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  • Written By Zeshan Naz
  • Last Modified 08-08-2022
  • Written By Zeshan Naz
  • Last Modified 08-08-2022

Last Minute Tips for JEE Main 2022: Effective Exam Preparation Tips

Last Minute Tips for JEE Main 2022: National Testing Agency or the NTA successfully concluded JEE Main Session 1 exams on June 29, 2022. Also, the agency declared results for JEE Main Session 1 on July 11, 2022. Since NTA is organising Paper 1 and Paper 2 from July 25 to 30, 2022, in Shift 1 and Shift 2, we suggest all appearing candidates check out the last-minute exam preparation tips for JEE Main 2022. It is high time for all the candidates; therefore, they must prepare accordingly. Continue reading to get all the last-minute tips for JEE Main 2022 exam.

JEE Main July session is being held from July 25 to 30, 2022. Although JEE Main is one of the most competitive exams in India, with a strategic plan, dedication, and unyielding motivation, candidates can crack the entrance test on the first attempt. Therefore, we have given some most effective last-minute tips for JEE Main preparation to help students gear up for their Session 1 exam. Candidates must refer to these tips and follow them to score the highest marks. Read on to know more!

Latest Updates:
– NTA is conducting JEE Main 2022 July attempt (session 2) exams from July 25 to 30, 2022. Aspirants can check JEE Main paper analysis to check the difficulty.
– JEE Main Session 2 hall ticket released (Download Now)
– NTA activated the image correction on July 21, 2022. Those who want to correct their JEE Main application form can log in via the direct link.
– JEE Main June Session exam results are out!
– NTA has released the JEE Main Final answer key (Check Now)
– Check out JEE Main June exam analysis

JEE Main Last Minute Preparation Tips 2022

During JEE Main preparation, we suggest that aspirants utilise the study hours properly and cover maximum topics of the syllabus to obtain a good JEE Main score. Therefore, we have devised a perfect last-minute plan for them so they can stay away from negativity, focus on their exam, and optimise their exam-taking strategy.

JEE Main All India Test Series (AITS): Practice Now

JEE Main is the exam requiring focused attention toward the curriculum, topics, or subjects as laid out in the JEE Main syllabus. Cracking a challenging exam like this on the first attempt is a big deal, especially when one has no idea about taking the test. And that is where JEE Main mock tests come in, helping applicants with how they need to proceed with taking the test—just like they would do when they appear for the actual exam.

Embibe also provides the All India Test Series (AITS) to help students crack JEE Main 2022 with a better score. Candidates can follow the steps below to take the AIT series:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e.,
  • 2nd Step: Login through your mobile number/email.
  • 3rd Step: Then select your Goal as ‘JEE Main’ under Engineering.
  • 4th Step: Click Next and select your preferred language.
  • 5th Step: Once done, click on the below-mentioned links to take the TEST.
JEE Main 2022 PCMAttempt All India Test Series Test – 1
JEE Main 2022 PCMAttempt All India Test Series Test – 2
JEE Main 2022 PCMAttempt All India Test Series Test – 3
JEE Main 2022 PCMAttempt All India Test Series Test – 4
JEE Main 2022 PCMAttempt All India Test Series Test – 5
JEE Main 2022 PCMAttempt All India Test Series Test – 6

Effective Last Minute JEE Main Preparation Tips

We have devised some of the most effective tips for last-minute preparation for JEE Main 2022 exam. Take a look to find out:

  • Keep Away Negativity: Be aware of the negative thoughts surrounding your mind. If you are confident about 15 out of the 20 chapters in any subject, do not think about those five chapters you are unsure of, especially in the last few days of the exam. Even if you secure 180 marks in total (i.e. 50% of marks), there is a chance of getting an admission seat in one of the top NITs.
  • Focus on Time Management: Monitor yourself while giving a mock test or solving previous year’s papers in a time-bound manner. Creating a realistic approach will prove to be of utmost help. For instance, if the actual exam is to be conducted at three noon, candidates should also take their mock test at 3:00 PM to match their biological clock with the exact exam timing. Following the precise timing as that of the actual JEE will make the candidates habituated to the schedule, and they will not face any unwanted issues during the exam.
  • Minimise Your Interaction: Interaction before the exam often leads to unnecessary thoughts and views. Try to mingle less with your peers or other aspirants before the exam, as this may lead to a conflict of ideas or opinions, and in turn; it might lower your morale and confidence.
  • Do Not Juggle with Topics: While preparing for the exam, complete one topic thoroughly and then move on to the other. Juggling 2-3 topics together will lead to unwanted confusion. This habit will keep you well informed and well prepared on each topic.
  • Optimise Your Exam Taking Strategy: As per the general trend, 50% of the JEE questions come out to be easy. Look for such questions and solve them on a priority basis. Do not get nervous when you see a series of tough questions at the beginning of the paper; go ahead with the test, and you will find easy ones too. Do not give up just by looking at the beginning; there is always a possibility of finding a less complicated set of questions as you move forward. Do not do any kind of guesswork during the examination. It mostly leads to negative marks and hinders the chances of getting a suitable score. Try to enhance your question selection skills. Practising mock tests can help you achieve that.
  • Revise Important Topics: Revise only the essential topics when the exam is just a few days away. Do not waste time revising the less important topics. Doing so will eventually lead to a waste of time. You can go through the important topics for JEE Main here. 
  • Have Sound Sleep: Get sound sleep. Nothing works out when your mind is tired. Therefore, it is essential to schedule a sleeping routine for 6 to 7 hours daily. If you fail to keep up, your body will find it hard to adjust to last-minute changes in your daily pattern, which, in turn, will impact your exam-taking ability.
  • Reach the Exam Hall Before Time: Reach the exam centre one or two hours before the exam. Doing so will prepare you for the better. You will get a chance to adjust to the atmosphere at the exam centre. Also, it is always better to reach the venue before time to avoid any panic situation. 

JEE Main Exam Day Instructions 2022

Here are some essential last-minute tips while appearing for JEE Mains exam:

  • Read all the instructions carefully, so you do not miss any important ones. Before writing the exam, utilise the reading time to follow the instructions. Doing so will keep you away from thinking anything disturbing. Please take a deep breath and stay composed before starting with any subject you are confident in (we recommend starting with Chemistry since it requires less calculation, but anyway, it is your choice).
  • Now, identify 5-6 simple questions and solve them perfectly. It will boost your confidence to go further without hesitation. Do not give up if you find tough questions in the beginning. Go ahead with the exam, and you will come across less complex questions as you move forward.
  • Complete one section fully and then move on to the next one. Do not confuse yourself by tossing from one section to the other. This will create confusion and hamper your time duration to solve the paper.
  • Save 15% of the time for last-minute revision, i.e., go through the whole paper. Do not submit the paper before revising it completely. Usually, candidates think of the best answers while revising the paper.

Best Books for JEE Main 2022

Students must be aware of the essential books for JEE Main preparation to crack JEE Mains 2022 with an excellent rank. Some of the best books for JEE Main for all three subjects are mentioned below:

Best Books for JEE Main Mathematics

Get to know the best JEE Main Mathematics books from the table given below:

Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by TMH Publications  Introduction to Probability and its applications for JEE Main and advanced by Wiliam Feller.Pearson guide to complete mathematics by SL Loney  
Arihant Publications Vectors and RD Geometry book  Integral calculus and Differential calculus for IIT JEE by Amit Agarwal  IIT Mathematics by R.D. Sharma  

Best Books for JEE Main Chemistry

Check the table given below to know all the best books for JEE Main Chemistry:

IIT Chemistry by O P TandonOrganic Chemistry by Solomon and Fryhle  Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur  
Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd  Textbook for the Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R C Mukherjee  Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon
Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee  Complete Chemistry for JEE Main by NCERT  Organic Chemistry by Solomon and Fryhle

Best Books for JEE Mains Physics

The following table will acquaint you with the best JEE Main Physics books:

Understanding Physics for JEE Main and JEE Advanced by D.C. PandeyProblems in General Physics by I.E. IrodovComplete Physics for JEE main by I.E. Irodov
Understanding Physics Electricity and Magnetism by D.C. PandeyConcepts of Physics (Volume 1 and 2) by H.C. Verma —

Attempt JEE Main Mock Tests on Embibe

If you face difficulty with the free JEE Main mock test series, you can use the ‘Start Practice’ feature at Embibe to solve JEE practice questions and work on your weak chapters. Your score will improve in the next test. With the revolutionary AI-driven product RANKUP, you can work on your test-taking strategies to score well in your exams.

We strongly believe that your JEE preparations will be simple and effective if you follow a well-structured and consistent plan. Solving JEE Main and Advanced previous year papers will help you prepare.

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We hope this detailed article on Last Minute Tips for JEE Main 2022 helps you prepare for the exam and score better grades. Candidates preparing for JEE Main must try free JEE Main mock tests available at Embibe. These mocks will help you reinforce your conceptual understanding.

Stay tuned to Embibe to get more information about JEE Main 2022 exam.

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