for NEET exam preparation 2022:

Brush up on all the basic concepts
The right study material
Practice regularly
Take mock tests regularly
Work on previous year’s papers
Clear all the last-minute queries and doubts

Brush up All the Basic Concepts

One concept is always linked to another, and with the help of Embibe’s Knowledge Tree, you can easily find out how to connect those dots. Once you clearly understand the important NEET chapters and concepts, you will be ready for the next step, which is, applying them. Students must majorly concentrate on graphs, flow charts, and diagrams. Note down all the important formulas, theorems, and flowcharts on a whiteboard/chart paper for last-minute revision.

Right Study Material

Looking back at the NEET previous year’s question papers, almost 80 – 90% of the questions are derived from NCERT books. Along with the study plan, it is important to have the right books. One needs to master the NCERT Class 11 and NCERT Class 12 books. Candidates must also refer to the best NEET books for effective preparation, and it is recommended that you stick to revising them thoroughly instead of referring to more advanced books.

You can go through the massive collection of NEET study material present at Embibe.

Practice Regularly

Practising NEET questions on Embibe will help you improve your test-taking skills. You will be able to tell whether you are answering each question within the ideal time or overtime and how many wasted attempts you commit, whether from lack of knowledge or carelessness.

Go through the NEET timetable to check out the precise preparation plan for 8 months, 6 months, and 3 months.

Take Mock Tests Regularly

NEET analysts and experts at Embibe suggest that students must start by practising previous years’ question papers and mock tests. This approach helps the students get a clear idea of the exam pattern, exam difficulty level, type of questions asked, important concepts/questions, etc. After all the studying, practising and revising, it is always good to test yourself. Take regular NEET mock tests on Embibe, and the personalised platform will help you evaluate your performance. You will know exactly where your weaknesses are and how to improve them.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

No exam revision is complete without having a go at the previous year’s papers. Embibe provides NEET previous year papers for you to attempt solving. This will help you get a taste and feel of what the real test will be like. Solving NEET previous year question papers will help the aspirants know NEET exam patterns, section-wise distribution of marks, frequent conceptual questions, and more. NEET previous year Papers will help you narrow the scope of studying by helping you focus on the Important topics for NEET 2022.

Clear All The Last-Minute Queries and Doubts

If you have any doubts/queries in your mind, clear all of them with your mentors, teachers or friends’ help. You must enter the examination hall without an ounce of doubt in your head. Therefore, utilize all the time you have to get all your queries solved. Don’t hesitate to ask a subject expert when in doubt.

You can also go ahead and ask for all your academic doubts from our experts using the Embibe Ask option.

Subject-wise Revision Strategy to Crack NEET 2022

In this section, we have provided the subject-wise NEET revision plan which is recommended by the experts. These will help you to crack the NEET 2022 exam smartly.

How to Revise NEET Syllabus for Physics

The tips are mentioned below,

  • Learn all the important concepts of the subject.
  • Start giving mock tests and solve a sample amount of questions as well as previous year’s papers.
  • Eat healthily, and 6-7 hours of sleep is necessary. This will help you stay focused and refreshed.
  • Get all of your queries solved in time from an expert. You can also ask your academic doubts from the experts at Embibe.

How to Revise NEET Syllabus for Zoology

The tips are mentioned below,

  • Revise all the important topics of the subject.
  • Start practising various mock tests and solve a good amount of questions as well as previous year’s papers.
  • Any queries should be solved in time by a subject expert. Candidates can also ask their academic doubts to the experts at Embibe.
  • Sleeping for 6-7 hours is essential as it will help you stay refreshed and focused.

How to Revise NEET Syllabus for Botany

The tips are mentioned below,

  • Revise all the important diagrams, process cycles and tables from your recommended NCERT books thoroughly.
  • Some concepts, such as plant morphology, plant and animal kingdoms, plant anatomy and animal tissues, etc., are recommended to be read only from the NCERT books for a better understanding.
  • Learn all the important genetic combinations for dihybrid crosses.
  • Practice the NCERT-based questions and the NEET Biology practice questions from Embibe as much as possible.

How to Revise NEET Syllabus for Chemistry

The tips are mentioned below,

  • Referring to a lot of different study material will surely make an aspirant feel confused. Therefore, you can follow one coaching material and books. This will be enough for the NEET preparation.
  • Go through the important reactions, formulae and chapters first.
  • You must practice as many questions as you can. Cracking the NEET exam is all about practice, so don’t lose your focus.
  • Previous year’s question papers will provide you with a fair idea of what you can expect in the NEET Chemistry question paper. Therefore, practising them in a time-bound manner is important.

FAQs on How To Revise NEET 2022 Syllabus

Below are the frequently asked questions on how to revise the NEET 2022 syllabus.

Q.1: What are the eligibility criteria for NEET 2022?
Ans: Failing to meet all the eligibility criteria will result in the disqualification of a candidate. The eligibility criteria are as follows.
1) As of December 31/22, all applicants must have attained 17 years of age. They also need to pass their class 12 or equivalent board exams with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as the main subjects.
2) Must have scored a minimum of 50% for the General category and 40% for SC/ST/OBC.
3)They must have Indian nationality. However, foreign nationals can apply for the exam too, but their NEET eligibility criteria are different.
4) NTA has removed the upper age criteria for candidates who want to appear for the NEET UG exams. This is as per the decision taken by the NMC.

Q.2: Can I crack NEET 2022 with four months of preparation?
Ans: Learn, Practice and test. Follow these three principles if you have a goal of achieving a good score in the NEET 2022. Prepare a study plan and strictly adhere to it. This exercise will help you in categorising your priorities.

Q.3: Are NCERT books enough to prepare for NEET?
Ans: Start with NCERT books. Sound knowledge of all the topics from NCERT books will help you in building a strong foundation. For Physics and Chemistry, you can refer to other reference books published by renowned authors.

Q.4: Is there a negative marking in the NEET 2022 paper?
Ans: Yes, there is a negative marking. A -1 is awarded for every wrong answer. If the question is unattempted, then no score is awarded.

Q.5: How many times is the NEET exam conducted in a year?
Ans: Although there were different speculations, the NTA will conduct the NEET exam once this year.

Embibe wishes you all the best for the NEET 2022 exam!

Stay tuned to Embibe for more updates on NEET 2022.

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