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NEET Answer Key Aakash Institute 2022: How to Calculate Your Score


NEET Answer Key by Aakash Institute 2022: One of India’s most reputed coaching institutes, Aakash Institute, will release the NEET 2022 answer key for all codes (M, N, O, P) on its official website. Students who have appeared in the exam can check the NEET answer key Aakash to understand how they performed by calculating their probable score once released on the official website.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) releases the final answer key for NEET exams on its official website. Before releasing the final answer key, NTA releases the provisional answer key. The responses in the provisional answer key can be challenged until the correction window is open. Candidates will be required to pay a fee in correspondence with the responses to the questions they wish to get corrected. Read the articles on NEET exam answer key and question paper with solutions for the previous years by Aakash, calculation methods and other details.

Latest Updates:
* NEET answer key
will be released on the official website.
* NEET OMR sheet response 
to be released soon on the official website.
Embibe has provided the NEET 2022 question paper solution in PDF that aspirants can refer to.

Aakash NEET Answer Key – All Codes (M, N, O, P)

Candidates can check the table below to download the NEET 2021 answer key and solutions for the previous year for codes M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, N1, N2, N3, N4, N6, P1, P2, P3, P4, P6, O1, O2, O3, O4, and O6 codes from here. In addition, the NEET question paper with solutions from the Aakash Institute is also available for free download in PDF form.

NEET UG PapersQuestion and Answers KeySolutions
NEET Code-M1Click hereClick here
NEET Code-M2Click hereClick here
NEET Code-M3Click hereClick here
NEET Code-M4Click hereClick here
NEET Code-M5Click hereClick here
NEET Code-M6Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-N1Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-N2Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-N3Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-N4Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-N6Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-O1Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-O2Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-O3Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-O4Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-O6Click HereClick Here
NEET Code-P1Click hereClick here
NEET Code-P2Click hereClick here
NEET Code-P3Click hereClick here
NEET Code-P4Click hereClick here
NEET Code-P6Click hereClick here

How to Download NEET Answer Key by Aakash?

Aakash Institute will release the NEET answer key 2022 on its official website. The simple steps for downloading the Aakash NEET Answer Key are provided here:

  • 1st Step: This page will include a link to download Aakash’s NEET 2022 answer key PDFs.
  • 2nd Step: Candidates must click on the link against their paper code.
  • 3rd Step: The Aakash NEET 2022 response key will be in PDF format.
  • 4th Step: After downloading the PDF, tally the answers you have marked for each question with the solution provided in the NEET answer key by Aakash.
  • 5th Step: Calculate the scores using the NEET 2022 marking scheme.

Previous Year NEET Answer Key Aakash

The answer keys for all codes and detailed solutions for the NEET exam for the previous years have been provided going forward. The NEET 2020 question paper with solutions PDF by Aakash have been provided below:

NEET Response Key by Aakash 2020

The below table provides links to the NEET 2020 answer key and solutions.

NEET Question Paper CodeNEET 2020 Answer KeyNEET 2020 Solutions
Code E1Click HereClick Here
Code E2Click HereClick Here
Code E3Click HereClick Here
Code E4Click HereClick Here
Code E5Click HereClick Here
Code F1Click HereClick Here
Code F2Click HereClick Here
Code F3Click HereClick Here
Code F4Click HereClick Here
Code F5Click HereClick Here
Code G1Click HereClick Here
Code G2Click HereClick Here
Code G3Click HereClick Here
Code G4Click HereClick Here
Code G5Click HereClick Here
Code H1Click HereClick Here
Code H2Click HereClick Here
Code H3Click HereClick Here
Code H4Click HereClick Here
Code H5Click HereClick Here


NEET Response Key by Aakash 2019

This section provides Aakash’s answer key 2019 for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, along with detailed solutions and question papers. Check out the table below:

NEET Question Paper CodeNEET 2019 Answer KeyNEET 2019 Solutions by Aakash
Code P1Click HereClick Here
Code P2Click HereClick Here
Code Q1Click HereClick Here
Code Q2Click HereClick Here
Code R1Click HereClick Here
Code S1Click HereClick Here
Code S2Click HereClick Here

How to Calculate Score from Aakash NEET Answer Key?

To calculate your probable score from the NEET answer key, you should be aware of the NEET exam pattern and NEET marking scheme, which are tabulated below:

SubjectsNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Physics50 (45 to be answered)180
Chemistry50 (45 to be answered)180
Biology100 (90 to be answered)360
Total200 (180 to be answered)720

Each question in NEET carries 4 marks. NEET also has negative markings for wrong answers – for every incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted. Keeping this marking scheme in mind, once you have tallied your answers with the answers provided in the answer key, find out the number of correct and incorrect attempts. Now calculate your NEET probable score using the below formula:

NEET Score = (Number of Correct Attempts X 4) – (Number of Incorrect Attempts X 1)

How to Download Official NEET Answer Key?

Once available, candidates can download the official answer key of UG NEET 2022 by going through the below steps:

  • Click on the NEET answer key 2022 link on the official website – nta.ac.in.
  • The official answer key for UG NEET will appear on the screen.
  • Search for the NEET answer key as per your question paper code.
  • Match the NEET 2022 responses as provided in the answer key.
  • Calculate your scores using the official NEET answer key.

You can go through this page to check the NEET 2022 Answer Key here.


Importance of NEET Response Key by Aakash

When the answer keys release before the official answer key, there are lots of associated benefits:

  • The NEET answer key helps the candidates get an idea about how they have performed in the exam.
  • Candidates can calculate their probable score with the answer keys.
  • It helps them know what to expect in their result.
  • NEET answer keys also help students to plan their next move.
  • It helps them list out the colleges they are likely to get with their score. Students have ample time to do their research on the colleges before appearing for the NEET counselling.
  • After NTA releases the answer keys, students are given the opportunity to challenge the answer keys. They can refer to the NEET answer key for this purpose.

NEET Response Key by Other Coaching Institutes

Other renowned coaching institutes also release the NEET answer key after the exam is over. We upload them as well once they are released.

NEET Answer Key by Other Coaching Institutes
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Resonance
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Brilliant Study Centre
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Rao Academy
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Triumph Academy
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Career Point
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Plancess
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Sri Chaitanya
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Motion IIT JEE
Click Here to Download NEET Answer Key by Affinity Classes

Note that these answer keys by coaching institutes are unofficial answer keys. The final answer key based on which the NEET result will be declared will be decided and released by the NTA.


NEET Cut-off 2022

NTA will release the NEET cut-off for 2022 after the exams for 2022 have been conducted. NTA will release the NEET cut-off for 2022 after the exams for 2022 have been conducted.

NEET 2021 Cut-off

The NEET cut-off percentile for different categories is tabulated below:

CategoryNEET Percentile Cut-offNEET Cut-off Marks
General50th Percentile720 – 138
OBC40th Percentile137-108
SC40th Percentile137-108
ST40th Percentile137-108

NEET 2020 Cut-off and NEET 2019 Cut-off

The NEET cut-off marks for 2020 and 2019 are given below:

CategoryNEET Cut-off Marks 2020NEET Cut-off Marks 2019
General720 – 147701 – 134
OBC146 – 113133 – 107
SC146 – 113133 – 107
ST146 – 113133 – 107

Read Also: Check NEET Cut-off Score

Important FAQs Regarding NEET Answer Key by Aakash

Here are some of the important frequently asked questions by the candidates:

Q.1: When will Aakash institute release its NEET answer key for 2022?
A: Aakash Institute will release the answer key 2022 for NEET on its official website after the exams for NEET 2022 have been conducted.

Q.2: For which particular NEET question codes does Aakash release its answer key?
A: Aakash releases the answer keys for all the question codes in the exam.

Q.3: What are the benefits of the NEET answer key by Aakash?
A: Candidates are able to know their scores using the NEET answer key. They can then analyse the NEET Marks vs Rank trend of the last 5 years and their approximate ranks. This assists them in knowing whether they will be able to get into their desired college or not.

Q.4: How can I calculate my score using the unofficial answer keys?
A: You can calculate your NEET score using the unofficial answer keys by adding 4 marks for every correct answer and subtracting 1 mark for every incorrect answer.

Q.5: When will the NEET answer key be available?
The NEET official answer key for the previous years has been released. It is available on the official website of NTA.

Q.6: Can I challenge the answer in the NEET answer key?
Yes, before releasing the final answer key, NEET releases the provisional answer key. Candidates can challenge the answers in the answer key within a specified window by paying an amount for the correction. NTA last released the provisional key on October 15, 2021. Candidates could challenge the responses provided in it by paying a fee of Rs. 1000.

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With the NEET answer key, candidates can predict their scores and know the colleges they are likely to get. We hope you crack NEET with a high score.

We hope this article on NEET Answer Key by Aakash helps you.

Embibe wishes you good luck with your NEET 2022 exams!

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