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MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2022: Check Closing & Opening Ranks


MNIT Jaipur Cut-off: For securing admissions via JEE Main to Malaviya National Institute of Technology, MNIT Jaipur, candidates must achieve the minimum cut-off marks. The MNIT Jaipur cut-off for each course is published separately by JoSAA. Most importantly, only those candidates who meet the cut-off scores will be eligible to take admissions. The cut-off for MNIT Jaipur 2022 has not yet been released.

After considering a variety of factors, such as the total number of seats, the number of applicants, the complexity of the test questions, etc., the authority will announce the cut-off. To exhibit this year’s cut-off, candidates might look at the previous year’s cut-offs like MNIT Jaipur 2021 cut-off and close ranks. Continue reading to learn more about the Jaipur JEE Main cut-off.

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2022

MNIT Jaipur is one of the topmost engineering colleges in India. It has a history of excellence and a high reputation. JoSAA declares a high cut-off to get admission to this college, and the cut-off changes every year depending on the courses. MNIT Jaipur JEE Main 2022 cut-off is not released yet.

Candidates can check the opening and closing ranks of previous years below. They can easily understand the cut-off trends and prepare accordingly for the exam.

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2021

The officials released the MNIT Jaipur cut-off after completing each round of the JoSAA counselling process. Candidates should note that the JEE Main cut-off for MNIT Jaipur was available in the form of closing ranks for various genders, categories, quotas (home state as well as the other states), and the different courses offered at the institute.

Chemical EngineeringOPEN19901222452394723478
OBC NCL736476101350411450
Civil Engineering23996213273376031095
OBC NCL842271311437913834
ST795 353795631
Computer Science and Engineering2594356751066843
OBC NCL1289207529503003
Electrical Engineering11904122151946917741
OBC NCL4381426693237920
Electronics and Communication Engineering810677811239911395
OBC NCL3271314061825076
Mechanical Engineering16577164642565826712
OBC NCL619859141437211838
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering29377304983803137306
OBC NCL10512108531750015081
OBC NCL39913413991341

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off Determining Factors

Here is the list of parameters that determine the MNIT Jaipur cut-off.

  • The difficulty level of the JEE Main 2022 exam.
  • The total number of seats available in the respective courses provided by MNIT Jaipur.
  • The total number of candidates who appeared for the exam.
  • Previous years’ cut-off trends.
  • Choices and preferences of the candidates standing higher on the merit list.

Previous Years’ MNIT Jaipur Cut-off

In the next sections, let us take a look at the MNIT Jaipur cut-off for the previous years of 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2020

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2020 cut-off.

CourseCategoryHome State
Other State
Home State
Other State
Computer Science and EngineeringOPEN3894378963996874
 OBC NCL1430157344933655
Civil EngineeringOPEN19845283913257940417
 OBC NCL590787641281815866
Electrical EngineeringOPEN12237134061820620714
 OBC NCL370146381042811444
Mechanical EngineeringOPEN15338170902417232418
 OBC NCL493357361363015842
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOPEN875787471370614740
 OBC NCL2983325091547089
Chemical EngineeringOPEN22984244753017730663
 OBC NCL729885631552514241
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOPEN30757360003810946337
 OBC NCL12171127041982319364
 OBC NCL25305735484635

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2019

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2019 cut-off.

Course NameCategoryMale (Home State)Male (Other State)Female (Home State)Female (Other State)
Mechanical EngineeringOBC47694979896212086
Computer Science and EngineeringOBC1721165841723605
Civil EngineeringOBC578772831046713560
Electrical EngineeringOBC3975416163398479
Chemical EngineeringOBC749585221036312913
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOBC9918114861465615912
Electronics and Communication EngineeringOBC3548352964386090

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2018

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2018 cut-off.

Course NameCategoryHome State (Opening Rank)Home State (Closing Rank)Other State (Opening Rank)Other State (Closing Rank)
Mechanical EngineeringGeneral709612120800012810
 OBC NCL2221445428064512
Computer Science and EngineeringGeneral1617437320344879
 OBC NCL891166611871892
Civil EngineeringGeneral11616161051061321349
 OBC NCL3378543338176433
Electrical EngineeringGeneral646910014747511487
 OBC NCL1812309827654465
Chemical EngineeringGeneral9563197121169924140
 OBC NCL3537615755537567
Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral5228844847838578
 OBC NCL1922306721323333
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringGeneral17692284221664132460
 OBC NCL57909738600811134

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2017

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off.

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2017 – General Category

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for General Category.

General Category – Home State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for General Category- Home State.

Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Chemical Engineering1212718919
 Electrical Engineering49639416
 Civil Engineering874415294
 Mechanical Engineering518210643
 Electronics & Communication Engineering50588167
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)7622697
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering1831128810
 Computer Science & Engineering20994539

General Category – Other State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for General Category- Other State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Electrical Engineering970613227
 Chemical Engineering1296520237
 Civil Engineering1190620427
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)5741738
 Mechanical Engineering914413321
 Electronics & Communication Engineering62879237
 Computer Science & Engineering34055931
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering2065229271

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2017 – OBC-NCL Category

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for OBC-NCL Category.

OBC-NCL Category – Home State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for OBC-NCL Category- Home State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Chemical Engineering47936297
 Electronics & Communication Engineering21633960
 Mechanical Engineering26393733
 Computer Science & Engineering8241827
 Civil Engineering38674514
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)7772600
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering67458649
 Electrical Engineering19612855

OBC-NCL Category – Other State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for OBC-NCL Category- Other State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Electronics & Communication Engineering22493662
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)439959
 Chemical Engineering53957467
 Computer Science & Engineering11432007
 Mechanical Engineering34134462
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering751610078
 Civil Engineering49046077
 Electrical Engineering28074702

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2017 – SC Category

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for SC Category.

SC Category – Home State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for SC Category- Home State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Chemical Engineering18803033
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering31095243
 Electrical Engineering11591612
 Mechanical Engineering8531715
 Civil Engineering3462121
 Electronics & Communication Engineering8852264
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)423849
 Computer Science & Engineering194886

SC Category – Other State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for SC Category- Other State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Chemical Engineering20163724
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering38895324
 Electrical Engineering9632452
 Mechanical Engineering11942490
 Computer Science & Engineering7981041
 Electronics & Communication Engineering12952575
 Civil Engineering15762742
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)163371

MNIT Jaipur Cut-off 2017 – ST Category

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for ST Category.

ST Category – Home State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for ST Category- Home State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Chemical Engineering470984
 Computer Science & Engineering145430
 Civil Engineering104146
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)332642
 Electrical Engineering247302
 Mechanical Engineering169182
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering14891902
 Electronics & Communication Engineering414779

ST Category – Other State

Let us look at the MNIT Jaipur 2017 cut-off for ST Category- Other State.

 Program NameOpening RankClosing Rank
 Civil Engineering4691341
 Chemical Engineering16772765
 Electrical Engineering5531615
 Electronics & Communication Engineering8821723
 Computer Science & Engineering340460
 Architecture (5 Years, B.Arch.)188233
 Metallurgical & Materials Engineering26543502
 Mechanical Engineering12301627

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MNIT Jaipur Courses Offered

Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) Jaipur offers different engineering courses. Check out the details below.

  • Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MME)

In this section, we provide you with some of the frequently asked questions related to the MNIT Jaipur cut-off.

Q.1: When the MNIT Jaipur Cut-off will be released?

Ans: MNIT Jaipur cut-off will be released once the counselling process gets over.

Q.2: Can I get Electrical Engineering at MNIT Jaipur with a 12k rank in the JEE Main home state?

Ans: You can’t predict whether you’ll be able to get admission to MNIT Jaipur with a rank of 12000. The previous years’ trends in this article should be used as a rough estimate to find out whether you’ll be able to make it to the institute or not.

Q.3: What will be the cut-off for MNIT Jaipur Civil Engineering this year?

Ans: The MNIT Jaipur cut-off for Civil Engineering (CE) varies on multiple factors every year. For 2020, the cut-off for CE (General) was:
– Male (Home State): 8757
– Male (Other State): 8747
– Female (Home State): 13706
– Female (Other State): 14740

Q.4: Will my 97 percentile get me into MNIT Jaipur?

Ans: Your projected rank would be between 8000 and 8500 because your OBC caste percentile is close to 97. Additionally, the final time cut-off for Mechanical Engineering at MNIT was 5387 between the first and last counselling sessions. As a result, you stand a good probability of getting into MNIT, Jaipur.

Q.5: Can I get direct admissions to MNIT?

Ans: You cannot directly apply for admission to MNIT Jaipur or any other NIT. You must take the JEE Mains and may only be admitted based on your JEE Mains rank in order to enrol in MNIT Jaipur or any other NIT.

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